3 Ways to Make Money Easily (For Preteens)

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3 Ways to Make Money Easily (For Preteens)
3 Ways to Make Money Easily (For Preteens)

Even a child may need ideas for quick cash, and while you're probably not old enough to get a job, it's still possible to make a buck! You can get an allowance in exchange for chores or offer to take care of a neighbor's yard and walk someone's dog. In some cases, you can even profit from skills and talents.


Method 1 of 3: Getting an Allowance in Exchange for Tasks

Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 1

Step 1. Set a purpose for the money

It's a good idea to have a goal in mind when raising money to keep track of your finances.

  • Put the objective down on paper. You could be saving money for anything from a new video game console to new clothes.
  • When asking for an allowance, having a good reason can help you convince them. Explain that you are saving money for something special, and point out that allowances are a great way to learn responsibilities and establish good work habits.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 2

Step 2. Ask your parents for an allowance.

Find out if they are willing to pay for doing certain chores around the house.

  • Before asking them to pay for the tasks, come up with a proposal. Set up a weekly schedule and write down what tasks you are willing to do and how much you believe they are worth. Then present the schedule and negotiate the allowance.
  • They need to agree on tasks. If they think you should help with basic tasks even if you don't get paid, come up with ideas that go beyond the basics. Offer to clean the garage, take care of the entire garden, etc.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 3

Step 3. Negotiate payments for larger jobs by season

Some outside projects may require time your parents don't have; offer to complete them to get money.

  • Offer to mow the grass, gather leaves, and water the garden. If you already do these services for neighbors, explain to your parents that you are trying to expand your clientele and that you will treat your home like a new customer. If you want to get started in this business, explain that starting with your own home is a good way to get started and demonstrate good service. Over time, you will get new customers.
  • For seasonal and recurring tasks like trimming the grass, set a fixed amount.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 4

Step 4. Take care of your siblings

If you have younger siblings, taking care of them while their parents are out can be an easy way to raise money.

  • If your parents are used to hiring a nanny, talk to them about taking on this role. Explain that you already know the child well, that you are responsible and that you are able to take care of the house because you know them well.
  • If they seem reluctant, offer a lower amount than the other nanny to increase your chances of getting the job.
  • Once you have more experience, offer to look after the neighbors' children. This can be a lucrative job for preteens.
  • If you choose to work as a nanny, treat the service like a business. Set a name and create a social media page so people can find you.
  • Some sites, such as Click Babá, offer a nanny agency service. You can register and parents can look for your service.

Method 2 of 3: Getting a Job in the Neighborhood and Working for Acquaintances

Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 5

Step 1. Visit local stores and find out about part-time jobs

Many jobs require a minimum age, which is usually 16 years old. If you're younger, look for jobs at small grocery stores and other neighborhood stores.

  • Talk to the grocery store manager and ask if you can help bag the groceries. Don't ask for a lot of money, but try to find out what the average payout is for the job you want. Start by asking for something like $5 an hour. It will all depend on how much the manager is willing to pay.
  • You can earn money working as a lifeguard or park caretaker. Visit a local park or swimming pool and see if there are spaces available. Find out about the job requirements.
  • To work as a lifeguard, you will need training. Look for the right training and get certified, but find a few places available before investing in it. Talk to your coach to get tips and win the job.
  • Contact the city's park management department to find temporary jobs. Some positions include supervision of weekly children's events or control of sporting events.
  • If your parents have a business, see if they can't employ it temporarily. This may be the best option for those with little experience or age.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 6

Step 2. Take care of the house of friends and neighbors

If you know someone who is traveling, offer to keep an eye on the house.

You can perform several functions, including watering the plants, checking security and making sure everything is working properly

Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 7

Step 3. Offer to care for pets

If you know someone who's going to travel or can't spend a lot of time with the animals during the week and doesn't have the money to pay for a dog hotel, offer your service.

  • Try charging something like R$ 10 per day per animal. Get to know the animal, the person and the basic emergency and accident prevention procedures well.
  • Have the necessary skills for the job before you volunteer to do it. Never forget to feed the animal or walk it and be very careful not to let the animal loose. Talk to your parents before accepting the job.
  • In some cases, you can offer to take care of the animals' hygiene.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 8

Step 4. Become a dog walker

If you have many neighbors with dogs, offer your services.

Get to know people and animals well before accepting the service. It costs between R$5 and R$10, depending on the distance and frequency of tours

Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 9

Step 5. Offer backyard and garage maintenance services

Mowing the lawn, removing leaves and cleaning are all great ways to make money.

  • As you are a minor, it is likely that your parents will need to give you permission to work or supervise the use of hazardous equipment.
  • Consider services a business; come up with a name and publicize the business with brochures. You can also chat directly with nearby neighbors.
  • Providing your own equipment is a way of attracting customers' attention. It is possible, however, that some customers already have equipment available for you.
  • Offer an appropriate price for the size of the yard and garage. Take the time needed to complete the task into consideration when setting values.
  • Set a specific day of the week and time to mow the grass. To collect fallen leaves from trees, try to increase the frequency of work.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 10

Step 6. Wash cars in the neighborhood

Get some pre-teens together and set up a car wash for the people on the street. Publicize the service around the neighborhood and wash cars only for people you know. Ask an adult to supervise your service.

  • Use materials suitable for cleaning cars. It covers something between R$10 and R$20 reais, taking into account the level of work that cleaning will require.
  • Pour water into the car with a hose to remove the bulk of the dirt and not risk scratching the car when scrubbing it with the sponge.
  • You can also set prices according to car size. For example, it covers R$10 for small cars, R$15 for medium cars and R$20 for large cars.
  • Talk to the owner before washing and see if he has any specific instructions for the vehicle.
  • Rinse well. Do not let the soap dry in the car as this can stain it.

Method 3 of 3: Selling Goods and Services

Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 11

Step 1. Sell clothes and shoes that no longer fit

Because you're growing up, you probably have some good parts that no longer fit. Take a look at the wardrobe and choose the ones you will no longer use to sell them.

  • Take the parts at thrift stores and second-hand stores. These establishments will review the pieces and offer a value for the items they decide to buy. Selling old clothes is a great way to get some extra cash, which can be used to buy new clothes!
  • The pieces must be clean and ironed, while the shoes must be clean and not worn. Offer only presentable pieces to increase the chance of selling them.
  • Don't spend as much money as you can selling old things or craft items. Have a goal and commit to spending money with it in mind. Try to save at least 10% of the money earned and don't spend it until you reach the initial goal.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 12

Step 2. Set up a sale of clothes and other items in front of the house

Pick up toys and clothes you no longer use and try to sell them in a makeshift shop in the backyard.

  • Ask some friends to also sell things in your makeshift store, after all, the more items, the more attractive the sale will be.
  • Publicize the sale in the neighborhood a few days in advance so that more people can visit. The most common time for these sales is the beginning of the year, as many people try to get rid of unnecessary stuff they have accumulated in the past year.
  • Ask permission to sell clothes and toys to your parents, after all, they paid for the items.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 13

Step 3. Make crafts to sell

Learn how to make quality products that can catch the attention of potential customers. Clothing, jewelry, and even furniture are great options that can help you make a profit.

  • If you already know how to produce something with sales potential, start your own business. Before getting too carried away, set up a budget for the purchase of materials.
  • Put the production cost of each item on paper and add it all up. The total cost is how much you will need to spend before starting production and earning money. Sell ​​each piece at a price greater than the cost.
  • Try making some beads to sell to friends and consignment stores if you have a good sense of fashion. Look for stores that sell the parts in wholesale so that the production cost is reduced. When purchasing materials in bulk, you will pay less per unit, which will increase profits.
  • If you are already a talented artist, sell art. If you don't know what to create, probe a few people and see what they would like. Some friends may pay you to illustrate or paint something specific. Set up a Facebook page that promotes your art and use it to let more people know your work.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 14

Step 4. Be a tutor

If you are an organized student who pays attention in class, offer to help other students in exchange for money.

  • Some schools prohibit profit from tutoring. Check with employees in advance to avoid problems.
  • Make good notes during class and write them down on the computer when you get home. If your school has no objections to tutoring, use the notes to help students for a fee. Build a value framework in case people pay more when they need more time and resources.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 15

Step 5. Set up a lemonade stand in the neighborhood

This is a great option to earn a little extra money in the summer. Get some friends together and produce lemonade to sell on the street.

  • If possible, offer more options to increase your clientele. You can sell other juices, cookies and cupcakes.
  • Install the tent in a location with few competitors. Look for a busy corner and in a visible place.
  • Decorate the tent so that it is unique and inviting. Use ribbons and banners with your "company" name to give more professionalism to the tent.
  • Keep a record of spending on ingredients and charge enough to make a profit. Don't exaggerate the prices, as you won't get anything if no one buys the product.
  • Set up a menu and treat the tent like a business. Grab a toy blackboard and assemble the menu with chalk to catch the attention of passersby.
  • Make some signs and ask your friends to stop at corners to publicize the tent. Instruct someone else to produce the lemonade to maintain inventory.
  • You can also sell art pieces and beads at the stall.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 16

Step 6. Offer to edit photos

If you are knowledgeable in photography and graphic design, try working as a photographer or photo editor.

  • The services available are varied: take and edit photos to promote a sale on the internet, scan old photos and create digital back-ups or photograph parties and events.
  • Some sites, like Fiverr, allow you to share your talents on the internet. Photo editing and encoding skills are very popular. Don't forget to inform your parents first!
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 17

Step 7. Invest some of the money earned from the business

Have an entrepreneurial vision to invest money and get better equipment and materials to keep improving your business.

  • Invest in skills like singing or playing instruments. If you're good with music or events, offer your party services. The more you learn about your talents and arts, the better you will become and the more you can charge.
  • Offer to teach some skills to your friends. For example, if you're a good guitar player, offer some lessons for a buddy price.
Earn Money (for Tweens) Step 18

Step 8. Make tutorials for YouTube or Facebook

Make videos teaching something you are very knowledgeable about. If you're good at a skill, incorporate it into your video to increase its exposure. For example, if you sell beads, post tutorials teaching more people how to make jewelry at home.

  • Remember that making videos is usually not a very direct way to make money. If you gain a lot of followers, it may be possible to include advertisements at the beginning of the video and earn money. Remember, however, that the idea behind video is to showcase your talents and products, not make money.
  • The videos can deal with a variety of subjects such as hairstyles, makeup, assembling furniture or beads. Make videos that promote your work or products.
  • For example, you can put together a fun and informative video about your dog-walking business or to explain some tasks. If you're really good at assembling furniture, make simple videos teaching kids and adults how to do the same.
  • Make professional, quality videos. You must know the subject of the video very well to give pertinent information and sound like an "expert".


  • People may prefer to buy a similar item at a lower price from another seller. This is the law of demand and demand. Don't push prices too high when there isn't enough demand, but don't sell the products at low prices that don't make a profit either.
  • Profit is important. Let's say that the investment in materials to produce 25 pieces is R$5. To cover the costs, the product must cost at least 20 cents (R$5/25 = R$0.20). For this amount, you will only pay what you have already spent. Charge more than 20 cents to make a profit.
  • Offer to help around the house by washing, folding, and organizing clothes. Separate dark and light items before washing, ironing clothes, etc.
  • Rent games, clothes, and other items that might be useful to friends. It's important to trust people to ensure you get your items back.
  • If there is a golf club near your home, offer to pick up the players' balls.
  • Get parental permission before going to a stranger's home to do a service.


  • Talk to your parents before doing a service for strangers.
  • Do not lend money or items of value to untrustworthy people.
  • Do not sell food after its expiration date.
  • Don't spend money on silly and unnecessary things.
  • If you are taking care of children or animals and there is an accident, it is possible that your parents will be held responsible for the costs. This can put you in a tight spot! Take some first-aid courses to better prepare for emergencies, or work with a professional in the field to get more experience.

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