4 Ways to Make Money Being Too Young to Get a Job

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4 Ways to Make Money Being Too Young to Get a Job
4 Ways to Make Money Being Too Young to Get a Job

You don't have to be an adult to earn money. If you're too young to get a "real" job, use your creativity to create your own opportunities! Learn to manage your skills and work as a babysitter, tending gardens or in many other ways!


Method 1 of 4: Getting Started

Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 1

Step 1. Think about the things you do well

What can you do and get paid for? Can you take care of gardens? Walking with dogs? Take care of kids? Make and sell things? Recycle objects? Working on the computer? There are many services you can offer to others, just think about it. Make a list and include all the possibilities.

  • Some options will be more profitable than others (and even impossible). Cross off from the list anything that involves materials you don't have or that depend on impossible external factors where you live.
  • Below you will find specific sections on housework, babysitting, and many other creative ways to earn money before adulthood.
Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 2

Step 2. Find out how long you can work

You need to leave enough time to do your homework, hang out with your friends and play. If you play sports or do other activities, it can be difficult to find time to work. Many people ignore the fact that children are increasingly busy. In many cases, the only free time to work may be the weekends.

  • Find out how much time you can devote to work and set a strict schedule. How many hours can you work?
  • Obviously, let your parents know your plans. They may have tasks for you that make it impossible for you to work the hours you expect.
  • Make the calculations if you want to save to buy something. If you make $10.00 an hour, you will need to work about 30 hours a month to make $300.00. This means that you will need to work about 10 hours a week.
Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 3

Step 3. Set your price

How much will you charge for your services? Depending on what you are going to do and who you are going to offer the service to, the values ​​can change a lot. Be open to negotiations, but have a specific value in mind.

  • You can set a fixed amount ("I'll take care of your garden for R$25.00") or an hourly rate ("I'll take care of your garden for R$5.00 an hour"). If the work is going to take a long time, the hourly rate can make up for more. If the work is fast but difficult, the fixed amount is the best option.
  • Find out what the base price for the service you want to offer in the region and offer a little below it. Many people have old views about such simple human services, so it's a good idea to do some research.
  • Make it look like a good deal. Find out how much a professional would charge for the service you are offering. Offer lower prices to gain a clientele. If you're trying to save money to buy something fast, it's not a good idea to charge above market price.
Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 4

Step 4. Find potential customers

Hand out flyers, talk to relatives, and ask current customers to recommend your service. If you are going to take care of children so that their parents can go out, for example, make your work known to as many people as possible. Prospective customers need to know who you are, what you offer, and how to get in touch.

  • Knock on neighbors' doors. Introduce yourself and talk about your new business. Many people prefer to hire a child from the neighborhood than an adult.
  • Find a place your potential customers are likely to visit. If you want to take care of gardens, stick some flyers on the spot advertising your services.
  • Don't tell why you want money. Instead, reinforce how much hiring you will make their lives easier. For example, you are not offering to pick up fallen leaves on the farm. You are selling them less work and a beautiful garden.
Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 5

Step 5. Set up a schedule

Plan your time and work for the agreed time. If you're babysitting, try finding kids to look after every Friday, for example. Do the work often to get money.

  • Work! If you finish early, spend the rest of the day knocking on doors and handing out flyers. Don't stop early and don't be lazy!
  • Be efficient. If you're hired to mow a yard, it might seem sensible to just roll around and charge by the hour, but that won't attract more customers.
Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 6

Step 6. Continue the work

Do a good job the first time and convince customers to hire you more often. Ask if you can come back the following week, at the same time and for the same price. It's much easier to return to a satisfied customer than to find a new customer.

If the customer is satisfied with your services, ask them to recommend you to friends. Also ask if he would like to make contact between you

Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 7

Step 7. Go further to try to earn more money

When you are at the client's house, see if there is any other service that can be done and ask if you can do it too. Take out the trash and clean the house while babysitting, for example; then offer to do the cleaning separately or for more money. Take care of the shrubs while collecting dry leaves from the yard or offer such a service. Talk to the customer and ask if you can do more.

If you can do multiple tasks in a single house, so much the better. So, you don't have to go to several houses in the same day

Method 2 of 4: Caring for Children

Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 8

Step 1. Find parents of young children in the neighborhood

Babysitting work is fun, easy, and in incredible demand! Talk to your parents and ask them to talk to friends and neighbors who may need your services. Think of the parents of children in your neighborhood and talk to them!

  • Stay relatively close to home. In the beginning, only choose clients close to your home so that your parents can help in an emergency. Don't take too many chances.
  • If you live in a condominium, your chances of success are even greater. Offer to babysit and ask the parents to drop them off at your home. That way, your parents can help (if needed).
Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 9

Step 2. Take a course in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

If you're going to babysit, you need to be trustworthy, especially if you don't know the children you're going to be looking after. An excellent skill to have is knowing how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Courses usually last one day and can help you get more work.

To take care of children you must be at least 12 years old. You have to be relatively older than the kids for them to respect you and see you as capable

Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 10

Step 3. Take some ideas for entertaining the kids with you

One of the best parts of babysitting is that you can play for a few hours and get paid for it! To be a good professional, bring some fun options to spend time with your child. Some suggestions:

  • Games.
  • Books.
  • Craft projects.
  • Old toys.
  • Sports equipment.
  • Supplies for making costumes.
Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 11

Step 4. Listen carefully to parents' instructions

Babysitting is not just fun! Depending on your child's age and how long you will be caring for him, you may need to feed him, bathe, dress, or even change diapers. Listen carefully to the instructions and write down everything you will need to do. That way, you'll have a list to know exactly what to do when you're alone with your child.

If you don't know how to do something, be honest and ask the parents to demonstrate before they leave. Asking lots of questions demonstrates that you are a good listener and that you take the job seriously

Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 12

Step 5. Be patient, small children will be hard work

Playing for half an hour can be fun, but spending three hours in the same game will be boring. When working as a nanny, you must be patient and remain calm with children. Keep the situation under control.

Remember: you don't get paid for having fun. If work was just fun, everyone would do it, wouldn't they? Don't be shaken if children want to see the same movie three times in a row

Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 13

Step 6. Be firm

When working as a nanny, you need to have authority and dominate the situation. When it's time for bed, don't let the kids stall. Be firm and know that the children will try to force you to obey them. Speak calmly and firmly with the adult present at all times. Focus on work.

  • Many kids disrespect babysitters and say things like "You're not my mom" when they don't want to do something. Know that you have a challenge ahead of you and prepare in advance.
  • If the child wants to argue, don't get carried away by the drama. Keep calm and distract her with something.
  • When children get too excited, a snack should calm them down. Many children won't admit they are hungry, but eating something calms them down easily. Preferably, give them something healthy to eat.
Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 14

Step 7. Ask for help if needed

Babysitting is hard work; if the job turns out to be longer than expected, have an emergency contact on hand. Ask a friend to help you while you care for the child or call your parents if you don't know what to do.

In an emergency, call the child's parents. In severe cases, call emergency services. Don't be afraid to call parents

Method 3 of 4: Caring for Gardens

Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 15

Step 1. Find nearby gardens

If you're already gardening your home, expanding your services to your next-door neighbors won't be too difficult. You can streamline things by doing virtually everything at the same time. You'll work hard in a single day, but you'll be paid multiple times.

  • You can still do this even if you live in a neighborhood without many gardens. Take a bus and go to a place that has many gardens nearby. If they don't have fences between them, so much the better!
  • Neighborhoods with an elderly population are more likely to hire you for this type of work.
Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 16

Step 2. Cut grass.

An excellent way to earn money working for the neighborhood is to offer to mow lawns in the gardens. The work is hard, but you can earn good money in your spare time.

  • If customers don't have lawn mowers, talk to their parents to borrow theirs or ask for one as a birthday present.
  • In some homes, customers may ask you to use their equipment. Even better!
  • Set aside money for materials. You may need to purchase fuel for some types of lawn mowers. If your parents take you to customers' homes, it might be a good idea to pay for part of the gas.
Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 17

Step 3. Scrape leaves and trim hedges.

As autumn approaches, you won't have to mow as much of the lawn, but customers may still want you to do other yard work. Get ready to rake the leaves and thoroughly clean the yards.

You will need a rake and garbage bags so that you can collect the leaves and dispose of them in the trash

Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 19

Step 4. Clean gutters

In more traditional homes, the gutter system can end up clogged and need a good cleaning. In general, cleaning involves removing leaves and twigs that fall from trees.

  • Gutters need to be cleaned regularly to prevent leaves, branches and other debris from getting trapped and impeding the flow of water.
  • As cleaning gutters involves climbing a ladder or on the roof of the house, this is a more dangerous job. Talk to your parents before doing this.
Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 20

Step 5. Help with the crops

If you live in a rural area, talk to fruit growers to see if you can help them during harvests. Contact grocery stores and fruit suppliers to find farmers who might be hiring. The work is not easy, but it is usually short-lived and yields good money. Depending on the region, you can do things like:

  • Harvest fruits such as peaches, apples and cherries.
  • Prune vines.
  • Assist in the processing of wheat or other grains.
  • Dig potatoes.
  • Remove the corn husks.
  • Harvest chicken eggs.

Method 4 of 4: Making Money in Other Ways

Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 21

Step 1. Walk dogs

Offer to walk the neighbors' dogs for a low fee. If you have a lot of dogs in your neighborhood and enjoy their company, this could be a great opportunity.

Find out which neighbors work during the day and leave the dogs alone. If you are on vacation, even better! That's the easiest money you'll ever make

Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 22

Step 2. Do some chores in your own home

Talk to your parents about taking on more responsibilities at home in exchange for money. If you can get paid for things you would have to do for free, so much the better. Your parents can be satisfied with your work and recommend you to neighbors. Set aside a day to do all the tasks below and say that you will continue to do so if you receive them:

  • Clean the kitchen and do the dishes.
  • Take out the trash.
  • Organize the living room.
  • Organize the restrooms.
  • Take a look around the garage.
  • Keep your room clean and organized.
Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 23

Step 3. Help people with computer problems

If you're good with computers and cell phones, put your skills to use to help people who don't understand much of the subject.

  • Help people set up emails, social networks and other similar records. Help them edit and post photos on the internet. Also help lay people to print and photocopy things.
  • Find seniors who need help with technology. Start with your grandparents and see if they recommend your services to friends and acquaintances who need tech help.
Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 24

Step 4. Ask for an allowance.

If you want money and can't work, see if your parents can't give you an allowance. Talk to him about how he can help at home or how he can improve his studies to receive money in return. If they offer an allowance in case you get better grades, study more! You can get paid to take care of pets, organize the garden, etc.

If they don't give you an allowance, try a different tactic. On the next birthday, ask for money as a gift

Make Money when You Are Too Young to Get a Job Step 25

Step 5. Sell something

You don't have to be an adult to sell stuff from a stall! If you want to earn a little extra money, sell some products or services. Read the following articles to find invaluable tips on:

  • Sell ​​cakes and baked goods.
  • Open a lemonade stand.
  • Play or sing songs in the street.
  • Sell ​​food.
  • Sell ​​homemade jewelry.
  • Sell ​​your art.


  • Set reasonable prices. If you charge the same as the professionals, clients will think twice about hiring you.
  • Bring a cell phone if you are going to work away from home. Use it to talk to your parents and keep them safe.
  • Be careful with your customers if they are strangers.
  • Offer to read to young children or help with their homework.
  • Love what you do! Dedicate yourself well to your work.
  • Answer some paid surveys on the internet.
  • If you are good in the kitchen or in the production of handicrafts, talk to your parents and try to sell your products.
  • You can sell your stuff on the internet. Obviously, talk to your parents first.
  • Be kind and honest with everyone, all the time!
  • If you're good at art, try selling your drawings and paintings!


  • Always talk to your parents before selling your stuff and only help people you trust.
  • To get some jobs, the ideal is to go door to door. Take a trusted adult with you to keep yourself safe.

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