How to Get Money from Your Parents: 11 Steps

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How to Get Money from Your Parents: 11 Steps
How to Get Money from Your Parents: 11 Steps

Children and young people often have little means of earning substantial income, but they need money from time to time. If your parents can help you, there is nothing wrong with asking them for the money, but it is essential to provide them with a concrete number and the fate that will be given to it. Promise, in return, anything you can do, from taking on more duties at home to working harder at school. Be nice to them and be grateful for any amount they can offer.


Method 1 of 2: Asking for Money when Living with Parents

Obtain Money from Your Parents Step 1

Step 1. Decide whether asking just one parent is the best approach

Your goal shouldn't be pitting them against each other, but asking for a small amount doesn't have to turn into a complex financial transaction. If you need R$8.00 for a movie ticket, try asking one of them. If you need more than, say, BRL 50, you will need to involve both of them in the discussion.

  • Small amounts of money need not cause a big argument.
  • But your parents would like you to consult them both about larger amounts, and to take the use of money very seriously.
  • If one of your parents is more sympathetic to your hobbies than the other, ask him if you don't intend to talk to both of them.
Obtain Money from Your Parents Step 2

Step 2. Be prepared to explain yourself

The parent you have chosen will want to know where the money will go, and your answer will determine whether or not you will receive it. Lying about the reason for the request is unlikely to work in your favor, so be honest. It's no crime to want a few bucks to buy a milkshake or go to a movie with friends.

  • Whoever you choose will be more likely to fund an activity they approve of (something related to school, an educational tour, a reputable event, etc.). Therefore, you should use the same rationale that non-profit organizations follow when requesting donations.
  • It will be easier to explain if the money is to buy something. Suppose you have just been accepted into the high school football team; it would be quite obvious, in this case, the need for a ball to practice at home. If you're going to order something that's just for entertainment:

    Don't say "this isn't fair" or "I need this".

    Say, "I know it's something I don't really need, but I'd like to earn it."

Obtain Money from Your Parents Step 3

Step 3. Have good reasons to support your request

The ideal scenario would be to receive your mom or dad's money as soon as you place the order, but that's not always the end of the story. Say why the event is important to you, and why it's not just "just another Saturday afternoon show," for example.

  • Think of two or three reasons why money matters.
  • For example, if you need the money for the movies, think of a few reasons in advance - "Nicole would like to celebrate her birthday at the movies, and I promised her I would attend this one since I missed last year's birthday." Or: "Nicole and I have been falling out a bit lately, and I'd like to portray myself going to the movies with her on her birthday."
Obtain Money from Your Parents Step 4

Step 4. Keep an amount in mind

Here you must display your early financial management skills, which will be welcomed by your parents. Tell them exactly how much it costs what you want, and set an excess margin to cover any unforeseen issues. Be upfront about that margin and they'll be impressed by your ability to budget.

  • For example: search for the exact ticket price. Add BRL 6.00 to the budget if you need to help a friend with the gas. Finally, say you'd like an extra R$10.00 for a drink or a snack, although you don't know if you'll really need that money.
  • If the cost is more substantial, to finance a trip or a meeting, for example, provide a number as specific as possible. Your parents are not against the idea of ​​having fun - they just wish you were more mature when it came to financial programming.
Obtain Money from Your Parents Step 5

Step 5. Be prepared to negotiate

Maybe the idea of ​​fully funding your romantic dinner doesn't excite your parents, but they'll still want to help. Don't be afraid to negotiate. By being honest about your needs and being willing to compromise, you may be able to raise a portion of the amount rather than none. If your parents say a definite no:

What not to do: insist on negotiation.

What to do: leave politely and wait for an opportunity to mention the matter again, offering a new counterpart.

Obtain Money from Your Parents Step 6

Step 6. Offer something in return

Be willing to do something you know your parents want: If the lawn needs mowing more often, offer something related to household chores. This aspect of the negotiation will likely be dominated by your parents. If they ask you to work harder and get better grades this quarter, accept.

Keeping your promise will make them more likely to deal with you at other times in the future

Obtain Money from Your Parents Step 7

Step 7. Be polite

Nothing gives you the idea that you don't take money seriously like rolling your eyes at your parents' first expression of distrust. Make it clear that you value their concern and advice by politely requesting and thanking them. Trading with the same maturity you expect from your parents can greatly improve your relationship with them.

Method 2 of 2: Asking for Money when Not Living with Parents

Obtain Money from Your Parents Step 8

Step 1. Think about who to ask

At this point in your life, you probably know very well which one of you is more likely to make a few bucks. On the other hand, you will need to ask both if it is a significant amount. Let them discuss the matter before you even give your reasons.

  • Or you can ask both if they tend to be kinder together than separately. What not to do: Talk about it with your friends, especially if they know your parents.

    What to do: Tell your siblings if you get the money. Keeping the story secret can cause resentment if they find out later.

Obtain Money from Your Parents Step 9

Step 2. Be prepared to discuss your budget and expenses

You may think your finances are no longer your parents' concern, but asking them for money makes them. Of course, they don't expect you to show you a spreadsheet comparing your projected and actual monthly expenses. However, giving a rough estimate already indicates that you have a mature relationship with money.

  • Showing a simplified schedule of your expenses allows your parents to offer the money more easily (as long as they don't find these expenses superfluous).
  • Also include your sources of income, whether it's a job or freelance writing, and investments to improve them in the future, such as courses to improve your resume. It's interesting that your parents realize that you're trying hard, that you're not just "pushing with your belly." What not to do: Blame your parents for the way they manage their money.

    What to do: Find out if they can afford the requested amount without their financial security being affected.

Obtain Money from Your Parents Step 10

Step 3. Show interest in studies or work

Show that you have been getting good grades. And, to be even more convincing, show that you even have a plan to improve, which will make your financial difficulties seem temporary rather than permanent, and show your gratitude for all the support you've received from them in your academic life and early in life. professional life.

Obtain Money from Your Parents Step 11

Step 4. Apply for a loan

Your parents may think it unnecessary for you to pay them back - they may even see this expense as an investment. However, to say that you are willing to work hard to pay the money back is another testament to your financial maturity. What's more, you'll learn some financial management lessons by scheduling yourself to repay them.

You and your parents can renegotiate the payment plan if necessary: ​​they may need the money ahead of schedule, or they may want to charge interest, etc. Develop a payment plan together with them that satisfies everyone


  • Accept and be grateful for any money they offer. Showing disappointment, irritation, or immaturity will lower your chances of making more money in the future.
  • Establish a good reason for the loan in case your parents ask you about it.
  • If your parents ask you to take charge of the house in exchange for the money, give them some suggestions for tasks you could do.
  • To raise money from your parents, first do chores around the house, like washing the dishes and laundry and cleaning your room. If you're young, this won't be a problem.
  • Give thanks when you receive the money and appreciate it.
  • Don't let the moments of asking for money be the only ones you spend with your parents. By improving your relationship with them, you won't seem selfish when you have to talk to them with a specific interest in mind.


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