How to Write a Company Profile: 10 Steps

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How to Write a Company Profile: 10 Steps
How to Write a Company Profile: 10 Steps

A company profile works like a resume. In it, the company lists basic information and gets a chance to highlight its strengths. As with creating a resume, you should design each business profile with a goal in mind. Use the profile as an opportunity to state succinctly why potential customers should do business with you, but don't forget to provide accurate and complete details.


Part 1 of 2: Gathering Company Information

Write a Business Profile Step 1

Step 1. Start by listing the company's basic information

Before analyzing any specifics, readers need to know what they are reading about. This will also demonstrate organization and efficiency. Don't forget to mention the company name, year of foundation, services provided by the company, who is the president, contributors and all contact information and the official website. Any additional details regarding the company must be provided in this part.

  • For example, the header could look like this:

    XYZ Semantics, Ltd.

    Marketing Consultants | Since 1975 in São Paulo, SP

    55 Avenida das Empresas, 55 CEP 12345-678 | Tel. +55 11 5555-5555, Fax: +55 11 5555-5556

    Email: [email protected] |

Write a Business Profile Step 2

Step 2. Present the company's ideas

If you have a mission statement, put it here. If not, write down the company's vision, values, and some history. Saying who you are and what your motivations are provides a human element to the company, as well as the opportunity to make a subtle advertisement right at the beginning of the document.

  • At this point, it's possible to be a little vague. For some companies, mission statements are legally required and need to be specific. For others, however, just try to state what you do, with no limitations. You shouldn't scare off potential partners by giving the impression that you have no intention of expanding into adjacent industries. However, be careful not to be too vague, it's easy to overdo it.
  • A bad example: "XYZ Semantica is a company motivated by the pursuit of your dreams. We want to bring you with us on this journey. Our dedication to innovation and marketing solutions makes us the main consultants in São Paulo."
  • A good example: "XYZ Semantica has a team of talented and experienced marketing consultants. Since 1975, we've helped our clients increase profits and grow their businesses. Although our methods are complex, our goal is simple: we want to help. you to sell your products and services to more customers".
Write a Business Profile Step 3

Step 3. Gather more specific details

Talk to the secretariat or human resources team to find up-to-date information on various areas. You may not need to use all the information you find, but having it on hand will make creating the profile easier. Think of a way to streamline the process in the future, as the company profile will need to be updated regularly.

  • Number of employees.
  • Employee turnover. Low employee turnover can indicate stability, but either way, it's good to have that stat at hand.
  • List all activities of the company. In which sectors are you present?
  • Special equipment or specialties. For example, if the company is the only company to produce a part for a rare machine, it is important to mention this information.
  • Certifications.
  • Imports and exports.
  • The methodology and software used by the company.
  • The production volume you can work with. Potential customers need to know that the company is prepared to meet their needs.
  • Delivery statistics. How many units can you ship within a given period?
  • Major Accounts and Customers. This is a way to demonstrate to potential customers that you are or are not used to doing business with similar customers, and it is another opportunity to make a subtle advertisement.
Write a Business Profile Step 4

Step 4. Filter all information

As the company profile should be short, you should not include as much information as possible. Also, not all information is strengths. Choose details relevant to the profile, in different contexts. For future reference, have the other information handy, but gather the important details in one place for easy access.

Part 2 of 2: Making your company profile more attractive

Write a Business Profile Step 5

Step 1. Study other profiles

Start by analyzing the profiles of competitors and other companies in the same industry. Note the style and tone of the profiles that stand out the most. If you're a big fan of a company, like a leading national corporation in the industry, check out their profile. What do you admire about the work of this company? Incorporate this style into your own profile.

Write a Business Profile Step 6

Step 2. Use accurate and up-to-date information

Before starting to write the profile, make sure you have the most current numbers available. Potential customers will not be interested in the performance presented by the company five years ago. They want to be informed about the company's performance right now. Ask your team to keep you updated on these details regularly so you'll have less work when you need to write a new profile.

Write a Business Profile Step 7

Step 3. Be brief

Most of the time, you should have people read your company profile as potential customers. Have them read the entire profile, keeping it short and engaging. Show that you respect their time and don't want to waste it. Short profiles also mean that you don't need fancy language and embellishments to convince the reader that you're the best option. Let the numbers speak for themselves.

For example, don't list every customer you've had in the last 15 years. Keep the list short, with only the top 10 clients. But be careful not to use the wrong language and give the impression that these are your only customers

Write a Business Profile Step 8

Step 4. Avoid excessive use of specific jargon in addition to general statements

Inevitably, you will use terms familiar to people in your industry, but not fourth graders. However, don't turn the profile into an advertisement for your vocabulary. Also, try to avoid vague and meaningless statements. Industry experts know when someone is just stuffing sausage.

  • Here are some examples of bad writing:

    • "The simulated cooling and CRPs have the necessary infrastructure to interface our servers abroad."
    • "Our company optimizes synergy, productivity and innovation while minimizing losses."
  • Here is an example of an assertive statement:

    We store data securely on our servers at home and at international offices

Write a Business Profile Step 9

Step 5. Use clean formatting

Some companies and individuals get creative and create overly flashy layouts. However, this does not change the content presented. To organize the profile visually, choose formatting with default lines and fonts, so you'll ensure an easy-to-read document.

Write a Business Profile Step 10

Step 6. Mention why the company is the best in the industry

This is a type of advertising for the business, so don't be afraid to talk about the company's strengths. However, it is important that the business profile presents accurate information. Mention specific numbers or awards to quantify performance.

  • Be creative, but don't overdo it. Find a compromise between good writing that highlights content and far-fetched vocabulary. Write good-sounding information in two paragraphs and then summarize the content to just one.
  • For example, don't write: "We are marketing consultants in São Paulo, SP. We help local businesses sell their products and services. If you do business with us, we are contractually obligated to suggest ways to expand your business."
  • But don't write either: "Semantica Ltda was founded in 1975 and in 1980 became the undisputed leader in marketing consultancy in Brazil. Our unremitting and fervent attention to detail makes us the only relevant option for companies wishing to increase their sales. Working with us, your profits will triple in just the first year."
  • Instead of the examples above, write something like: "Every year since 2005, XYZ Semantica is named among the 'Top 5 Marketing Consultants in São Paulo' by Estilo e Marketing Magazine. Our team is made up of employees with diverse backgrounds, which promotes a creative environment. Opting for our services will not be the last wise decision you make."

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