4 Ways to Make Money Online

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4 Ways to Make Money Online
4 Ways to Make Money Online

There are many things that can be done on the internet, and making money is also possible. Answering online surveys and working as a freelance writer are just a few of the ways; read this article for some more ideas.


Method 1 of 4: Completing Internet Tasks

Make Money Online Step 1

Step 1. Answer surveys

It's possible to earn from R$50 to R$100 per month by taking online surveys; go to a search engine and type in “paid surveys website” and register to increase your chance of being selected for more expensive surveys. Register with an email and check back often so you can quickly respond to questions.

  • Most surveys will range from R$1 to R$3, and take about 30 minutes;
  • Sometimes, the user is paid in gift certificates, free products or even participating in sweepstakes;
  • Never pay to participate in surveys;
  • Please check if there are any privacy terms displayed on the site to know that they will not sell your private information.
Make Money Online Step 2

Step 2. Test sites

Remote usability tests pay for a person to browse a website for the first time, giving “feedback” to the website owner; most of them last about 15 minutes and you can earn up to $10 per test. Generally, you will need to analyze a certain function of the customer's website and record yourself in the meantime. For example: buying a product from the contractor's online store.

  • You need a computer with a microphone, an up-to-date browser, and a high-speed internet connection.
  • Some of the addresses of type are: Test This and Testr.
Make Money Online Step 3

Step 3. Teach private lessons

Many families prefer the flexibility of online tutoring; depending on your abilities, it can be a simple help for children with their homework, or reinforcement at higher education level. You must have high speed internet and your own computer. The level of experience varies depending on the contracting companies; some require a lot of experience, while others favor education in the field of education. However, they all require some type of higher education.

  • The teaching method varies: sometimes you will have permanent students, and at other times you can post your profile on the company's website and allow customers to select the professional;
  • Depending on your education and the subject taught (as well as the degree of difficulty), it is possible to earn from R$25 to R$60 per hour;
  • Some of the options are: Preply, Superprof, Educarebr and Duty Teachers.

Method 2 of 4: Creating a Niche Website

Make Money Online Step 4

Step 1. Understand how a niche website works

This type of page focuses on well-targeted and specific information; the content must be aimed at a defined target audience, being interesting and useful. Successful niche sites receive 1,000 to 10,000 visitors a month. You earn content with a specific keyword, earning passive income through Google Adsense or affiliate links.

Make Money Online Step 5

Step 2. Find a profitable niche

Start with your interests and jot down as many ideas as you can, thinking about topics that people can research on the internet. Some niche ideas are: passions (football or bodybuilding, for example), fears (of spiders or public speaking), and problems (getting out of debt). Search by keywords to see if other people are interested in the topic and find out if a certain domain name is available that fully matches the keyword.

Use Google's Keyword Planner to perform keyword searches

Make Money Online Step 6

Step 3. Set up the website

Choose an address that facilitates the construction of the platform, such as WordPress, Joomla or Wix, and then define the domain name and the form of hosting the site. The domain name is the website address, while the hosting form will connect the website to the internet. After defining these two aspects, enter the hosting account control panel and install the website platform, customizing the design and theme of the website.

Two of the best known website hosting services are Bluehost and Locaweb

Make Money Online Step 7

Step 4. Create content

People need to find the developed content useful, helping to put the site first in search engines. Searching keywords can be a good idea to find out what subjects people are searching for, and write about those topics to improve placement in search results. There is no way to monetize without visitors.

  • A tool like Market Samurai helps a lot with keyword research;
  • Create ads to increase traffic to your address;
  • Develop a marketing campaign on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
Make Money Online Step 8

Step 5. Monetize the website

Choose one of several strategies to profit from the website; you can place advertisements and earn money when users click on them, or promote products (your own or another company) and get a share of the profit when someone makes a purchase.

  • With the Google Adsense tool, it is possible to install codes on the website to allow ads to appear on it. When visitors click on the advertisements, you will earn money;
  • Another option is to sell advertising space on the site;
  • In affiliate marketing, you promote products for your niche. A link or banner announcing the item will be displayed at the address; whenever a visitor clicks and buys something for them, you will earn a commission.

Method 3 of 4: Freelance Writing

Make Money Online Step 10

Step 1. Think about the subjects you have mastered

As you reflect on your experiences, you will find that you have more knowledge about something to write about than you suspect. Start by listing three qualities that define you – your profession, a special hobby, or a personality trait, for example. Then list three things that inspire you, such as charity, religion, and education; Finally, think of three dreams: getting married, traveling, or spending more time with your kids are some options. These three lists should give you lots of ideas and topics to write.

Make Money Online Step 9

Step 2. Learn the basics of effective writing

As a freelance writer or copywriter, most of your work will be published on the internet; the principles of writing for the internet are a little different from writing for print. The content still needs to be of high quality and well written, but the presentation needs to be tailored to the way you read material online.

  • Due to the low resolution of internet text, many prefer to read “over” rather than from beginning to end. Because of this, it's a good idea to break up the text with descriptive subheads and enumerations;
  • Get right to the point using the inverted pyramid style, that is, starting with the conclusion and developing examples to support it;
  • The text should be pleasant, with simple and concise language. Try to write in a way that even preteens can understand the article well, avoiding unnecessary and confusing words or terms.
  • Include keywords and phrases that improve your ranking on search engines.
Make Money Online Step 11

Step 3. Find work

Initially, it may be necessary to accept "jobs" to write about subjects that are not so much of interest to you; however, it is important to be open-minded and willing to accept jobs that are not from the field in question. time and after learning about more subjects, you will be able to develop your reputation, allowing you more freedom to choose the jobs you want to do.

Browse the internet and look for websites for freelancers who hire for online writing work

Make Money Online Step 13

Step 4. Write samples

When starting to work as a freelancer, it can be difficult to get work without having published any text as a sample or example. However, it is possible to be able to write them if you are willing to write for free, publishing the content on your own blog or website, for example. Another option is to write as a guest to a friend or acquaintance's website in exchange for a recommendation.

Make Money Online Step 12

Step 5. Write a text idea for a customer

When you find a company that is hiring, create subject matter ideas for the article; they must not only demonstrate their ability in the topic at hand, but also show their enthusiasm for it. First, read about the editorial line of the company in question, familiarizing yourself with what it publishes; if you still want to submit the idea, please identify a specific section and submit it to the editor. It's important to include a short paragraph about yourself.

Make Money Online Step 15 Make Money Online Step 14

Step 6. Create a writer's website or blog

Such a site not only demonstrates your technical capability, but also creates a “hub” that allows customers to come to you and contact you. The website design should be very clear, with pages that are easy to navigate. Don't forget to include examples of your work, showing your writing skills and ability. Leave the samples in an easy-to-find position, as well as the contact channels. A blog should highlight your technical ability, as well as your ease of writing posts for this type of site. The blog doesn't necessarily need to address the same issues that you write for clients; in fact, ideally, it should be about something that interests you. That way, visitors will find that you can write well and also build an online community. A good blog has the potential to get you several referrals for more clients.

Method 4 of 4: Selling Stuff on the Internet

Make Money As a Teen Girl Step 12

Step 1. Find items to sell by combing your home

Set aside a few days or a weekend to “clean up” and gather everything you don't need, identifying items that can be sold, given away, and thrown away. Categorize the things you want to sell, as this makes it easier for them to get them out on websites. Another option is to buy products to resell on the internet.

  • Books can be sold on the Estante Virtual website, while CDs and DVDs (films, albums and music shows) are quickly available on the Livronauta page;
  • Collectibles, small electronics and branded clothes come out like water in Mercado Livre and OLX.
Become a Petite Model Step 5

Step 2. Create a seller account on OLX and Mercado Livre

These platforms simplify account creation for sellers; in general, all you need to do is provide some private information, such as name and address, as well as the data to process payments.

  • Read this page to find out how to receive the money from your sale on Mercado Livre and the time needed for it to be credited;
  • Here, you can see tips on how to make sales at OLX, ways to receive and deadlines.
Say Goodbye to Coworkers Step 12

Step 3. It is very important to learn the rules for selling on websites

Each address has guidelines that define what the user can or cannot sell, such as pirated media (films or games), content available for download on the internet (electronic books, music or videos), replicas, images or texts without the author's permission or third-party trademarks. Not to mention firearms, animals, narcotics and everything prohibited by law in Brazil. Enter here to check the list of items that are not allowed on Mercado Livre and on this link to consult the list of OLX restrictions.

Make Money Easily (for Kids) Step 4

Step 4. Research the selling price of products similar to yours

Enter virtual stores (or check how much they are selling on the Mercado Livre or OLX) and check prices, seeing the most expensive and cheapest and setting an “average” price for your product. For products to sell quickly, bring it closer to lower prices. It's also important to take into account the ads that exist for items similar to yours; if you find a lot of people selling similar products, it might be better to lower the price even more.

Make Money Easily (for Kids) Step 3

Step 5. See if it's worth selling in batches, that is, several similar items at once

For example: a collection of books, magazines or jewelry from a set. You might not make as much money as selling them separately, but together they will be more attractive than individually.

Live on a Budget Step 15

Step 6. Write a detailed description

The more details, the greater the chance of making a sale; as the buyer cannot see the item in person before purchasing it, it is essential to provide as much information as possible so that he knows what he is buying. If the product is used, be honest and make this clear.

  • Review the description before posting it;
  • Create a descriptive title that provides information about the product, such as size, color, and design.
Save Money Fast Step 3

Step 7. Add high quality product photos

Use multiple images that show the item from different angles; remove things from the background as this takes attention away from the product for sale. Prefer natural light over flash, and take close-up pictures so visitors can see all the details of the subject.

Make Money Online Step 6

Step 8. It is critical to provide good customer service

Respond to buyers' inquiries as quickly as possible by being professional and considerate. Positive communication builds a good reputation among buyers, getting you business and more customers. Allowing an item to be damaged or taking too long to ship, however, are actions that negatively impact your concept in relation to buyers. Pack all products well (especially fragile ones), and ship them as soon as you receive confirmation of payment.

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