4 Ways to Make Money Fast

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4 Ways to Make Money Fast
4 Ways to Make Money Fast

Everyone gets stressed when they need to find quick money to buy something or pay a bill, but be aware that you can get away with selling products or services, recycling objects, doing odd jobs or borrowing money. While these methods may not be a long-term solution, they are the best alternative for those who need money right away.


Method 1 of 4: Selling Products and Services

Make Money Fast Step 1

Step 1. Take the things you want to sell to a pawn shop

Look for a local pawn shop to sell high-value items such as jewelry, electronics and musical instruments. Take the belongings you're willing to dispose of and see how much you can get for them. This is a great way to earn money when you don't have any cash on hand.

Pawn shops resell the items for a profit, and you probably won't get as much as that item is worth

Make Money Fast Step 2

Step 2. Sell your belongings to used stores

You can also turn to second-hand stores such as thrift stores and second-hand stores to sell clothes, books, movies and records. Grab anything that is of value and in good condition to see how much you can get.

These stores make money by reselling the products. That is, they need to pay less than the items are worth to make a profit

Make Money Fast Step 3

Step 3. Run a used bazaar at home to get rid of things you no longer need

Set aside a weekend for a backyard sale, advertising it on social media and classifieds sites. Arrange products on tables, shelves or in any way you prefer in front of your house. You can arrange groups according to prices or price everything individually.

  • Offer as many valuable and sought-after items as possible. DVDs, CDs, musical instruments, books, toys, electronics (speakers, tablets, computers, televisions, etc.), cell phones, video games, clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. are great options for these sales.
  • Obviously, it is important that the items are in good condition. People are always looking for cheap products, but no one will want to buy dirty and dusty things.
  • Set fair prices. Nobody goes to a garage sale to buy expensive things. Sell ​​books, toys and knickknacks for between R$10 and R$15, but charge a little more for electronics and jewelry.


Find out first if you are allowed to run such a bazaar. It is possible that the neighborhood or the owner of the house (if you live on rent) has some rules about this, and it is better to avoid problems.

Make Money Fast Step 4

Step 4. Sell unwanted items on the internet

It is possible to advertise your used vehicles in several stores, which keep a percentage of the sale. Despite this charge, the ease and speed of the sale usually pays off. Look for things that are new or in good condition to sell.

  • Try to sell your items on eBay if you want to do a national or international auction. This is a great option for those who have a rare or valuable item that can make a lot of money. If you prefer to make a common ad, sell on Mercado Livre or Shopee.
  • Large retailers such as Amazon also accept the sale of popular used items such as books, DVDs and even electronics, getting a percentage of the sale.
Make Money Fast Step 5

Step 5. Open a lemonade stand.

Do you have a blender at home and enough money to invest in a few lemons, a pitcher and a few glasses? Open a lemonade stand! All you need is a firm crate to put the materials in and a plate with the price per cup.

  • Of course, always use filtered or mineral water to prepare lemonade. Don't forget about the ice!
  • Selling juice is an enterprise that usually only works on very hot days. Other interesting options to earn money include a coffee and cake stand in the morning in busy places.
  • If you are a minor, ask your parents or guardians for permission before starting this venture.
Make Money Fast Step 6

Step 6. Offer your gardening services around the neighborhood

Do you know how to cut grass, collect dry leaves and remove weeds? How about earning some money with it? Prepare some flyers advertising your services and spread them around the neighborhood. If you prefer, knock on the doors of neighbors who have gardens and offer your services in person.

Charge an adequate and fair amount for your work, and always put in a lot of effort when picking up the jamb. Find out how much people charge for similar services in the region and charge a little less to convince customers to choose you

Make Money Fast Step 7

Step 7. Rent a room in your house to tourists

If you live in an area popular with travelers, people may be interested in staying at your home. Even if you live a little far from the center or a busy area, you can probably still find someone willing to rent a room in your home.

Take a look at prices for similar rooms on the internet to find out how much to charge. For example, if a room similar to yours charges R$80 per night, it charges a similar amount. There are also online services to mediate between guests and hosts if you want something more professional

Method 2 of 4: Doing sporadic work

Make Money Fast Step 8

Step 1. Search for sporadic jobs through apps

There are apps that pay for basic tasks, like scanning products in supermarkets and answering surveys, for example. Download some of these apps and do the tasks presented in exchange for some pennies.

Obviously, you won't be able to make a lot of money that way, but you can get some change quickly

Warning: Avoid any application that requires a payment or asks for your credit card information on registration, as it is likely a scam.

Make Money Fast Step 9

Step 2. Answer internet surveys

There are several websites whose purpose is to connect users to free internet surveys. Responding to surveys usually results in small payments, but they are quick and don't demand much from you.

Also look for sites that offer payments by answering questions and performing simple tasks online. Payments are usually quite low, however

Make Money Fast Step 10

Step 3. Use your skills for daily jobs

Advertise your availability on the internet or on neighborhood bulletin boards to do sporadic work. If you prefer, contact an agency specializing in temporary work. Another option is to go to meeting points between people who work per day and people who have services to offer. Some options for things to do include:

  • Construction.
  • Basic office tasks.
  • Gardening (collecting dry leaves, trimming grass, cleaning gutters, etc.).
  • Shopping or performing basic tasks for seniors.
  • Cleaning (cleaning houses, organizing garages, etc.).
  • Wash cars.
  • Helping with changes.
Make Money Fast Step 11

Step 4. Take care of pets if you are good with pets

Know someone who will be traveling for a few days? Offer to take care of her pets in the meantime. Leaving your dog at pet hotels is quite expensive, and your home can be a great alternative for budget travelers.

  • Check the average price for this service in your region to find out how much to charge. As hotels are often full during the holiday season, you may be able to charge a little more for the service.
  • Talk to friends and family to see if they know anyone who needs this type of service, as word of mouth is the best way to get a job.
Make Money Fast Step 12

Step 5. Walk dogs if your region has a demand for it

A lot of people have dogs, but they don't have time to walk the dogs. That's where you come in! Be aware, however, that this work is very demanding on the body, especially if you take a few dogs at a time. It is important to have the necessary physical fitness to be able to perform this service.

  • Find out how much other walkers in the region charge to find out how to price your work.
  • Prepare a flyer announcing your work or share it on social media, especially in groups in your neighborhood.
  • Tell friends and family about the new venture. Maybe they're not your first customers?
Make Money Fast Step 13

Step 6. Work as a nanny if you are good with children

There are websites whose function is to connect families with nannies, which can help when arranging such a service. To be hired by strangers, it's good to take a first-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation course, in addition to having a talent for entertaining and taking care of the little ones. It is also possible to earn money only caring for children you know, such as children of friends, relatives or neighbors.

  • Find out how much childcare providers charge in the region and price your work competitively.
  • Always remember that taking care of children is not a piece of cake. It's important to like this role to play it.
Make Money Fast Step 14

Step 7. Work as a driver or application delivery person

Companies like Uber and 99 help connect drivers with people looking for paid private rides. Obviously, you need a car, a valid license and other qualifications to work like this. There is also the option to work as a food delivery and grocery shopping in apps like iFood, Rappi and similar. In this case, you must have a motorcycle, valid license and meet other requirements.

It may take a while for your registration to be approved, but after that, opportunities will arise as this service is in high demand

Make Money Fast Step 15

Step 8. Present yourself on the street in exchange for money.

Do you know how to dance, sing or tell jokes? Try performing for a street audience! Put on a show and find a suitable venue for it, and who knows you might get some donations?

  • Put a hat, cup or instrument case on the floor so people can put the money for you.
  • Find out if there are any local laws that regulate this type of presentation before choosing where to work. Never break the law.
Make Money Fast Step 16

Step 9. Pose for art students in schools or museums

Contact art courses and ask about live modeling opportunities. Many draftsmen and painters learn to illustrate with live models, and you can earn decent money an hour if you are willing to pose nude for the artists.

  • These institutions typically hire people of all genders, sizes and shapes.
  • Look for job opportunities on social media and institutional websites.

Method 3 of 4: Recycling and Taking Things apart

Make Money Fast Step 17

Step 1. Deliver bottles and cans for cash

In some places, you can get cash in exchange for empty bottles and cans, so take advantage of this opportunity in one of the following ways:

  • Gather all the cans and bottles you consume at home.
  • Look for cans and bottles in wastebaskets, on the street and in crowded places like parks and stadiums.

Tip: A fun way to gather cans and bottles for recycling is to have a party at home, asking everyone to bring their own drink. At the end of the event, collect everything and exchange it for cash at a recycling center.

Make Money Fast Step 18

Step 2. Exchange scrap for cash

If you have a lot of junk at home or you have an old car parked and you know a junkyard where you can legally sell these materials, do it to earn a little money. Another option is to look for a recycling center to dispose of things made of steel, aluminum or copper.

You can also sell cans and bottles in junkyards along with scrap metal, if you prefer

Make Money Fast Step 19

Step 3. Dispose of an unused computer

Computers are full of valuable metal parts, including steel, aluminum and even gold. If you disassemble your old computer, you may be able to sell its parts. Another option is to sell the entire computer to someone willing to take it apart and repurpose it.

  • To make decent money, it's best to bring several old computers for sale. For example, offer to pick up old computers from a school that is invested in buying new computers.
  • Do not sell computers in good condition as scrap metal, as it is more worthwhile to sell it as a functional electronic.

Method 4 of 4: Borrowing Money

Make Money Fast Step 20

Step 1. Ask friends or family for money

Need money quickly? Try borrowing from a friend or relative. Explain your need and offer a reasonable amount of time to return the money.

Warning: Beware of loan sharks and other such agents. Always try to borrow from people who want to help you, not from people looking for profit.

Make Money Fast Step 21

Step 2. Use the overdraft check if you need to make a purchase

If you have an overdraft checking account, you can get this "advance" from the bank when you need quick cash. The bank will cover the expense, but you will need to pay it back soon.

Use this only as a last resort, as overdraft fees are often very high

Make Money Fast Step 22

Step 3. Make a withdrawal with your credit card

Some banks offer cash withdrawals using a credit card, which is a way to get cash when you have nothing in your savings or checking account. Be aware, however, that the fees are higher than for using the card and that you will end up spending more than necessary.

Another option is to write a postdated check if you have a bank slip. Obviously, you need to have the money in the account at the time the check is cleared. To learn more about the process, see your bank manager

Make Money Fast Step 23

Step 4. Ask for a salary loan as a last resort

There are companies that offer short term loans, which work as an advance on your salary. If you cannot return the money within the stipulated time, you will likely be charged very high fees and may even go into debt. Avoid this type of loan whenever possible, and only do so if you are sure you will be able to make the payment correctly.

Alternatively, you can apply for a salary advance from your company


  • If you are in need, look to an NGO or charity for help.
  • Check if you haven't forgotten any saved money or if you haven't lost anything. Many people find money lost in pockets of stored clothes, drawers, old purses, etc.
  • If you want to sell something of high value, such as a motorcycle, it is better to look for a dealership than a pawn shop.


  • Beware of get-rich-quick schemes, and always review every opportunity you find. Never spend money to earn more money on a scheme. If you don't have a lot of money right now, it's better to save it for basic needs without risking losing what little you have.
  • In some regions, permission is required to set up a bazaar or open a stand to sell lemonade or cake. Always follow local laws and avoid problems with authorities.
  • Don't "invest" in betting. As much as many people make money from it, gambling is illegal and poses many risks.

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