3 Ways to Start a New Life Without Money

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3 Ways to Start a New Life Without Money
3 Ways to Start a New Life Without Money

Starting from scratch is a great opportunity to make different choices and make new life decisions, but it can also be a very challenging process for those with no money to spare. Start by creating a list of personal goals and cultivating a positive mindset if you want to make the most of your new life. Learn more about economics and spending habits, and get a job to earn additional income - you can also count on help from friends and family if needed.


Method 1 of 3: Determining How You Want to Live

Start a New Life with No Money Step 1

Step 1. Clearly define your reason for wanting to start over

Take the time to assess whether this change is motivated by a need or a simple desire. If the choice is based on a need, identify which points will need to be improved in the new life - on the other hand, if the decision is based solely on will, consider carefully what the ideal life would be like.

  • For example, those looking for a new start in life because they want to get away from negative family members may aim to limit contact with such people.
  • Those who want to change their lives because they are looking for new challenges and emotions can choose to experience a completely different situation, such as moving abroad.
Start a New Life with No Money Step 2

Step 2. Make any plans related to the change, if necessary

Maybe you need to move house if you really want to start over in the same city, or maybe you even need to leave the country. So, do a lot of research on the internet to determine the best way to use your limited budget, and look for regions with a low cost of living and many work opportunities.

To find affordable living areas, choose a city and then do an online search to find estimated rental and food prices. For example, Fortaleza is one of the Brazilian cities with the cheapest rent value - there, you could rent an apartment of 50 square meters for around R$ 800.00

Start a New Life with No Money Step 3

Step 3. Decide who you want to contact

Starting over from scratch involves breaking some personal ties, but it is not necessary to break ties with your loved ones. Make a list of the names of all your friends and family so you know where each of them will be in the new life, if at all. Also, think about how to break the news to everyone you decide to stop talking to, or determine if you simply prefer to cut off without any notice.

For example, if you need to rebuild your financial life and have a family member who is a bad influence in this area, you will need to determine whether you will continue to interact with them in your new life

Start a New Life with No Money Step 4

Step 4. Keep a goal journal

Every day, take at least 15 minutes to write and reflect on the current situation and update your personal goals. Set goals for one month, one year, five years, and finally ten years from now. Review goals regularly and make any necessary changes - they should have a clear connection to the life you want to lead in the future.

  • For example, write something like "I want to save £1500 by the end of the year" - this goal will help you achieve some financial stability, so it's likely to be in line with your new lifestyle.
  • Make plans big and small - don't be afraid to chase a goal that seems too far away.
Start a New Life with No Money Step 5

Step 5. Divide each objective into several realistic steps

Reflect on all the steps needed to accomplish each goal, writing them down in sequence. When it's time to pursue a specific goal, use this list of steps as a reference - that way, bigger goals will seem more possible and, consequently, you'll feel in control of potentially difficult situations.

For example, a person who wants to save might start by tracking their own spending or perhaps opening a savings account

Start a New Life with No Money Step 6

Step 6. Look for new and exciting experiences

During a fresh start, a person may end up feeling lost in all the strange and unfamiliar aspects of their new life, but force yourself to use positive adjectives to describe your experiences - replace "weird" with "exciting," for example. When you feel a lot of anxiety, tell yourself to open your eyes and find a positive aspect in your new environment.

For example, focus on the natural beauty of your new city - watch birds fly across the sky or the sunlight reflecting off the leaves of trees. If you spend all day in the office, you can even print these images to place on your desk at work

Start a New Life with No Money Step 7

Step 7. Positively encourage yourself

A fresh start takes a lot of time and hard work, so don't assume that everything will be in order overnight. Instead, be kind to yourself and acknowledge all your victories, even those that seem insignificant-praise yourself whenever possible, and repeat to yourself throughout the day: "You're doing great."

  • Seeing life as a book can be helpful - this is just one chapter out of many, and it doesn't determine the end of the story you're still writing.
  • On the other hand, be aware of your own mistakes, as setbacks cannot lead you too far off course. For example, if you end up making an unnecessary purchase, look for ways to make up for the overspending as quickly as possible.

Method 2 of 3: Rebuilding Financial Life

Start a New Life with No Money Step 8

Step 1. Write a list of all your debts

Take a sheet of paper or open a spreadsheet on your computer, and write down all the details of your debts. Include information regarding total due, due dates and interest percentages; and update the list frequently, crossing off all debts already paid.

  • This will also help you determine which debts are priority and which ones can wait a little longer - for example, it's always a good idea to pay your credit card bill as soon as possible, as card issuers often charge fees. exorbitant interest.
  • One of the items on the list could be something like "Credit card, 1800 reais balance, 16% interest rate, minimum payment 200 reais a month."
Start a New Life with No Money Step 9

Step 2. Make a plan to save

Even if you don't have any money at the moment, you should still think about what to do with possible future income - your goal should be to escape a life based on living in the red, and maybe that means you should get a job and transfer monthly a certain percentage of the salary for savings. Another option is to take the time to learn how to invest in fixed-income and equity brokerages.

You will also be able to learn some “tricks” to save, such as websites and apps that refund part of the money spent on purchases - one of the most famous is Méliuz

Start a New Life with No Money Step 10

Step 3. Choose a more economical lifestyle

If you plan to move, make the decision to live in frugal but safe accommodation. Research the cost of living in different locations and compare the benefits of living in the city with those of living in the countryside, for example. You could also give up your car in order to save money on transportation.

For example, if you are willing to relocate, keep in mind that Panama is a place where a person can live comfortably on around R$900.00 (US$300) a month. Porto Seguro, Ponta Grossa and Araraquara are some of the cities with the lowest average cost of living in Brazil

Start a New Life with No Money Step 11

Step 4. Get a job

If you are unemployed, create a well-crafted resume to start looking for a new job opportunity. Make a list of all your skills before you start applying, and contact an employment agency or use the internet to search for vacancies yourself. Be cautious and only submit your resume for vacancies at trusted companies.

You could also start a business of your own to put your skills to use

Start a New Life with No Money Step 12

Step 5. Have a plan B

Often, when we don't have financial stability, we need to do things very carefully - you will feel less anxious if you have at least a contingency plan for every action and decision you make. Therefore, always try to think of the best and worst hypotheses for each situation.

For example, if you've decided to cycle to work to save gas, what do you plan to do if your bike breaks down? In this situation, plan B could be using the bus or subway

Start a New Life with No Money Step 13

Step 6. Talk to a financial advisor

Do an online search with the name of your city and the term "financial advisor" and contact each professional listed in the search results to see if any of them can offer any free help. If you receive an affirmative answer, schedule a conversation and bring all your bills, statements and documents with you. Perhaps this consultant can even recommend a support group for people with financial problems.

You could also do an internet search to find a discussion forum on economics, and ask for investment tips and expense tracking for site members

Method 3 of 3: Relying on Others' Help

Start a New Life with No Money Step 14

Step 1. Learn more about government incentives

Do some research to determine if you are eligible for any government benefits - view these programs as a temporary solution to boost your financial life and prepare you for success, and remember to follow all the necessary guidelines for receiving the grant. benefit.

For example, in 2016, the Federal Government made available a credit line with a reduced interest rate for micro and small entrepreneurs. This financing could help you start a new business, even if you don't have the necessary start-up capital. See the BNDES website for more information

Start a New Life with No Money Step 15

Step 2. Ask friends and family for help

Talk to your loved ones about these goals and fresh start plans, and ask if they have any suggestions or advice - they may also be able to offer additional resources, financial or otherwise, to help you take the first step.

  • Keep in mind that your story might inspire others to make positive life changes-for example, you might be able to use your newfound knowledge to help an indebted friend pay off his credit card bill.
  • When talking to friends and family, say something like "I don't have a lot of money right now, but I want to work in an industry that offers stable, well-paying jobs."
Start a New Life with No Money Step 16

Step 3. Consider spending time at a friend's house

Spending on housing could drain your budget and keep you from saving a penny, so if you have a friend or family member willing to "shelter" you temporarily, please consider the offer fondly. That way you can save a little and have enough time to find accommodation that matches your new frugal lifestyle.

You may find that you are not the only person temporarily living in someone's house, particularly in large urban centers - many people open their home to unemployed friends and family looking for opportunities in competitive markets

Start a New Life with No Money Step 17

Step 4. Make lots of professional contacts

Whenever you talk to someone, think about how that person could help you professionally - this may seem self-serving, but remember that this reflection will also allow you to help your contacts. Try to start a conversation with everyone, and always be as friendly as possible.

For example, if you plan to work as a waiter, it doesn't hurt to talk to the staff at the restaurant you're dining at - they could offer valuable tips to help you find a job in the area

Start a New Life with No Money Step 18

Step 5. Talk to a therapist

Do an online search to find therapists in your city, and contact these professionals to find out if any of them offer free sessions or can recommend support groups. Therapy is a great way to analyze your past decisions and learn to change the present, and you can also find new friends during group meetings.


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