How to Check a Debit Card Balance: 10 Steps

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How to Check a Debit Card Balance: 10 Steps
How to Check a Debit Card Balance: 10 Steps

Debit cards are convenient, but checking your account balance with them can be quite tricky. When doing this, always seek official sources from your bank. You can go to the branch, ATM, visit the website or download the application. Also, search the internet for numbers that you can call or send SMS to check your balance. Finally, you can also check through a 24-hour cashier.


Method 1 of 2: Checking the checking account balance

Check the Balance of a Debit Card Step 1

Step 1. Log into your bank's website

Go to your bank's official website. If you've never done this before, you'll need to create a username and password associated with your account information. Then login and your account summary will appear prominently on the page.

Check the Balance of a Debit Card Step 2

Step 2. Download the app from your bank

Most banks have official applications for mobile access, such as Bradesco, Itaú, Banco do Brasil and so on. Log in to the app using the same username and password you would type on the site, or create your registration if you don't already have one.

Check the Balance of a Debit Card Step 3

Step 3. View the balance at an ATM

Preferably, use one from your bank, but if you can't find it, a 24-hour cashier will work. Insert your card into the machine, enter the requested information and look for the balance option.

24-hour tellers have specific fees for some operations. Check before using

Check the Balance of a Debit Card Step 4

Step 4. Sign up to receive alerts via SMS

Many banks send SMS when any significant changes occur to your account, such as deposits, withdrawals and purchases. For this, you will need to log in to internet banking or application and register to receive the messages. Follow the text commands to check your balance.

  • Many banks also allow alerts to be sent via email instead of mobile.
  • If using the SMS service, check with your service provider for data or messaging charges.
Check the Balance of a Debit Card Step 5

Step 5. Ask a bank clerk for help

If you go to the bank, the clerk will be able to help. Say you want to check your balance or issue a statement. It will help you to have information as detailed as you would receive in the mail or email.

In the case of prepaid cards, you will probably need to check over the phone or online, as there are hardly any agencies for these carriers

Check the Balance of a Debit Card Step 6

Step 6. Call the bank service provider

See your bank's website or letters for the phone number. Perhaps it has an automatic system in which you enter commands and listen to your balance. However, you will still have the option to press a certain button to speak to an attendant.

The attendant will request personal information, such as your CPF or RG, before accessing your account

Method 2 of 2: Checking Prepaid Card Balance

Check the Balance of a Debit Card Step 7

Step 1. Go to the card issuer's website

Access only the official website of the card issuer. For example, visit the Credicard website if your card is from there. Log in to view your balance. You will need to register your card by entering the number and security code.

The security code is usually three digits and is located on the back of the card. The card number has 16 digits and is on the front

24-hour bank

Step 2. Look for a 24-hour cashier

Even though you are prepaid, you may still be able to check the balance in a 24-hour cashier. If not, check through the app or internet banking. No merchant will be able to verify your balance, even if you are used to shopping at this place.

Check the Balance of a Debit Card Step 9

Step 3. Log in to the card issuer's app

Some card issuers, especially large stores and credit companies, already have apps or internet banking, such as Renner and Carrefour. Use the website or app to register your card and login with the username and password you create.

Check the Balance of a Debit Card Step 10

Step 4. Send a text message to the card issuer

Some issuers have an SMS center to which you can send a code and receive balance information once you have registered your card. Check your card operator's website if this service is available.

Remember: your service provider may charge a data or SMS fee in this case


  • Only use the card issuer's official website when trying to access your account.
  • Choose the bank's own ATMs, as this will avoid paying fees to view your balance or other transactions.

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