4 Ways to Price Yard Sales Items

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4 Ways to Price Yard Sales Items
4 Ways to Price Yard Sales Items

Pricing yard sale items can be difficult, especially if you can't remember exactly how much you paid for the item when it was new. Remember that whoever buys used things is looking for good prices, so don't set the prices high or you won't be successful in sales. Read on for a basic guide to pricing yard sale items.


Method 1 of 4: Books, DVDs, CDs and Games

Price Yard Sale Items Step 5

Step 1. Charge $2.00 for books

People won't want to pay more than that for a used book at a yard sale, unless the book is hardcover and very well maintained. Display them one by one, preferably on a shelf that is also for sale.

Price Yard Sale Items Step 6

Step 2. Charge $5.00 for DVDs

You should consider having a laptop or DVD player so that the person can be sure the DVD is working before taking it. Display the DVDs in their original covers.

Price Yard Sale Items Step 7

Step 3. Charge $3, -- for CDs

Remember that CDs are not as common as they used to be. You can try to sell multiple CDs by the same artist for a little bit more if you want to sell as soon as possible.

  • If you have cassette tapes, cover even less; you probably couldn't sell for more than $1.

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  • It covers from BRL 4.00 to BRL 6.00 per disc, unless you have one that is in very good condition (in which case you can try taking it to a store, as you can get more money thus).

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Price Yard Sale Items Step 8

Step 4. Charge from $10.00 to $20.00 per game

Anything that is rarer or more expensive may sell for more, but in general, they won't sell for more than $20.00.

Method 2 of 4: Clothing and Shoes

Price Yard Sale Items Step 1

Step 1. Charge from $2.00 to $6.00 for baby clothes

People won't want to pay more than that for used baby clothes, as they're not that expensive to begin with. Wash clothes before putting them on sale, so they are more presentable. If the clothing is branded and still has a tag, you can raise the price a little.

  • If you want to sell clothes that have been used a lot or are stained, charge R$1.00, just to get them out of your wardrobe.

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  • If you have a lot of baby clothes, consider selling a full bag for $10 or so.

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Price Yard Sale Items Step 2

Step 2. Covers from R$6.00 to R$10.00 for adult clothing

Shirts, pants, dresses, and other items shouldn't be more expensive than that, unless they're branded and still have a tag. You can sell more if you leave out the oldest and shabby clothes; don't make people have to look hard to find something worthwhile.

Price Yard Sale Items Step 3

Step 3. It covers from R$10.00 to R$14.00 for shoes

They must be cleaned and polished before being offered for sale. If you have some branded shoes that haven't been worn a lot, you can charge a little more.

  • Tennis should be cheaper; or you might even consider donating rather than trying to sell.
  • Try to leave the shoes attractively exposed, rather than just leaving them in the box.

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Price Yard Sale Items Step 4

Step 4. Charge from $20.00 to $30.00 per coat

Wash them and leave them exposed on hangers. Jackets that look very old may be cheaper, but if you have one that is branded and hasn't been used a lot, you can charge more.

Method 3 of 4: Furniture

Price Yard Sale Items Step 9

Step 1. Charge from R$20 to R$60.00 for low quality furniture

Furniture that is not of good material, or that has been used a lot and is full of scratches and marks, must be cheap to sell. At this price, you may be able to sell your furniture to students who want to furnish their rooms at a low cost.

Price Yard Sale Items Step 10

Step 2. Charge from $100 to $150.00 for better quality furniture

A wardrobe, table, cabinet, or bookcase that is made of good wood may be the most expensive item in your yard sale. A good rule of thumb is to charge 1/3 of the original price. If you paid $500 for a table you barely used, go ahead and charge $165.00 for it. You can always lower the price if you need to.

Price Yard Sale Items Step 11

Step 3. Charge $200.00 or more for rare pieces and antiques

If you have something very special, like a Victorian seat, you can charge a high price. The right buyer will be willing to pay the price.

  • If you're not sure what an item is worth, do some research. You don't want to be paid short for your most prized possessions.
  • Display the most expensive items closer to home, where you can always keep an eye out.
Price Yard Sale Items Step 12

Step 4. Charge between R$6.00 and R$10.00 for decorations

Chandeliers, paintings, and other decorative items should be some of the cheapest. Exceptions are made for items that are rare or expensive, such as high quality artwork.

Method 4 of 4: Others

Price Yard Sale Items Step 13

Step 1. Charge R$40.00 or less for electronic or computer equipment

Even if you bought for R$200.00 it will be difficult to sell for more than R$40.00; Electronic items abound in the market, so you need to charge cheaper than some online offer.

Price Yard Sale Items Step 14

Step 2. Charge between $2.00 and $6.00 for kitchen items

This includes dinnerware, silverware, pots, and other items. Make sure they are very clean before being exposed.

Price Yard Sale Items Step 15

Step 3. Charge from $2.00 to $6.00 for toys

You can also have a box of “free” items, so children will want to go to your store and parents can see something interesting and take it; perhaps the child's parents will be more inclined to buy something in that case.


  • You'll see a lot of people wanting a discount – people are quick to think of cheap stuff at a yard sale, so don't be tempted to sell a table for $60.00 if you charged $120.00 for it. There are R$ 60.00 difference!
  • Advertise to your friends and neighbors. With no movement, your belongings will only be exposed to the sun and rain and you will have little or no “profit”. So put up signs and notices in the neighborhood, in the newspaper, and try some local advertising sites.
  • Donate what's left. If you can't sell everything and don't want the stuff anymore, you can donate. You can even ask for a receipt to declare on the IR, if relevant.
  • Organize the items. Your items must be organized and must attract attention; with just one look, your buyer should be able to see something that might interest him.


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