How to Create a Business in Angola: 11 Steps

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How to Create a Business in Angola: 11 Steps
How to Create a Business in Angola: 11 Steps

Lately, the idea of ​​being an entrepreneur and developing your own business has been the main focus of several young Angolans, all because it has been more than proven that this is one of the safest paths to professional success and personal fulfillment, after all, everyone he has his big dream and goals to achieve in life. Often, these goals involve creating a company, and this naturally brings its benefits such as social status, independence and, above all, earning money for one's own merit. One of the most important steps is the legalization of the company, due to lack of information that affects our reality, we decided to write this step-by-step guide that will help solve the problem.


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Step 1. Choose your company type

There are different types of companies defined in the legal system in Angola, which can be: limited liability company, public limited company, partnership, sole proprietorship company, sole proprietorship and so on.

  • Shared Partnership: This type of partnership represents the legal status of a company made up of two or more partners, whose capital is divided into shares.
  • Public limited company: this type of company is a legal form of incorporation of companies in which the share capital is not attributed to a particular name, but divided into shares that can be freely transacted, without the need for a public deed. As a capital company, it provides for obtaining profits to be distributed to shareholders
  • Partnership in collective name: this type of partnership refers to the constitution of a company by partnership, where all partners are liable for debts in an unlimited manner. This society is also called general society, unlimited liability company or unlimited joint and several companies.
  • Sole proprietorship: companies of this type are those that belong to the individual who chooses to engage in an industrial, commercial or service provision activity, at his own risk and without the company of other people.
  • Single-person limited liability company: is a corporate form in which all the company's capital, which is distributed by shares, is owned by a single holder, which may be a natural or legal person. The partner's liability is limited to the amount of the company's share capital.
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Step 2. Reserve the name

The corporate name, or name of the company, must be verified at the Guiché Único da Empresa (or Balcão Único do Empreendedor). Upon creation of the company name, the Certificate of Admissibility is granted. This document reserves the company name for 180 days. That is, with the Certificate of Admissibility in your possession, you have up to 180 days to register your company name, and no other entity will have permission to use the name in question.

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Step 3. Pay the registry values

It is necessary to deposit a minimum amount in the order of 11,000 Kwanzas (35 USD) in the Company's Single Window account, plus 1,000 Kwanzas (3, 2 USD) in the National Press account. Remember that the amount varies according to the type of company and when depositing 12,000 Kwanzas (39 USD) in the general account, the payment of some mandatory documents in the segment of this process is already included.

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Step 4. Handle the necessary documents

After choosing the name and type of company, the next step is to handle the necessary documents, which are:

  • Certificate of Admissibility: as mentioned above, this document is a kind of authorization to register your company name. Technically, it is the service in which the Central File ensures, for a period of 180 days, the name required for a specific company or society in the process of incorporation.
  • NIF: is the fiscal number used in Angola to unequivocally identify an entity in financial transactions and payment of taxes.
  • Statute of the company: it is the main document of the company, which represents the social pact between the company's partners and regulates everything around the percentages to which each one will be entitled.

    Don't forget to open an account with a bank of your choice. Deposit in this account a minimum amount of 100,000 Kwanzas (322 USD), which represents the company's share capital, and keep the bordero

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Step 5. Check in the documents

At this stage, gather the documents already processed with your personnel and enter your registration process. In total, the documents will be as follows:

  • Copy of the Identity Card of the partners or shareholders.
  • Certificate of Admissibility (still valid) and two copies thereof.
  • Three copies of the company's NIF (Tax Identification Number).
  • Three articles of association (bylaws).
  • Proof of payment of amounts.
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Step 6. Receive the business certificate

After a few days of filing the case, you will receive the Commercial Certificate. The Commercial Certificate is the document that proves the commercial registration of a person or entity. From the moment you have the Commercial Certificate, your company is already legalized.

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Step 7. Handle the Commercial Permit

The Commercial Permit is the national legal document that entitles the natural or legal person with financial and civil capacity to carry out commercial activity and the provision of commercial services.

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Step 8. For those who want to know how to create a company in Luanda, you should be aware that receiving the Permit is fundamental

This is a document that enables you to carry out commercial activities and provide services, so it is clearly essential. To purchase it, look for one of the MINCO support points (GUE or BUE) and take the following documents with you:

  • Commercial certificate;
  • Photocopy of the B.I. (Identity Card) of the managing partners
  • DAR – Proof of payment of licensing fees and emoluments.
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Step 9. Wait for confirmation

After submitting the documents, then wait for the email with the credentials to access the MINCO system. Once you have the credentials, go to the website: [], fill out the application for membership, submit the necessary documentation and wait for confirmation in your email. If you prefer, return to the website and follow the progress of the process.

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Step 10. Wait for the view

Once this is done, an inspection team will come to your company (MINCO representatives). If everything is in compliance, they will issue a favorable opinion.

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Step 11. Wait for proof

After approval, you will receive in your e-mail a credential to collect the Permit Kit. Take this proof to the commercial entrepreneurship support center that started the process, or local administrations, and receive the License Kit containing the new Commercial License card, the Commercial Registry Certificate and other informational brochures.

Remember that this process can take up to two weeks, and costs a total of 15,000 Kwanzas (48 USD), 10,000 (32 USD) for the Commercial Permit and 5,000 (16 USD) for the inspection. After all this process, you can sing and shout to the four corners of the world: "I have a company!"


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