How to Write a Testimonial: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Write a Testimonial: 11 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Write a Testimonial: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

Testimonials can be a great marketing tool for any business. If you were approached to write one, or decided on your own initiative, your testimony needs to be as detailed and persuasive as possible. To make a strong statement, start by describing the problem, then explain how the product or service you purchased resolved the issue. Finish with a recommendation.


Part 1 of 3: Describing the problem

Write a Testimonial Step 1

Step 1. Introduce yourself

Start your testimonial with some personal information that might add weight to the statement or make your opinion more valuable.

  • The amount and type of information to include about yourself will depend on the product or service provided. The testimony needs to be relatively short, so it's important to leave out extraneous information.
  • If you are writing a testimonial about a dog shampoo, for example, being a dog carer is very relevant. However, if you're writing a testimonial for a physical education professional, your profession doesn't matter.
Write a Testimonial Step 2

Step 2. Talk about the situation

Mention the problem you were having before trying the product or contracting the service in question. Keep it brief but include specific facts.

  • The details allow people, when reading your statement, to compare before and after. Showing the evidence makes the testimony more useful.
  • As the testimonial cannot be very long, only include the facts directly affected by the product or service. For example, if the issue is related to managing your company's social media, you can say “My business's Facebook page only had 10 followers and an average of only one view per day”.
Write a Testimonial Step 3

Step 3. Talk about the solution attempts

If relevant, you can include a line or two about other products or services used to try to solve the problem. Describe the failures committed in these forays.

  • Talking about attempts can be even more positive if you have tried a solution with the company's direct competitor without the problem being resolved. Continuing with the social media example, you can write “We hired Social Media X to manage our accounts, but after 30 days they couldn't bring any views or new followers to the page”.
  • Include a comment about trying multiple alternatives and none of them working. Readers will empathize with you and this will generate interest in reading the whole story.
Write a Testimonial Step 4

Step 4. Mention the obstacles

Every product or service has its ups and downs. If for some reason you have had a previous problem with the nominee, talk about it before moving on to the solution part.

Costs are often the biggest hurdles. You might say, for example, “We were reluctant to hire Social Media Z because their value was double what Social Media X was charging. But after X failed to fulfill the contract, we decided to give Z a chance – and it was the best decision”

Part 2 of 3: Showing the Benefits

Write a Testimonial Step 5

Step 1. Describe how the product or service solved the problem

Start a new paragraph emphasizing the product or service, highlighting two or three facts.

  • Introduce the product or service and talk about its benefits. Then talk specifically about why you bought or hired him and how he helped you.
  • Example: “Social Media Z's goal is to increase our reach on social media through fun and informative posts. Since we hired the company, our business has gained 237 new followers and our sales have increased by more than 30%.”
  • Emphasize the contractor's unique or creative approach. If there's something about the company's product or service that sets it apart from the competition, talk specifically about it. Talk about customer service and explain how this special attention solved your problem.
  • It is interesting to describe your expectations, if this information is relevant, to highlight the effectiveness of the service provided. For example: "I didn't expect Social Media Z to give us more than 20 or 30 new followers, but they found a way to bring in 10 times more people than expected."
Write a Testimonial Step 6

Step 2. Include a personal comment

If the person responsible for the service paid special attention, or if the company went above and beyond what was expected, write about it. If an employee has worked directly on solving your problem, please mention their name as well.

  • Personal comments mean a lot to the people they are directed to, and can help employers identify and reward the best employees. If someone has positively impressed you, mention the person in the testimonial.
  • “While the entire team did their best to solve the problem, Sandra went further and took the time to get to know the company and understand our needs. We couldn't have done it without her attention and dedication.”
Write a Testimonial Step 7

Step 3. Use specific examples to generate more impact

Go back to the description of the problem you had to face. The examples you mention to show the results should be the same as the ones used in the description, so readers can easily compare each other.

For example, if you hired the social media management company based on your low media numbers, specifically mention how many followers you had before and how many you had after a certain period

Write a Testimonial Step 8

Step 4. Explain how the obstacles were overcome

If you mentioned any obstacles in the first part of the statement, please explain to readers how the situation was resolved and how it currently stands.

For example, if you were skeptical about using the product or contracting the service because of the high costs, you might say “I was worried because the fee charged by Social Media Z was high, but after the success in practice, we are convinced that that was worth every penny”

Part 3 of 3: Closing the testimonial

Write a Testimonial Step 9

Step 1. Summarize the experience

Use the third paragraph to summarize how the product or service solved the problem. If you want, you can also speak because you decided to write a testimony.

You can say that the company asked you to talk about the experience, for example. “When Sandra from Social Media Z asked if I could write a testimonial about their service, I agreed right away. They managed to increase our numbers by 300% and give our business a much bigger projection”

Write a Testimonial Step 10

Step 2. Make it clear if you indicate the product or service

It may seem obvious, but the best testimonial is one that specifically says whether or not you indicate the product or service you have purchased.

Depending on what it is, you can target specific people: "I recommend Social Media Z primarily to small businesses looking to establish themselves in the community."

Write a Testimonial Step 11

Step 3. Include a call to immediate action

You can end your testimonial with a recommendation. If you feel comfortable, you can close by encouraging people to get in touch with the company.

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