4 Ways to Distribute Flyers Effectively

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4 Ways to Distribute Flyers Effectively
4 Ways to Distribute Flyers Effectively

Distributing flyers takes more effort than it sounds, and gaining potential customers' receptivity takes a lot of planning. Create small and objective flyers to be distributed in places with the highest concentration of people who fit the profile of your audience, but without forgetting to always be polite and professional. Look for other creative ways to get your flyers to people: sending the material to consumers' homes or placing them in a visible area in a store.


Method 1 of 4: Creating an Effective Campaign

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Step 1. Determine the target audience

To distribute flyers effectively, define your audience. A pamphlet that catches children's attention is totally different from material created for people over 75 years old. These groups have different interests and are concentrated in different places. Define the message you want to get across and the strategies to reach your audience.

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Step 2. Create small, objective flyers

Smaller tracts are cheaper and are not thrown away as easily as large ones. Get the message you want without overdoing the printed content. The longer the material, the more difficult it will be to distribute it and convince people to read it or carry it around. Choose strong, objective words to create simple text.

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Step 3. Create a flashy design

An effective flyer has an attractive image or logo, as well as a clear phrase and a color chart that grabs people's attention. A bright, vibrant color paper also helps, as does a large bold font. Impactful phrases are also a positive aspect, as they remind people of the flyer after reading it.

  • A headline that says “Need a gardener?”, for example, explains the purpose of the pamphlet very clearly.
  • Take a few brochures and analyze what makes them attractive to the public. Choose a design that catches your eye.
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Step 4. Include contact information

Relevant details include a telephone number, address and hours of operation. Don't forget to add the expiry date if you are posting a discount coupon. A small map can also help guide customers to your business.

Method 2 of 4: Creating Distribution Strategies

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Step 1. Analyze distribution locations

Where does your target audience live, work and shop? It's important to have this data to know how to get to it. It makes no sense to move to another city to advertise a restaurant in your neighborhood, for example.

Lifestyle messages, such as vegetarian food, have a broader reach, but a receptive audience still needs to be found. Teenagers, for example, are much more likely to become vegetarians than older people who have been eating meat for decades

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Step 2. Make a distribution plan

Before going out into the streets, decide what points to cover. For an effective distribution plan, think about how far you need to travel on foot or by car, what time you need to be in that particular place, and how many brochures you need to bring. A good strategy will save you time and effort.

  • Use maps to delineate routes and determine where you will find your target audience.
  • Make notes about places and companies that are receptive to this type of marketing campaign.
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Step 3. Distribute the flyers at the right time

At what point do you need to deliver the flyer into the consumer's hands? If you are advertising the sale of a commemorative date, it is important to distribute the material a few days before the date. People are also usually more receptive at certain times. Anyone arriving at or leaving an event, for example, will receive the flyer with more attention than someone rushing to work.

  • Find out about events in the region. In a rock concert, with a high concentration of teenagers, it is possible that you can successfully promote a vegetarian restaurant, but for an older audience this type of reach is a little more difficult.
  • You may only be able to find your target audience overnight. Bars and clubs are good places to advertise a restaurant or products whose target audience usually works during the day.
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Step 4. Distribute the flyers again a few weeks after the first action

Repeated campaigns are easier to remember. Return to distribution sites every one to two months. Even if you deliver the material to the same people, you will notice an improvement in the results. Your message or your business becomes more recognizable as you build connections.

Method 3 of 4: Distributing Flyers to Consumers

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Step 1. Observe local disclosure regulations

Before you start distributing your material, check your local laws on the matter. Private properties do not accept this type of campaign, while public sidewalks and universities are safe places to work. Try visiting companies to drop off the material and try distributing the flyers directly to mailboxes or at the door of their homes. If someone asks you to leave a private area, leave without arguing.

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Step 2. Dress appropriately

Wear appropriate clothing for the region, dressing like the people around the area – this is a way to make them more receptive. Focus your audience's attention on the message you want to get across, not yourself. In regular areas, wearing ripped jeans might not be the best choice; similarly, for leafleting in a restaurant or on the street perhaps a suit is not the most suitable.

You can look for more creative options, such as using a costume to outreach to children. On the other hand, people who don't fit the profile may refuse to receive the flyer

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Step 3. Create a sales pitch

This speech should be short but very descriptive. When handing out the flyer, you might say something like "Would you like to know more about vegetarian foods?" or “Come try Primavera Pizza's artisanal pizza”. These messages describe their purpose without appearing offensive or forced.

Direct contact is an opportunity to clarify doubts with the public and provide additional information

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Step 4. Be polite

Approach each person with a smile. Don't insist if someone shows disinterest and don't get into unnecessary debates. If anyone acts rudely, walk away. Good manners will make people more receptive when receiving the flyer.

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Step 5. Pick up the flyers that are on the floor

Seeing the flyers on the floor can make you sad, but leaving the material littering the streets is much worse. Discarded flyers give the impression that your message is being ignored, as well as collecting garbage.

Method 4 of 4: Creatively Distributing Flyers

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Step 1. Send by mail

Material sent directly to homes is easier to view. You can hire a company to do the direct mailing service or place it personally in the mailboxes of the houses, but find out beforehand if this procedure is legal in the area. Leaflets left on doors and balconies are also easily seen by homeowners.

Unless you have a specific mailing list, this type of distribution requires a lot of work and a lot of flyers

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Step 2. Place flyers next to purchases

Whether inside a shopping bag or together with an order to be shipped, there is no easier way to promote a product or service. Place the flyer inside the bag or package; as you already have this bond with the customer, it is very likely that he will read the material. Coupons and catalogs are also a good fit for this type of action.

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Step 3. Include the flyers as inserts in publications

Contact the person responsible for the commercial part of the publication to see the possibility of including your brochure between the pages. Choose a vehicle that represents your niche, such as a music magazine to promote your band or bar. Many neighborhoods have their own publications, which help spread their service to a specific area.

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Step 4. Leave the flyers at an establishment

Having a good relationship with local businesses helps a lot. Ask if it is possible to leave some flyers on the counter of the establishment. Some have a wall where you can place ads. Another possibility is to leave some pamphlets in the waiting area of ​​doctors' offices.

Business related to your industry are the best bets. For example, if you are advertising a health food market, a health club is a good place to advertise. In return, you can advertise the other establishment as well

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Step 5. Hand out flyers at events

Local events, such as fairs, are easy places to distribute flyers to a large group of people. The ideal is to promote it at events related to your service or product, such as promoting your handicraft store at a fair in the sector. You can insert the flyers into bags or put them on a display.

  • You can join as a sponsor of an event as well. As a supporter, you will have a free pass to publicize and distribute your flyers.
  • Contact organizers to discuss sponsorship and outreach opportunities. Search for events in your area through libraries, clubs and community centers.


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