How to Find a Property Owner: 7 Steps

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How to Find a Property Owner: 7 Steps
How to Find a Property Owner: 7 Steps

Whether you need to find the owners of land that needs cleaning, or you want to make an offer for your dream home that isn't for sale, locating the owners' names can be as easy as knocking on a door, or demanding the effort to ask for copies of public documents at the notary's office; all you need is an address. If all attempts fail, there is still the possibility of hiring a professional.


Find Property Owners Step 1

Step 1. Ask the neighbors

They are usually willing to reveal information about owners that is difficult to obtain elsewhere.

Finding neighbors first is a good way to reach out to homeowners, and find out if they really are accessible. Local residents' first impressions are an ideal method of knowing if they are people you want as neighbors

Find Property Owners Step 2

Step 2. Knock on the door, and ask the householder who owns it

Be discreet if the property is in disrepair, full of rubbish, or has dogs

Find Property Owners Step 3

Step 3. Write down the address, which you will need to do additional searches in registries, or send a letter to the owners

Find Property Owners Step 4

Step 4. Send a postcard to the property address

This is a discreet way to introduce yourself and make your intentions clear.

  • Include your name and telephone number, as well as the reasons for the contact.
  • Make sure the card content is persuasive enough to encourage the owner to call you.
  • Try a few more times if you don't get an immediate response.
Find Property Owners Step 5

Step 5. Turn on "List Help"

It is usually possible to get the telephone number associated with the owners simply by giving the property's address to the operator.

Find Property Owners Step 6

Step 6. Search local registry records

This is the ideal place to find out who the owners are.

Visit the registry's website to find out if it is possible to make this consultation remotely. In some situations it will be necessary to visit the registry office during business hours

Find Property Owners Step 7

Step 7. Pay a professional if all of the above don't work

Realtors and related professionals are used to doing this type of search, so they get results much faster than a novice investigator.


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