3 Ways to Eat Papaya Papaya

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3 Ways to Eat Papaya Papaya
3 Ways to Eat Papaya Papaya

Papaya papaya is a tropical fruit full of vitamins B, C and other minerals. If you feel like trying this superfood, try one of these options to have a tastier experience.


Method 1 of 3: How to choose

Eat Papayas Step 1

Step 1. Choose fruits grown in your region

Like all other fruits, papaya is best when planted and harvested locally. Prefer this option if it is available, as the fruit is more delicious. If you can't do this, choose products imported from areas close to your home to ensure the papaya is fresh and tasty.

Eat Papayas Step 2

Step 2. Try the “kapaho” papaya

It originates from Hawaii and Costa Rica and is known for being small to medium in size, with a sweet yellow flesh.

Eat Papayas Step 3

Step 3. Try the Mexican papaya

The Mexican variety is much larger than the kapaho type and has an orange or red pulp. It is known for having a slightly sweet or bitter taste.

Method 2 of 3: How to Eat Raw

Eat Papayas Step 4

Step 1. Place in refrigerator

Papaya papaya can be eaten at room temperature, but it tastes better if served cold. Place whole or sliced ​​fruit in the refrigerator to prepare it for consumption.

Eat Papayas Step 5

Step 2. Cut the fruit in half

Papaya is very soft and can be cut with a spoon, but to make a more precise cut use a knife. Scoop out the seeds using a spoon.

Eat Papayas Step 6

Step 3. Rinse the inside with water

Run cold water inside to remove seeds or pulp, which can make a mess when eating. Place fruit on a plate when finished.

Eat Papayas Step 7

Step 4. Eat with lemon

The acid from this citrus fruit helps to improve the papaya's natural flavor. Squeeze the juice of a sliced ​​lemon over it to make it tastier.

Eat Papayas Step 8

Step 5. Remove the pulp with a spoon

It is very easy to eat papaya if it is ripe, as the pulp is very soft.

Method 3 of 3: How to use to cook

Som Tum papaya salad Chat Thai, Haymarket AUD10

Step 1. Try the green papaya salad.

A traditional Thai dish, green papaya salad combines the flavor of papaya with tomato, pepper, lemon, garlic and fish sauce. It is served cold, as a refreshing entry to meals.

Make Papaya Quick Bread Ultimate

Step 2. Prepare papaya bread

Similar to banana or zucchini bread, it is a sweet dessert made with fresh fruit, nuts and spices.

Make Papaya Sorbet Step 4

Step 3. Make a papaya sorbet

A sorbet made from the fruit is perfect for hot days. Beat the fruit in a blender with water, sugar and lemon juice before putting it in the freezer. Serve with fresh papaya to cool off in the pool in summer.

Make a Papaya Milkshake Step 7

Step 4. Prepare a papaya smoothie

Beat fresh papaya, milk, sugar and vanilla. Serve in a cold glass, preferably with a folded straw.


  • Even if you are not going to eat the skin, it is always good to wash the papaya (as well as all fruits) well before consuming.
  • Try to eat papaya only during season. This will guarantee tastier fruits
  • The seeds and husks can be eaten, but they taste bitter.

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