4 Ways to Roast Sliced ​​Almonds

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4 Ways to Roast Sliced ​​Almonds
4 Ways to Roast Sliced ​​Almonds

Almonds, like other oilseeds, have a wonderful and intense flavor when roasted. However, the roasted almonds sold in the markets sometimes have a rancid taste (not to mention the additions of fat and salt) because they are not freshly made. There are many ways to prepare almonds at home, all of which are very quick and good. It's all a matter of being careful not to let them go overboard.


Method 1 of 4: Roasting the Almonds

Toast Sliced ​​Almonds Step 1

Step 1. Preheat the oven to a temperature of 150 ºC

In most cases, it takes between five and 15 minutes to reach the proper temperature.

Don't be rushed, don't open the oven ahead of time

Toast Sliced ​​Almonds Step 2

Step 2. Place 250 grams of chopped almonds in a baking dish

Distribute them evenly in a single layer. You can also make half the recipe. Use a mold with edges and do not grease it.

The edges of the pan prevent the almonds from falling and burning

Step 3. Place them in the oven and bake for eight minutes

Leave the roasting pan on the middle rack so the oilseeds are not too close to the fire. About eight minutes later, they should start to give off a delicious aroma.

Don't leave the almonds in the oven, as they are overcooked very quickly, so don't come unglued from the stove

Step 4. Take out the form, stir the oilseeds and put them back to bake

Stir in the pan using kitchen gloves to protect your hands from the heat. Mix and turn the almonds with a spatula or a wooden spoon. Return the baking sheet to the oven and close it.

A good idea is to shake the shape

Toast Sliced ​​Almonds Step 5

Step 5. Bake the almonds for another eight minutes or until golden

They take about 15 minutes to be ready. Be careful not to burn them! The pleasant smell and the golden color around indicate that they can now be taken from the fire.

Remove the almonds before they turn dark brown because they continue to roast a little after they come out of the oven

Toast Sliced ​​Almonds Step 6

Step 6. Allow the oilseeds to cool and store them

Wait for them to cool completely to make them even crispier. Did you leave the almonds in the oven a little longer than you should? Immediately transfer them to a tray or a cold bowl to prevent them from burning on the baking sheet.

If you plan to consume them later, store them in a plastic bag with a zip closure. This way, it is possible to maintain the texture and flavor for up to two weeks

Toast Sliced ​​Almonds Step 7

Step 7. Use the almonds as a topping for some recipe or eat them alone

Roasted almonds are very tasty and versatile and can be used in various dishes. They add a little color, texture and flavor when sprinkled over a salad, dessert or even pizza.

  • Oilseeds also make a great snack that is quick and healthy to prepare. Add a little olive oil and salt if you like.
  • Mix them in cakes and breads. Roasted almonds do not usually accumulate at the bottom of the pasta like unroasted ones.
Toast Sliced ​​Almonds Step 8

Step 8. Store oilseeds in a vacuum container for a maximum of two weeks

They don't go bad after this period, but they start to lose some of their texture and flavor. Don't forget to let the almonds cool before storing.

When frozen, they last up to three months

Method 2 of 4: Using an Electric Oven

Toast Sliced ​​Almonds Step 9

Step 1. Place 250 grams of almonds in the electric oven tray

You may need to put in a smaller amount depending on the size of the device. Oilseeds should be well distributed and with minimal overlap so that they bake evenly.

Use aluminum foil for easy cleaning. First, take a look at the oven's instruction manual to confirm that you can really use aluminum foil

Toast Sliced ​​Almonds Step 10

Step 2. Select the temperature of 180°C and place the tray in the device

The procedures are very similar to those described for common ovens. The biggest difference is that the almonds are much closer to the heat source in the electric oven, so they can burn faster.

Keep an eye on the food at all times so you don't miss it

Step 3. Bake for 3 to 4 minutes and stir in the oilseeds

Open the oven and use a spatula or wooden spoon to mix and turn them. That way you can bake evenly. Finally, close the oven.

A good idea is to shake the tray to move the oilseeds around. Always wear kitchen gloves to avoid the risk of getting burned

Step 4. Repeat the process every 1 minute until the almonds are golden brown

Stir them and turn them periodically so they bake evenly. The entire procedure can take from five to ten minutes, depending on the power of the device and the amount of almonds.

A sign that the food is ready is the wonderful aroma and golden color

Step 5. Put the almonds in another place and let them cool

Remove the pan from the oven and transfer the oilseeds to a bowl or tin. This way, they will not continue to bake on the hot tray.

It takes at least 15 minutes for the almonds to cool completely

Step 6. Eat almonds within two weeks

Store the oilseeds in a vacuum container during this period. The almonds don't go bad after two weeks, but they start to lose texture and flavor.

Method 3 of 4: Heating the Almonds on the Stove

Toast Sliced ​​Almonds Step 15

Step 1. Place a skillet over medium heat

Deeper frying pans are best suited. Leave the ingredients near you before you start cooking.

You'll need 150 grams of chopped almonds and, if you like, some butter or coconut oil

Step 2. Add a little butter to enhance the flavor

Add the butter or coconut oil to the pan and let them heat up for a minute or so. It is not necessary to use any type of fat, but butter and coconut oil give it a special flavor.

Stir the pan a little to cover the entire bottom of the pan

Step 3. Place 150 grams of almonds in the skillet

Distribute them evenly. This form of preparation works best with small amounts.

Don't just let them sit in one corner of the pan

Toast Sliced ​​Almonds Step 18

Step 4. Stir or shake the skillet every 30 seconds

Use a wooden spoon or simply shake the pan. This way you prevent the almonds from burning. When the oilseeds start to fry, you'll see a little water form on top of them: it's the oil that the almond releases that gives it that good taste.

  • Making it on the stove is easier, but generally the result is not so homogeneous. It's important to keep the almonds moving.
  • Does the frying pan have a metal handle? Wear a kitchen glove so you don't get hurt.

Step 5. Put out the heat when the oilseeds turn brown around

Frying takes between three and five minutes. Remove the almonds from the heat when they start to smell and before they turn fully brown.

This color is a sign that they are close to burning

Step 6. Take everything out of the pan to cool

Transfer the oilseeds to a bowl or tray immediately so they don't continue to fry in the hot skillet. Allow them to cool for approximately 15 minutes.

Step 7. Eat the almonds now or store them for up to two weeks

You can leave the almonds in the cupboard or refrigerator for a week or two. Use a vacuum pack.

They last up to three months when frozen

Method 4 of 4: Cooking Almonds in the Microwave

Toast Sliced ​​Almonds Step 22

Step 1. Place 250 grams of almonds on a plate

Make just one layer and with minimal overlap. It is not necessary to grease. Place the dish in the microwave.

Step 2. If you like, add a little margarine, butter or oil

Use approximately 5 ml of butter or oil for every 250 grams of almond. Mix the almonds with the oil or butter.

  • Let the butter melt before spreading it over the oilseeds.
  • With a little fat it is easier to give a color to the almonds, in addition to speeding up the process.

Step 3. Turn microwave on high power for one minute

Use the highest power. After a minute, remove the oilseeds and stir them with a spoon. Put the dish back in the appliance.

This little shake contributes to a homogeneous cooking

Toast Sliced ​​Almonds Step 25

Step 4. Repeat the process every one minute until the almonds are golden and fragrant

You should remove them as soon as they start to take on a brown color and give off the characteristic aroma. Everything should take about five minutes, depending on the microwave power.

  • Each device works in a different way, so stay tuned. Older models tend to take longer.
  • Stir the almonds every one minute so they cook evenly.
Toast Sliced ​​Almonds Step 26

Step 5. Allow them to cool, consume them or keep them for a week or two

When stored in a vacuum pack, they are good for up to two weeks. They can be kept in the refrigerator or at room temperature.

Do you want them to last longer? Put them in the freezer. There they last up to three months


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