4 Ways to Use Fennel

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4 Ways to Use Fennel
4 Ways to Use Fennel

Most people know fennel in the form of the tiny and sometimes bitter seeds found in sausage pizzas. Few think about the whole plant that comes from these seeds or that it can also be used in cooking! Fresh fennel gives a sweet flavor similar to licorice and can add a delicious touch to many types of food. Learning how to cut a large fennel and use it in multiple dishes will help you get the most out of that flavor.


Method 1 of 4: Preparing Fennel

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Step 1. Cut off the bulb stalks

Wash the entire plant with cold water before cutting it. When cutting the stalks, hold the knife close to the bulb. It is not necessary to dispose of the stalks after respawning them, as they can still be used in many recipes.

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Step 2. Cut the roots from the bulbs

Roots are inedible and must be discarded. Cut in a straight line so that the bulb can be propped up when cutting right in the middle.

Use Fennel Step 3

Step 3. Cut the bulb in half

Guide the knife through the entire bulb. Then slice the two pieces exactly as you did with the bulb intact. Position the knife well naming the two halves and cut.

Use Fennel Step 4

Step 4. Discard the withered parts of the bulb

You can differentiate them from fresh parts by texture and color. The outside is thicker and darker than the rest of the bulb.

Use Fennel Step 5

Step 5. Cut the bulb into fine pieces

Place the fennel pieces on the flat sides. Place the knife on top of the piece you are cutting and bring it down to where the root would be. Cut to desired thickness.

If you want it to be extremely thin, use a mandolin for slicing. To do this, place the piece of fennel on top of the mandoline grid and move it back and forth as if you were grating cheese

Use Fennel Step 6

Step 6. Store what you are not going to use immediately in a covered container

Put all the fennel slices in a bowl and fill it with enough water to cover the entire plant. Cover the top of the bowl with wrapping paper or use a lid and refrigerate. You can leave it like this for a week.

Method 2 of 4: Cooking with Fennel Bulbs

Use Fennel Step 7

Step 1. Fill a dough with fennel

Chop the bulbs into thin slices to facilitate mixing with the filling. Boil on the stove (with blackcurrant) for 15 minutes, then refrigerate until completely chilled. Now, just put the filling into the dough with a spoon and fold as usual before frying.

Use Fennel Step 8

Step 2. Bake in the oven

Cook the fennel this way after cutting it into medium slices. Preheat oven to 180 ºC. Then season the plant with a generous amount of pepper, salt and olive oil. Place the fennel on a baking sheet and bake, roasting for about 40 minutes.

Use Fennel Step 9

Step 3. Make an fennel chutney

Take two bulbs (preferably small) and fry them on the stove with salt, onion, chili flakes and lemon zest for extra flavor. When the ingredients have a very smooth texture, add 350 ml of water to the pan and boil for half an hour covered. Then for another 15 minutes without a lid until the chutney is reduced or thickened.

Use Fennel Step 10

Step 4. Flavor your pasta with fennel

Cut the plant very thin for this dish. Sprinkle some salt on it before browning it in a skillet. Also add other sauce ingredients (such as tomatoes) and cook.

Use Fennel Step 11

Step 5. Use chopped fennel in a soup

Cook the plant with other base vegetables (such as celery and leeks) to make the broth and soup. Simmer the broth for 30 to 45 minutes and boil the soup for another 20 minutes.

Use Fennel Step 12

Step 6. Mix with a coleslaw

Cut the bulbs very finely with other vegetables of your choice, such as cabbage or carrots. Try using a sweet vinaigrette to enhance the flavor of the fennel.

Use Fennel Step 13

Step 7. Use chopped fennel as a pizza ingredient

After chopping the plant, sauté it with a little oil and add to a homemade pizza with the rest of the ingredients after the sauce, but before the cheese. Then bake as usual and enjoy!

Method 3 of 4: Using Fennel Stalks

Step 1. Brown the stalks as a vegetable base

Fennel can be an excellent base for various dishes, such as spaghetti, soups, braised dishes and broths. Mix the stalks with onion, celery and herbs to bring out the flavor of the food.

Use Fennel Step 15

Step 2. Use raw stalks as an ingredient in a salad

Raw stalks are as edible as the rest of the fennel. Mix them with spinach, chopped onion and the dressing of your choice to make an excellent salad with a little fennel flavor. Use as many stalks as one bulb.

Use Fennel Step 16

Step 3. Make a vegetable broth

Add the stalks to boiling water (along with other vegetables such as onions, carrots and celery) to create a delicious vegetable stock. This is a great way to use the remaining stalks when you don't know what to do with them.

Use Fennel Step 17

Step 4. Add to fish before roasting

When you place fresh, seasoned fish on a baking sheet, place the stalks on top or to the side of the meat. The fish will absorb the flavor of the fennel as it roasts.

Use Fennel Step 18

Step 5. Place the fennel stalks in a pesto mixture

You can make a pesto easily with pine nuts, basil, olive oil and a food processor, but fennel can add a little more flavor. Add the ingredient to the mixture before processing the pesto. Use the final product as a marinade or spaghetti sauce. The amount of stalks from a single bulb is enough to flavor the pesto.

Method 4 of 4: Using Fennel Foliage

Use Fennel Step 19

Step 1. Make the foliage into juice or smoothie

You will not be able to make a good-sized drink using only the fennel leaves, as they are not big enough. Instead, combine the plant with other juice ingredients such as spinach, carrots or apples to make it a little sweeter.

Use Fennel Step 20

Step 2. Chop the foliage and use it as a seasoning

Fennel leaves can be excellent herbs, especially in place of common herbs like fresh parsley. Sprinkle the chopped fennel leaves in a spaghetti, soup or sauce and mix until well combined.

Use Fennel Step 21

Step 3. Add the chopped leaves as a garnish

Instead of mixing the fresh leaves with a spaghetti sauce, sprinkle over the top or sides of the dish to garnish it. Spread a large amount of the foliage on a plate and place a roasted fish or chicken on top.


Fennel is a great decoration for all kinds of seafood, whether you're stuffing the fish with bulbs or sprinkling the leaves over a plate of cooked scallops


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