How to Get Drunk Fast: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Get Drunk Fast: 12 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Get Drunk Fast: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Sometimes, when we are at certain events or parties, we feel like getting drunk in a short time. There are several ways to achieve this effect (drinking stronger drinks at a faster pace, for example). However, you must be careful: practices of this type increase the risk of health problems. Furthermore, if you get drunk as soon as you arrive at your destination, you will end up drinking more and more, which poses a serious risk to your well-being. Know your own limits, and when you feel yourself getting out of hand or starting to feel sick, take a break. As fun as it is to drink, don't risk your life.


Part 1 of 3: Choosing the right drinks

Get Drunk Fast Step 1

Step 1. Check the alcohol content on the label of the bottles or cans

Each type of drink has different contents. If you want to get drunk in less time, go for those with higher percentages.

  • Beers with higher alcohol content are typically between 15 and 18% alcohol and are produced by smaller breweries rather than large companies.
  • Even beers with alcohol content around 11% can be intense. Choose them if you can't find something with 15-18%.
  • Respect your own limit. A few bottles or cans of strong beer can be too much. Slow down if you start to get out of your mind. If you start to feel sick, stop so as not to make the situation worse.
Get Drunk Fast Step 2

Step 2. Mix spirits with diet soda and the like to get drunk in less time

Unlike normal options, diet drinks do not reduce the body's absorption of alcohol.

People don't realize they're getting drunk faster when they mix spirits with soda. If you drink liquor with something like that, remember it can get taller than normal and avoid habits like driving

Get Drunk Fast Step 3

Step 3. Drink sparkling drinks to get drunk faster

If you like champagne and the like, order something at the bar to fulfill your purpose.

Champagne, sparkling wine and drinks mixed with tonic water are great options

Get Drunk Fast Step 4

Step 4. Drink some strong liquor instead of beer or wine

Type products have higher alcohol content. You can also take shots to soak up the drink in less time. Vodka, in particular, gets anyone high quickly. Finally, several options can make you "cheerful" in a short time.

  • Keep in mind that, depending on the bar, certain drinks can be stronger or weaker. The bartender can, for example, prepare a heavier drink for you.
  • You can also order more concentrated drinks to drink more alcohol at once and thus get drunk in less time.
  • Liquor has a very high alcohol content. Don't overdo it, or you can get sick. Try to have only one or two drinks of this type.

Part 2 of 3: Eating and Drinking the Right Way

Get Drunk Fast Step 5

Step 1. Only start drinking when you are relaxed

If you're stressed out or afraid of what might happen, it will take you longer to get drunk.

  • Try to calm down before starting to drink. Do something relaxing: watch your favorite TV show, read a book, practice deep breathing techniques, etc.
  • Go drinking with friends who make you calm rather than stressed. If you're in the company of people who irritate you, you won't get drunk that quickly.
Get Drunk Fast Step 6

Step 2. Eat just before you start drinking

Never consume alcohol on an empty stomach; it's very dangerous. However, also try not to eat too much before leaving the house, as food reduces the body's ability to absorb alcohol. If you start drinking right after lunch or dinner, for example, it will take longer to get drunk.

  • Eat something light a few hours before you start drinking: a salad with chicken, a simple sandwich, a portion of fish or pasta, etc.
  • Never drink on an empty stomach. As much as it is a good strategy to get drunk fast, it increases the risk of getting sick and therefore can be very harmful to your health.
Get Drunk Fast Step 7

Step 3. Drink with friends

If you're in a group, you'll probably get drunk faster. People finish their drinks in less time when accompanied; thus, they become more intoxicated and drink larger amounts of alcohol throughout the night. All of this can make you more "happy".

Don't lose count of how much you drank. People tend to exaggerate when they are in a group, especially if their companions are more tolerant of alcohol. Pay attention to how you feel while drinking. If you start to feel uncomfortable, stop - even if your friends want to continue

Get Drunk Fast Step 8

Step 4. Use curved cups to get drunk faster

Drinking from regular glasses can inhibit your ability to get drunk. This is because it is difficult to measure the amount of alcohol when the shape of the container is irregular; you end up drinking faster, not knowing how much you're consuming.

  • If you want to drink at a bar, you can receive curved glasses if you order beer, champagne or wine.
  • If you want to drink at home, buy some cheap curved glasses at a grocery store or department store.

Part 3 of 3: Prioritizing Your Own Security

Get Drunk Fast Step 9

Step 1. Know your own limits

Remember, your goal is to get drunk in a short time, not get sick. Know how much you can drink without compromising.

  • Perhaps you know your own limits from past experience and know, for example, that you start to feel sick and lose your memory after a certain number of drinks.
  • On the other hand, if you're not experienced with drinking, you might not know your limits. Pay attention to what you are feeling and if you start to feel sick or dizzy. Ask a friend to take care of you and stop you from drinking more alcohol when you start to lose control.
  • Keep the situation under control, even if you're drunk. This is going to be harder if you want to get drunk quickly.
  • If you feel like you're getting out of your mind, take a break. You don't have to spill bottles all night to get excited; stop when you know you are drunk.
Get Drunk Fast Step 10

Step 2. Don't drink on an empty stomach

Don't be tempted to avoid eating before drinking alcohol to speed up the effects of the drink: it's a bad idea. Always eat something first - even if it's small. Also, have high-protein snacks (such as nuts or cheese) throughout the night.

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Step 3. Drink in moderation under most circumstances

It can be fun to get drunk from time to time, especially at social events. However, in the long term, excessive consumption can harm your health. Always try to have only one or two drinks to stay safe and healthy.

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Step 4. If you are taking any medication, see if alcohol interferes with its effect before drinking

If you want to get drunk, read the medicine package insert to find out if there is a contraindication to alcohol consumption.

Avoid taking painkillers after a night of drinking. These medications, especially those containing acetaminophen in their formula, can have a serious reaction to alcohol, damaging the liver and other organs


  • The amount of alcohol needed to get drunk depends on your weight, diet and substance tolerance. Consider all these factors when you want to drink, and don't try to compete or keep pace with your friends, as they may be more tolerant than you.
  • Each bartender prepares drinks with different strengths. Some professionals make drinks more diluted than others.
  • Getting drunk fast is not the same as getting drunk too much. After drinking a little, take a 30-minute break before resuming drinking so your body can metabolize the alcohol.


  • Drinking on an empty stomach can be very dangerous. Do not drink alcohol when you are very hungry; eat a few hours early to get comfortable, but not hungry.
  • Always drink in moderation. Do not drive after drinking, if you are pregnant (for women) or if you are a minor.

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