3 Ways to Spill a Beer

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3 Ways to Spill a Beer
3 Ways to Spill a Beer

Spilling the beer is a great challenge for you and your friends to have a lot of fun. To learn how to properly pour a beer, you need to understand the basic mechanics of the process. Relax your throat so the drink runs straight into your stomach, and if the beer is in a can or bottle, open a small vent hole to force it out of the container. Now, just turn around!


Method 1 of 3: Drinking from a Cup

Chug a Beer Step 1

Step 1. Serve the beer in a glass and wait for the foam to dissipate

Spilling a beer with a lot of collar can cause stomach pain, gas and nausea. Wait for the bubbles to disappear before starting. That way, the beer will also heat up a little, which will keep you from getting a headache after spilling it.

The shape of the glass can affect your ability to pour beer. A mug is much easier to turn than a bowl


choose a light beer to pour. You won't be able to taste the drink anyway, but a lighter beer will feel a lot better in your stomach than a dark or sour beer.

Chug a Beer Step 2

Step 2. Tap the bottom of the cup on the table to release CO2

Beer gases are caused by the presence of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the beverage. Excess gas in the stomach can cause discomfort and even nausea. A simple way to release some of the carbon dioxide contained in beer into the air rather than your body is to tap the bottom of the glass on the table or some other hard surface before turning the beverage over.

Do not tap the cup too hard. A few taps are enough to pop the bulk of the bubbles

Chug a Beer Step 3

Step 3. Take a deep breath and tilt your head back slightly

Before pouring the beer, take a deep breath to prepare. Positioning your head correctly before starting will also speed up the process, making it easier for you to turn the contents of the cup into your belly. Holding the cup firmly is also essential.

Chug a Beer Step 4

Step 4. Bring the cup to your lips and quickly turn it upside down

After taking a deep breath and taking courage, bring the glass to your mouth and place your lips on the rim. Quickly turn the bottom of the glass upside down, pouring the beer down your throat. Don't force yourself to swallow. Otherwise, the beer might end up running down the corners of your mouth.

Be careful not to hit the glass with the teeth and end up chipping

Chug a Beer Step 5

Step 5. Relax your throat and hold your breath

Do not swallow the beer as it enters your mouth. Instead, relax your throat and let the drink flow directly into your stomach, allowing gravity to do all the effort for you. Hold your breath well and don't interrupt the flow of beer to get air. In addition to slowing down the process, this can also cause you to spill precious drops of beer.

Imagine that you are turning a glass of water down a drain

Chug a Beer Step 6

Step 6. Finish pouring the cup

Now that you've made it this far, why stop? Keep your throat relaxed so the beer flows unhindered and turn the glass further to empty it. When the beer runs out, return to breathing normally and enjoy the sweet taste of victory.

The beer will still have a lot of CO2 in it. If you need to release the accumulated gas in your stomach, a good belch should suffice

Method 2 of 3: Spilling a Can

Chug a Beer Step 7

Step 1. Using a knife, open a small ventilation hole in the top of the can

Place the tip of the knife on top of the can, near the ring. Hold the blade upright and keep the knife and can snug so they don't slip. Gently apply pressure on the knife to open the hole. Make sure the hole doesn't have any sharp edges so you don't risk getting hurt when turning the beer.

  • Instead of a knife, you can also use a wrench or any other sharp object.
  • The hole doesn't have to be very big. It just needs to be about the size of a pencil tip.


Another way to quickly spill a beer can is to open a hole in the bottom and hold the can vertically so that gravity causes the liquid to flow downward.

Chug a Beer Step 8

Step 2. Cover the hole with the forefinger of the hand you are holding the beer with

Hold the can in your dominant hand and put your finger over the hole when you're ready to turn. The hole in the top of the can is often called a carburetor and serves as a ventilation tunnel, allowing air to enter the can and making the beer come out more easily and quickly.

You can also hold the can with your non-dominant hand, leaving the dominant hand free to greet your friends during or after the challenge

Chug a Beer Step 9

Step 3. Open the beer and start drinking it normally

With the hole covered, open the can, bring it to your mouth and drink the beer normally. Starting the beer flow before opening the air passage will make the liquid drain more quickly, making it easier to spill.

Chug a Beer Step 10

Step 4. Take a deep breath and take your finger out of the hole, throwing your head back

When you're ready to pour the drink, take a deep breath to prepare yourself so you don't need to catch a breath along the way. Take your finger off the air passage and tilt the can to help the beer drain. As the drink comes out, increase the tilt of the can until it is empty. This will make the flow remain smooth and even, making spillage easier.

Chug a Beer Step 11

Step 5. Relax your throat and let the beer flow freely until the can is empty

Don't take big gulps of beer to finish it faster. Instead, relax your throat and let the beer run down your esophagus into your stomach. Don't forget to hold your breath.

When you're done spilling the beer, crush the can in your hand or throw it on the ground to impress your friends with your victory. Just remember to pick up the trash later

Method 3 of 3: Pouring a Bottle with a Straw

Chug a Beer Step 12

Step 1. Open the bottle and let it sit to release CO2 and heat the beer a little

Flipping a stupidly cold beer can give you a headache or even a stomachache. Also, putting so much gas in at once can cause discomfort and nausea, and make the drink more difficult to pour. Let the open bottle rest for a few minutes to release excess carbon dioxide into the air instead of your belly and to allow the beer to heat up a bit.

  • You only need to wait a few minutes. Beer does not need to be at room temperature.
  • Do not slam the bottom of the bottle on the table to release CO2. This will make the beer foam and overflow.
Chug a Beer Step 13

Step 2. Insert a flexible straw into the bottle and bend it

The straw will act as a vent hole to help the beer flow out more quickly. The faster the drink comes out, the easier it will be for you to pour it. The bent part of the straw should stick out of the bottle.

Do not drop the cando into the bottle. Removing it without spilling the beer will be virtually impossible

Chug a Beer Step 14

Step 3. Hold the straw in place, with the open end facing away from you

With one finger, hold the folded straw in place, with the tip facing away from your face. That way, it won't get in your way once you start drinking. Support the bent side of the straw on the mouth of the bottle.

Chug a Beer Step 15

Step 4. Take the bottle to your mouth and take a deep breath

Place the mouth of the bottle on your lips to get into the starting position. Visualize your success and take a deep breath to prepare yourself and avoid having to interrupt your spill for air.

Chug a Beer Step 16

Step 5. Tilt your head back and turn the bottle upright

After pulling in air, quickly turn the bottle upside down and tilt your head back so the beer starts to flow out. Keep the straw securely in place to help the drink flow out.


Be careful not to hit the mouth of the bottle against your teeth and end up chipping.

Chug a Beer Step 17

Step 6. Allow the beer to drain down your throat until the bottle is empty

The beer will come out so quickly that it will reach the back of your throat as soon as you turn the bottle. Keep your throat open and relaxed to allow the drink to pass into your stomach. The vent hole created by the straw will force air into the bottle, propelling the beer to its final destination: your belly.


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