4 Ways to Know If You Are Drunk

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4 Ways to Know If You Are Drunk
4 Ways to Know If You Are Drunk

Any night of fun ends in confusion and a headache if one is not careful with alcohol. It's not always easy to know when you're drunk, especially when it comes together with factors such as tiredness and excitement. If this happens to you, keep an eye out for some common signs and take a practice test, and find out if you're at a point where you could get in trouble with Prohibition. Anyway, don't try to drive while intoxicated; in that case, ask for a Uber or a ride from someone who is sober.


Method 1 of 4: Finding Out If You Are Within Prohibition Boundaries

Know if You Are Drunk Step 1

Step 1. Count how many drinks you've had in the last few hours

Overall, it takes the body about an hour to metabolize a drink of alcohol the first three times and another 30 minutes to metabolize each drink from the bedroom. So you'll have to wait about 60 minutes for each drink to wear off and another 30 minutes for the fourth, fifth, and so on.

  • A beer drink is equivalent to 350 milliliters.
  • A drink of wine is equivalent to 150 milliliters.
  • A malt liquor drink ranges from 240 to 270 milliliters.
  • A spirit drink is equivalent to 45 ml (1 shot).


remember that it takes the body 30 minutes to feel the effects of alcohol. It's not because you're okay for now that you won't get drunk soon.

Know if You Are Drunk Step 2

Step 2. Use a virtual calculator to find out if you are within Prohibition limits

Open a virtual calculator and enter how much alcohol you've had, how much you weigh, and how long you've been drinking. She will estimate the alcohol content in your blood. Use this value to find out if you are in or out of Prohibition limits.

  • Use the Terra portal calculator to find out more about the subject:
  • Do not drive or be alone if you are beyond Prohibition limits. Stay where you are, hitchhike or call on friends.


in Brazil, the maximum amount of alcohol a person who is driving can have in their blood is 0.05 milligrams/liter. After that, the driver is subject to a fine of R$1,915, 40 and is not allowed to drive for one year.

Know if You Are Drunk Step 3

Step 3. If possible, use a breathalyzer

Many Brazilians fear the famous breathalyzer, but it can be a tremendous ally. To use it, place your lips on the mouthpiece and blow on it so the device will read your blood alcohol level and thus pinpoint whether or not it is within Prohibition limits.

  • You can buy a breathalyzer online or at drugstores for a wide range of prices, from less than R$100.00 to more than R$200.00.
  • Do not puff your face right before using the breathalyzer, or it will read wrongly.
Know if You Are Drunk Step 4

Step 4. Ride away if you think you're drunk

If you think you're drunk, you probably are. In that case, do not attempt to operate any vehicle or heavy equipment until you are sober again. It's better to ask a friend for Uber or a ride.

  • Being "cheerful" is almost the same thing as being drunk. Don't drive.
  • Don't put yourself and others at risk by driving while drunk.

Method 2 of 4: Taking a Practical Drunk Test

Know if You Are Drunk Step 5

Step 1. Take the "nose test"

Close your eyes and extend your arm forward, index finger pointed. Then bend your elbow and bring your finger to your nose. Try to touch the tip of it without looking. You could be drunk if you don't hit the crosshairs.

This test is not 100% effective. Some people are bad at coordinating even when they're sober

Know if You Are Drunk Step 6

Step 2. Take the walk and turn test

Stand up and take nine steps in a straight line. Finishing, rotate the body from one foot and repeat the process until you return to the starting point. You can be drunk if you can't line up your steps, have to use your arms for balance, stagger or fall.

  • You may not be drunk if you already have balance problems in your everyday life.
  • Do this test in a straight line painted on the floor so you know you're walking the same path all the time.
Know if You Are Drunk Step 7

Step 3. Try to stand on one leg

Stand up straight and lift one leg 6 inches off the floor while counting out loud for 30 seconds. You may be drunk if you can't balance, have to brace your foot, jump, or use your arms.

This method is also not 100% effective for those who have difficulty balancing even when sober

Method 3 of 4: Analyzing the Physical Signs of Inebriation

Know if You Are Drunk Step 8

Step 1. Stand up and walk a little to see if you are unstable

Take a few steps and see if you stagger or if you can walk with balance. You may be drunk if you become disoriented, cannot travel in a straight line, or feel that your surroundings are shifting.

  • You may also find it difficult to do anything, even going to the bathroom. This is a sure sign of drunkenness.
  • If you feel unsteady, stay seated or ask a friend to help you walk. Otherwise you might even get hurt.
Know if You Are Drunk Step 9

Step 2. See if you can stay focused on a task or conversation

Alcohol affects concentration and thus it is very difficult to focus on specific things. Try telling a story to a friend or reading a text on your cell phone. If you ramble on or forget what you're saying, you're probably drunk.

  • Try to retrace your steps all night: do you remember everything that happened? Can you think of specific details? Do you have a good sense of time? The lack of clarity is already a good sign of drunkenness.
  • Ask a friend or other trusted person for help if you can't pay the check, go to the bathroom, or the like.
Know if You Are Drunk Step 10

Step 3. Rest if you get sick or start vomiting

It's normal to get a little (or a lot) nauseous when you're drunk. Many people even vomit. If that's your case, sit down for a while and rest.

  • You're probably not drunk if you don't get sick.
  • Drink some water so you don't dehydrate and gradually improve.
Know if You Are Drunk Step 11

Step 4. Look in the mirror and see if your pupils are dilated

Depending on what you drink, your pupils will be quite dilated. Go to the bathroom or use the phone's front camera to see if that's the case.

You can also ask a friend to take a look at your pupils. Say "Are my pupils dilated?"

Know if You Are Drunk Step 12

Step 5. See if your pulse is racing

A drunk person's heart speeds up, but he breathes more slowly because alcohol has a depressant effect. Place your index and middle finger on your left wrist or on the side of your neck to take the test. If he's fast, it's because you're drunk.

  • If possible, have someone else measure your pulse.
  • If your pulse is racing, sit down and ask a friend for help. Drink plenty of water and eat something light to get sober faster.

Method 4 of 4: Identifying the Emotional Signs of Inebriation

Know if You Are Drunk Step 13

Step 1. Ask your friends if you are "finding yourself"

Because alcohol lowers inhibitions, drunk people tend to get overconfident. If so, you may end up wanting to show off your secret dance moves and talents - or even work up the courage to ask someone out or confess how you feel.

  • For example, even though you are shy, you may decide to dance at awkward moments or sing karaoke.
  • It's great to want to have fun, but don't put your safety at risk. Stay close to your sober friends and ask them not to let you do anything dangerous or unreasonable.
Know if You Are Drunk Step 14

Step 2. Pay attention to whether you are laughing or crying a lot

Reflect on whether you are very happy, excited or depressed, or if you are having a whirlwind of emotions, such as being happy one moment and sad the next. This is normal with drinkers.

  • For example, maybe you're dancing with friends, thinking it's the best night of your life, and suddenly start crying over something that happened last year.
  • Turn off your cell phone or ask a friend of yours to save it so you're not tempted to send messages to someone you shouldn't, like an ex.
Know if You Are Drunk Step 15

Step 3. Pay attention if you are talking to people you don't know

Because alcohol lowers inhibitions, you'll be bolder than usual-and, as a result, more likable and comfortable talking to strangers. Think about whether you're sharing secrets out there or suddenly making friends.

  • For example, maybe you tell a story about your family to a stranger.
  • Try to stay close to your friends or someone who can take care of you.
Know if You Are Drunk Step 16

Step 4. Pay attention if someone says they are talking loudly or curtsy

A drunk person also speaks louder than normal, even if he doesn't realize it. People around you may ask for silence or even cover their ears. The same goes for the tongue, which gets curled and creates a lot of confusion.

  • People might say something like "You're talking too loud", "Lower your voice" or "What do you mean?"
  • If people complain about the volume of your voice, try whispering until you're a little more sober.


If you think you're drunk, drink plenty of water so you don't dehydrate and reduce the effects of a hangover the next day


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