3 Ways to Avoid Drunkenness

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3 Ways to Avoid Drunkenness
3 Ways to Avoid Drunkenness

Getting drunk is easy. Drinking and staying sober, however, is much more challenging. If you want to stop drinking altogether or just practice moderation, there are several ways to restrict your drinking. The most important thing is to stay true to your convictions - if you don't want to get drunk, that's your decision and no one else's.


Method 1 of 3: Drinking Responsibly

Avoid Getting Drunk Step 1

Step 1. Drink only one alcoholic drink per hour

It can be a shot, a glass of beer, a glass of wine or a mixed drink. Regardless of which option you choose, try to drink only one every hour. This will keep you from getting drunk, as the liver, within an hour, is able to metabolize alcohol and extract it out of the system. If you stick to this schedule, you can drink socially and still stay sober.

Drink slowly. Try to enjoy the drink unhurriedly instead of turning the glass over

Avoid Getting Drunk Step 2

Step 2. Determine a night limit based on your alcohol tolerance

Set your limit early and stick to it. If you know you're going to get drunk after three glasses of beer, you'll need to space them out enough to avoid getting drunk. Each person handles alcohol differently, so there is no perfect number to follow. When in doubt, be aware that the recommended amounts are three drinks for men and two drinks for women.

  • Bring cash to the bar instead of using the card - this will force you to stop drinking when the money runs out.
  • Women get drunk faster than men due to physiological differences.
  • Generally speaking, the more weight you are, the more alcohol you can consume before getting drunk.
Avoid Getting Drunk Step 3

Step 3. Drink Consciously

Drink for the taste, not drunkenness. Savor both the taste and aroma of alcohol, rather than hastily downing it. Indulge in an expensive but extremely tasty drink, knowing that this will be the only one of the night. Whatever it is, enjoy its nuances slowly.

  • Bring the cup to your lips from time to time and tilt it. However, instead of drinking, just inhale the aroma.
  • Enjoy the drink as you swallow it. If it's not worth enjoying the taste, it's not worth drinking it.
  • All people have different levels of alcohol tolerance. So, drink of your own free will, not to taste something or to keep up with the people around you.
Avoid Getting Drunk Step 4

Step 4. Drink water before, during and after drinks

It is known that water helps with the absorption and breakdown of alcohol, as well as serving as something to drink before a new dose. Try to drink a glass of water before each drink - then move to a glass of water between them.

Drink the water slowly to increase the waiting time between alcoholic drinks

Avoid Getting Drunk Step 5

Step 5. Stop drinking and eat something

Food, contrary to popular belief, doesn't keep you from getting drunk. However, they can delay the time it takes for alcohol to affect your brain. Eating something also brings satiety, preventing you from having other drinks during this period.

Avoid Getting Drunk Step 6

Step 6. Make mixed drinks on your own, diluting the alcohol

When drinking, stick to mixed drinks that you can control. It is possible, for example, to use half a dose of a drink in place of a full dose and fill the rest with soda or a fruit mix. This helps keep you involved in the party, but prevents you from drinking too much in a short period of time.

Try a shandy, which is a light beer mixed with lemonade, to enjoy some alcohol responsibly

Avoid Getting Drunk Step 7

Step 7. Have company

Find out if a friend thinks about drinking the same amount as you without getting drunk. You can enjoy this mutual care, restricting each other if things are getting out of hand. Also, it's easier to stay sober if everyone around you is sober and your friend is on the same level as you..

Avoid Getting Drunk Step 8

Step 8. Know what you are drinking

Never accept drinks, especially at parties. While one drink per hour is generally a good measure, mixed drinks at home parties and events can vary widely in intensity levels. Furthermore, they are so sweet that the alcohol content is masked. If you find yourself in this situation, stick to beer, wine, or your own mixed drinks.

Do not mix different types of drinks

Method 2 of 3: Drinking Without Getting Drunk

Avoid Getting Drunk Step 9

Step 1. Make moderation your motto

Ultimately, if you drink alcohol, your body will feel the difference. After the substances enter the body, they will necessarily be filtered by the liver and reach the brain via the blood. Drinking responsibly is the best thing to do. Here are some tips.

Avoid Getting Drunk Step 10

Step 2. Eat fatty foods while drinking

Fat lessens the effects of alcohol, and this will cause the substance to be absorbed more slowly. Your heart won't be happy, but your brain will. Good options include

  • fast food
  • Nuts
  • Pizza
  • Milk derivatives, healthy or unhealthy, also help to contain the effects of alcohol.
Avoid Getting Drunk Step 11

Step 3. Eat a spoonful of yeast to lessen the effects of alcohol

A spoon of ferment that has been proven effective in the process. Simply mix some yeast in the water. Although the effects are not that great, they are able to lower blood alcohol levels between 20 and 30%.

  • This will keep your body from absorbing the alcohol, but it won't stop you from getting drunk.
  • Know, however, that the effectiveness of yeast in combating alcohol in the body is not yet a medical unanimity.
Avoid Getting Drunk Step 12

Step 4. Increase your alcohol tolerance over time

The more you drink in everyday life, the faster your body will get used to the substance. That means you'll need more and more amounts to get drunk, which means you can drink a little more before you start to feel the effects.

Due to a number of physical, mental and social side effects, it is not recommended that you only drink to increase tolerance. You can have health problems and become addicted quickly

Avoid Getting Drunk Step 13

Step 5. Dilute the drink

Add more water and less alcohol. You will continue to drink, but you will have less alcohol in your system (which will make you more sober). It's even possible to cut down on beer with lemonade.

Avoid Getting Drunk Step 14

Step 6. Drink a glass of milk before anything alcoholic in the middle of the night

Dairy products line the stomach and decrease the likelihood of alcohol absorption. Eventually it will, but it will give your liver more time to eliminate the excess.

  • Carbonated drinks can upset your stomach balance, so it might not work with beer or fizzy drinks.
  • Like many other Methods, there is still a scientific debate about effectiveness. However, popular accounts attest that milk causes the described result.

Method 3 of 3: Dealing With Peer Pressure

Avoid Getting Drunk Step 15

Step 1. Be confident in your decision not to drink

Alcohol is not for everyone and it is certainly not a “healthy living option”. So don't feel like you're straight or uninteresting just because you don't want to drink. Understanding your own reasons for not doing so will help you say no even in the most challenging cases.

  • If you've made a decision not to drink, no matter what the reason, stick with it. “Just a drink” is often the right recipe for an unpleasant night out.
  • You don't owe anyone explanations about your decision not to drink. Alcohol is a recreational drug, not a way or philosophy of life. If you don't want to drink, so be it.
Avoid Getting Drunk Step 16

Step 2. Avoid situations that normally result in drinking

Going to bars or home parties is like asking for new temptations, especially if you are trying to stop drinking or are someone easily suggestible. Give your friends alternative events, find new places to go and try to plan activities to do instead of just sitting at the table and drinking.#*You don't have to avoid all the people who drink. Instead, just make sure there isn't a strong drinking culture around you that would tempt you to drink or incite others to pressure you to “join the group”.

Let your close friends know early on that you're not drinking. Explain why and ask them to help you stay sober by staying by your side even before the party starts

Avoid Getting Drunk Step 17

Step 3. Learn to say 'no' quickly and confidently

When someone asks if you would like a drink, the best answer is a firm “No thanks”. While this may be enough, sometimes some people will continue to push for a reason or explanation, or they will ask you to drink with them. When the offer comes, you must give a quick, direct and honest "no". Remember to make direct eye contact and say your words clearly and firmly:

  • "I don't want to drink anymore, thank you very much."
  • "I'm driving tonight."
  • "I'm allergic to alcohol!" it's a fun and enjoyable way to break the ice during denial.
Avoid Getting Drunk Step 18

Step 4. Keep another drink in hand

This is often enough to convince others not to ask you to drink. It doesn't matter what drink it is - sodas and other bubbly options are great ways to suggest that you're drinking, but alcohol is not present.

  • Talk to the bartender in advance and let him know you won't be drinking alcohol. If you prefer, tip and say thank you for giving you soda and water.
  • If someone is incredibly persistent, take the drink and let it down. Once you've been with him, feel free to go out without drinking, and most people won't know that the glass was never refilled.
Avoid Getting Drunk Step 19

Step 5. Find activities other than just “getting drunk”

You'll likely drink a lot less when being in a place with distractions like food and games, like bowling, darts or pool, or going to a concert or concert. Also, drinks are much more likely to be sidelined if there is strong lighting, the place is not crowded, and you feel comfortable. If people have something to do or talk about, drinking will become a supporting activity rather than the main one.

Avoid Getting Drunk Step 20

Step 6. Leave the situation if the pressure is too great

If the constant insistence on drinking starts to ruin your night, it's time to go. Alcohol is not and should not be an activity in itself. If the only thing people are doing is getting drunk and they don't respect your decision to stay sober, you should leave.

Avoid Getting Drunk Step 21

Step 7. Find new ways to avoid temptation

If you know you're going to want to drink more than you should, implement some methods to remind yourself to stop. Bring to mind the reasons why you don't want to get drunk and think about why having a sober night is important to you. Some suggestions include:

  • Use the rubber band trick. Put an elastic band around your wrist. Whenever you are tempted to drink, snap the rubber band on your skin to remind yourself of your conscious decision not to.
  • Ask a friend to let you know when you've had enough. Maybe he's someone who doesn't drink or who can easily recognize his own limits and stop. Or, it could be a member of your family.
  • Distract yourself. Get up and dance, talk to someone for a while, or play pool.
  • If you stay away from alcohol, give yourself different rewards, like shopping at the mall, a favorite food, watching a movie, or calling a distant friend.


  • Educate yourself about the problems associated with alcohol. There are several educational sources online and at community centers that provide information about the problems and illnesses associated with alcohol abuse. Get some material and read it to help you stay sober.
  • If you use food as an excuse to drink more, you will end up drunk. Do not abuse this solution.
  • Avoid discussions about drinking habits, whether it's about who drinks the most or about your decision to stop. Not only are these tedious topics for conversation, they also draw attention to alcohol as a problem, as well as having the potential to increase competitiveness and prompt you to drink if the insistence increases too much. Instead, change the subject or take a quick bathroom break.


  • Buy your own non-alcoholic drinks if you don't trust friends or other people to do so. Even with good intentions, buying an alcoholic drink when you don't want to drink is unfair, as well as being a form of pressure.
  • If you have problems with addiction and alcoholism, take the time to get help.

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