How to Make a Jager Bomb: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Make a Jager Bomb: 6 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Make a Jager Bomb: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

The Jäger Bomb is a popular drink for starting parties. Its classic version involves a dose (45 ml) of Jägermeister and half a 250 ml Red Bull. Pour the dose into a highball glass and drink the contents while the drinks mix. Make a round of Jäger Bombs to get you and your friends started this party!


Method 1 of 2: Preparing the Drink

Make a Jager Bomb Step 1

Step 1. Cool the Jägermeister

Place the bottle in the refrigerator or freezer for at least half an hour before serving. The alcohol will not freeze, but will reach a pleasant serving temperature.

Make a Jager Bomb Step 2

Step 2. Place the Jägermeister in a dose cup

For the conventional Jäger Bomb you will need one dose: 45 ml. It is possible to prepare a mixture with more quantity, but it will also be necessary to use more Red Bull.

Make a Jager Bomb Step 4

Step 3. Pour half a can of Red Bull into a highball glass

This is the recipe for a traditional Jäger Bomb. Remember that a 250ml can of Red Bull contains 80mg of caffeine.

You can substitute Red Bull for other sugary or caffeinated beverages. Try other brands of energy drinks or even replace it with grape juice or fruit-based soft drinks

Method 2 of 2: Drinking the Jäger Bomb

Make a Jager Bomb Step 5

Step 1. Place the entire dose cup into the Red Bull cup

To comply with the "ritual", ask everyone to drop their glass at the same time and get ready to drink the Jäger Bomb. Give a toast or count down (3, 2… 1!) so everyone is together. Drop the dose immediately before drinking the drink.

Lower the dose into the cup directly above it. Doing this from a high point will increase the chances of breaking the glass or spilling the drink

Make a Jager Bomb Intro

Step 2. Drink the Jäger Bomb

Once you have placed the dose in the cup with Red Bull, lift it to your lips and drink the mixture. To complete the Jäger Bomb, take the entire contents of Red Bull with Jägermeister in the cup. Then put it back on the table or counter to show others that you are done.

Make a Jager Bomb Step 3

Step 3. Go slow

After drinking the Jäger Bomb, remain seated and wait until the effects reach the body. Alcohol and caffeine should produce a very unique stimulating effect, loved by many. Aware of this information, know that it is dangerous to consume excessive amounts of these two substances - especially when combined. The effect of caffeine can mask the depressive effects of alcohol, making it seem like a great idea to drink more than you should.

  • If you're still in your teens, try limiting your intake to up to 100 mg of caffeine a day. Avoid drinking more than one or two Jäger Bombs in the same night.
  • Know the signs of caffeine overdose. Some mild symptoms include tremor, restlessness, nervousness, fast heart rate, nausea, and anxiety. You may also experience heart palpitations, insomnia and sweating. Severe overdose can result in dizziness, vomiting and even cardiac arrest.


  • If you want to experiment, use an energy drink from another brand. For some people, the Red Bull drink is too sweet.
  • Rinse glasses immediately after taking the dose. Both drinks can get quite sticky and it will be more difficult to clean the glass if the sugary content remains in contact with the surface.


  • Never drive after drinking.
  • Do not try to lower the dose cup too high! You could end up splashing the drink all over the table.
  • Do not drink if you are in your teens or pregnant.

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