3 Ways to Drink Cointreau

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3 Ways to Drink Cointreau
3 Ways to Drink Cointreau

Cointreau is an original orange liqueur from France and remains one of the most common triple sec in the world. Some people even consider it a separate beverage category. Although Cointreau is often found in cocktail recipes, it is also often consumed as an aperitif (pre-meal drink) or digestive (post-meal). Because of its usefulness in various cocktails, its distinctive bittersweet flavor, and its reputation as one of the best triple sec brands, Cointreau remains one of the most popular ingredient beverages on the market today.


Method 1 of 3: Using Cointreau in a Cocktail

Drink Cointreau Step 1

Step 1. Make a classic cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan is one of the best known cocktails in the world. It has a cranberry sour flavor and uses Cointreau as its main ingredient. Start by mixing 45ml of vodka, 15ml of cranberry juice, 22ml of Cointreau and some lime juice in a shaker together with some ice cubes. Shake until chilled and strain the mixture using a special cocktail strainer. Add a slice of lime to garnish.

You can measure drinks using a measuring cup, but bartenders and people who love drinks use measurers. They are nothing more than two-sided metal cups used to measure ingredients. Mixers are better because each side measures the milliliters in different increments, but it's not necessary for making cocktails

Step 2. Make a margarita

Margarita is a refreshing and well-known drink that uses tequila as a base. Start by mixing 30ml of Cointreau in a shaker with 60ml of white tequila and 30ml of fresh lime juice. Shake everything in a shaker with ice until it reaches the desired temperature and strain the mixture, pouring into a whiskey glass. Garnish with a slice of lime.

  • Many restaurants and bars serve margaritas in a special glass for this drink. However, it is also normal to see margaritas served in whiskey or beer glasses.
  • Margaritas are often served in cups with a salt-covered rim. To do this in a glass, dip the rim of the glass into a bowl of some water, lemon or lime juice, and then roll it over a plate with salt.

Step 3. Make a Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced Tea is a popular cocktail known for blending various beverages yet being light and pleasant to drink. To start, pour 15ml gin, 15ml rum, 15ml tequila, 15ml vodka, 15ml Cointreau, 22ml lemon juice and two teaspoons of some simple syrup into a tall glass with ice. Fill the rest of the glass with cola soda and garnish with a lemon wedge.

Long Island Iced Teas are relatively strong in terms of alcohol content among other cocktails. Keep this in mind when consuming it. Do not drink more than one Long Island Iced Tea

Step 4. Make a Sidecar

Sidecar is a cocktail based on citrus fruits and brandy, a drink modest in structure, but unique in terms of complex flavours. Mix 60ml of brandy, 30ml of Cointreau and 22ml of fresh lemon juice in a shaker filled with ice. Shake for about 10 seconds and strain into a prepared glass. Garnish the glass with twisted orange or lemon peel.

You can cut a lemon or an orange into quarters, spread it around the edge of the glass, and dip the edge of it onto a plate with sugar if you want to sweeten the drink a little

Method 2 of 3: Drinking pure Cointreau

Step 1. Drink it on ice

Many people think Cointreau is too sweet, but this problem is easy to solve: ice it. Since Cointreau is 40% alcohol, you can drink it the same way you would a whiskey on ice. Just pour 30 ml of Cointreau into a cognac or whiskey glass with ice cubes.

Cointreau Noir, which is a version of Cointreau mixed with brandy, is often served this way

Step 2. Take it neat

Don't be intimidated by the high alcohol content or the habit of being used as an ingredient in cocktails. Cointreau has an incredibly sweet taste and many people enjoy it pure. Just pour 30 ml of Cointreau into a cognac or whiskey glass and enjoy this drink.

Pure Cointreau should be taken in sips. It's not meant to be taken quickly and its strong flavors will go down badly if you consume it too quickly

Step 3. Drink as an aperitif or digestive

An appetizer is a drink consumed before a meal, designed to stimulate the senses and prepare the appetite (as if it were a starter, such as bread, peanuts or other appetizers). The digestive is a drink consumed after a meal, designed to help the body digest food. Cointreau can be taken on its own or on ice, both as an aperitif and as a digestive.

Contrary to what you might think, some digestives can upset the stomach after a meal. If you tend to have digestive problems after eating tasty foods, it's best not to drink alcohol right after eating

Method 3 of 3: Trying New Things with Cointreau

Step 1. Create your own cocktail with Cointreau

Cointreau is not such a common drink in bars around the world for no reason. Its orange liqueur flavor ensures a good mix with various types of drinks, such as rum, brandy, bourbon and whiskey. If you have the standard utensils for making cocktails at home, then there's no reason not to take the opportunity to try new things using Cointreau, especially if you like the citrus flavor in your cocktails.

  • Any citrus fruit goes well as a Cointreau garnish, but an orange peel is a very common choice.
  • Since Cointreau is a sweet liquor, very sweet ingredients like cola or ginger beer can make the drink too sweet for some people.
Drink Cointreau Step 9

Step 2. Add Cointreau to existing cocktail recipes

Since many people think that Cointreau's strong flavor doesn't allow it to be the base drink of a cocktail, it often tastes good in small amounts along with drinks that taste good with a hint of orange or citrus, like a whiskey sour, a Irish coffee or a sangria. If you like Cointreau and like to try different drinks, feel free to experiment with it and add it to your favorite cocktail.

  • Since Cointreau is a triple sec brand, any recipe that has triple sec as an ingredient can be modified to include Cointreau. Warning: Cointreau is stronger than most triple secs.
  • Any drink that uses lemon or lime juice as the main ingredient (such as whiskey sour or Penicillin) can go well with the flavors that Cointreau brings, as it is drier than most triple secs and has complex citrus notes.
  • Because of its distinctive flavor, Cointreau can cut the nuances of some drinks. Avoid mixing it with drinks made to be taken straight (such as fine brandies and Scotch whiskeys).

Step 3. Mix it with a hot drink

Cointreau's citrus flavor goes well with certain hot beverages. For example, it is an ingredient in the recipe of several hot cider cocktails that contain rum and aromatic bitter liqueurs. There are also several variations of the hot toddy (or hot whiskey, a common winter drink) that takes Cointreau.

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