5 Ways to Drink Baileys Cream Liqueur

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5 Ways to Drink Baileys Cream Liqueur
5 Ways to Drink Baileys Cream Liqueur

Baileys liqueur is made with whiskey, sour cream and cocoa extract. Many people drink it unmixed and on ice or make mixed drinks, martinis and Irish coffee. Some like the liquor even with hot chocolate or milkshake. No matter how you use Baileys, it will be a great drink to have at the lounge bar.


Method 1 of 5: Making Mixed Doses

Drink Baileys Irish Cream Step 1

Step 1. Give the creamed coffee a citrus touch by making a B-52

The B-52 is a layered shot that starts with the densest liquid at the bottom of the glass. Add 15ml of Kahlua, then 15ml of Baileys and finally 15ml of Triple Sec (orange) to create a combination of coffee, cream and citrus flavors.

To be able to better form the layers, turn a spoon upside down and place into the dose cup. pour the drink over slowly on the bottom layer.

Step 2. Do a “Blow Job” if you want a creamy alcoholic drink

“Blow Job” takes Baileys liqueur and whipped cream. It's great for dairy lovers. Make this dose by pouring the drinks: no need to mix or blend in a blender. Start by putting 15ml of Amaretto into a shot glass, then add 6ml of Baileys. Top the drink with a good amount of whipped cream.

Tradition dictates that you take this dose without your hands. People should put their hands behind their backs and lift the glass with their mouths only

Step 3. Do a “Screaming Orgasm” if you want a dry but still sweet drink

Measure out 7ml of each of the following drinks: Baileys, Vodka, Amaretto and Kahlua. Put them in a shaker. Shake with ice until everything is well mixed and chilled. Strain and pour into a shot glass.

Method 2 of 5: Making Baileys Martinis

Step 1. Make a Baileys martini if ​​you want something classy

Mix 60 ml of Baileys with 7 ml of vodka. Shake with ice cubes in a shaker. Strain and pour into a chilled martini glass.

Step 2. Delight people who love coffee by making a white martini with Baileys

Place 6ml of Baileys, 30ml of espresso and 30ml of vodka in a shaker filled with ice cubes. Shake the mixture well until it is very cold. Strain and pour into a martini glass.

Step 3. Sweeten life with a chocolatini with Baileys

Fill a shaker with ice cubes and add 45ml of Baileys, 45ml of vanilla vodka and 7ml of chocolate liqueur. Shake everything up. Strain the drink and pour it into a martini glass.

If you like, garnish with chocolate chips

Drink Baileys Irish Cream Step 7

Step 4. Make a Baileys Jack Knife if you want a stronger martini

Make this strong drink by mixing 60ml of Baileys with 60ml of whiskey. Shake in a cocktail shaker until the drink is very cold. Strain and pour into a martini glass.

Method 3 of 5: Putting Baileys in Irish Coffee

Drink Baileys Irish Cream Step 8

Step 1. Make the coffee

Prefer to pass it strong, because it will be better in the drink. You can make it in the common coffee maker, in the Italian one or use a strainer. Instant coffee works too.

Step 2. Make your whipped cream

Place a cup of heavy cream and three tablespoons of Baileys in a metal bowl. Use an electric mixer to beat the two ingredients until peaks form in the cream.

Step 3. Mix whiskey, sugar and coffee

Take a tall glass and add:

  • 2 or 3 tablespoons of Irish whiskey (ideally an Irish one, but bourbon, whiskey, or rye will also work).
  • 1 tablespoon of brown sugar (white sugar will do, as well as honey, syrups or other sweeteners).
  • 1 cup of coffee, more or less. Leave a little more than 1 cm on the top of the glass to add the whipped cream.

Step 4. Finish the drink with the whipped cream

Cover the glass with a good amount of the Baileys whipped cream you prepared in step two.

Method 4 of 5: Using Baileys in Hot Chocolate

Step 1. Prepare the hot chocolate

You will put the Baileys at the end of the process, so you can make the chocolate however you like. Mix the cocoa, milk and sugar and heat it on the stove. Hot chocolate mixes will do, regardless of flavor.

Step 2. Add Baileys liquor

Add 60 ml to 100 ml of Baileys per cup of hot chocolate. Start by putting a little to see how it tastes and then add more if you like.

Step 3. Turn the fire back on

If Baileys is at room temperature it will not maintain the temperature of the chocolate, so it is best to heat the mixture for another minute or so. If you took the opened bottle of Baileys out of the fridge, heat it for another two or three minutes.

Step 4. Finish by decorating the chocolate

Place small marshmallows or whipped cream with chocolate chips on top of the hot chocolate for a special touch. If you want an even more elaborate ornament, try:

  • For some chocolate syrup.
  • Put a chocolate wafer on the whipped cream.
  • Serve with a cookie straw.

Method 5 of 5: Innovate with a Baileys Milkshake

Make Vanilla Syrup Step 12

Step 1. Choose the ice cream

Chocolate and vanilla are the most traditional ones, but feel free to let your creativity go. Choose flavors that match Baileys liqueur. For example, of course it would be good with coffee ice cream, but also try chocolate mint, peanuts, rum raisins, bonbons or cream ice cream with biscuits.

Drink Baileys Irish Cream Step 17

Step 2. Choose the other ingredients

Opt for flavors that will stick with Baileys, like chocolate, citrus or Amaretto. Below are some things you can add:

  • Caramel, chocolate or liqueur syrups or toppings for ice cream.
  • Fresh fruits such as bananas, peaches or strawberries.
  • Peanuts, walnuts or almonds.

Step 3. Blend the ice cream, Baileys and other ingredients in a blender until you reach the desired consistency

If you're making just one serving of milkshake, measure out a cup of ice cream, 60ml of Baileys and 15ml of milk in a blender.

  • If you want a thicker milkshake, put in less milk.
  • If you want it to be more liquid, increase the amount of milk.

Step 4. Garnish with whipped cream

Use a canned ready-made or make a Baileys version at home by mixing a cup of heavy cream and three tablespoons of Baileys in a metal bowl. Beat with an electric mixer until cream is firm.

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