3 Ways to Feel Drunk Without Drinking

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3 Ways to Feel Drunk Without Drinking
3 Ways to Feel Drunk Without Drinking

Many people like the feeling of drinking alcohol. Drinking lowers inhibitions because it causes the brain to release dopamine, the neurotransmitter that brings happiness - and who doesn't like to be happy? However, drinking alcoholic beverages also causes many problems, such as physical and emotional side effects. Furthermore, not everyone has access to alcohol. Luckily, there are several ways to go “crazy” without ingesting a drop. Try the tips below and see what happens.


Method 1 of 3: Living an Adventure

Feel Drunk Without Drinking Step 1

Step 1. Go to the gym or local park

Exercising is one of the most popular ways to get drunk without drinking. Do aerobic exercise to release endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. These neurotransmitters can create a feeling of euphoria - similar to a drinker.

Exercising regularly also creates a longer lasting effect on the body. Choose the best option for you: if you're more sociable, sign up for a group class such as zumba or yoga; if you are more shy, run alone

Feel Drunk Without Drinking Step 2

Step 2. Bungee jumping

Many people like the feeling that extreme sports bring to the body. There are several options for those who want something more extreme without having to drink, like skydiving or something like that. These activities have a major impact on mental status and physical health.

Find local groups who are also adventurous. It is not difficult to find people who go on excursions to practice mountain climbing or hang gliding. The cost can be lower and you will end up making friends with people with the same interests

Feel Drunk Without Drinking Step 3

Step 3. Fall in love

Everyone who has ever been in love knows that sensations are maddening. Being in love can affect the human brain in the same way as alcohol and drugs. When we like someone, dopamine levels rise and create the feeling of euphoria, in addition to lowering inhibitions, increasing generosity and reducing stress.

Feel Drunk Without Drinking Step 4

Step 4. Explore nature

Have you ever felt like you were someone else when you were traveling? That's probably because we often go elsewhere when we're on vacation – in most cases, fleeing the urban environment. When we're at the beach or out in nature, the brain begins to process information differently: sounds are louder, colors more vibrant, and the air different (the same as when you're drunk). Get out of town!

Feel Drunk Without Drinking Step 5

Step 5. Ride the roller coaster

The local amusement park can also be the ideal place for you to get the sensations you want so much. Ride the newest toy or opt for something more traditional that gets your heart racing. The roller coaster is excellent for this purpose, as it leaves everyone dizzy and disoriented - and ready for the next one!

Method 2 of 3: Using Your Imagination

Feel Drunk Without Drinking Step 6

Step 1. Listen to music

Music causes mental, physical and emotional reactions, whether we hear something that reminds us of adolescence, the theme of our wedding or a classic track that everyone in the family likes. Certain tracks transport the listener to different times and places. In other words, they take you out of reality. Music has the power to lead to euphoria and it's a very personal experience.

Feel Drunk Without Drinking Step 7

Step 2. Project your inner child

Do you want to get dizzy and disoriented? Children are masters at this! Think back to your childhood: remember that invigorating feeling of spinning and spinning until you drop? Try this now! Do somersaults, go to the park with friends, roll downhill or play on the seesaw.

Feel Drunk Without Drinking Step 8

Step 3. Scare yourself

Fear generates sensations that are the same as being drunk, one of the most common factors being loss of control. If you're responsible, this feeling can boost your adrenaline and excitement levels. Also, once the brain understands that you're not in danger, it generates new reactions, like dizziness-that is, it's worth it.

You can be scared in a number of ways: read a book or watch a horror movie or (better yet) call your friends to camp in a secluded spot and see who can tell the scariest story of all

Feel Drunk Without Drinking Step 9

Step 4. Stay up late

Going groggy is one of the most common reactions to alcohol consumption. This is exactly what will happen if you manage not to sleep late. Read something or watch television to force yourself to keep your eyes open to get sleep-drunk. Just don't do this if you have an important appointment the next day, like class or work.

Feel Drunk Without Drinking Step 10

Step 5. Have coffee or another caffeinated beverage

This substance generates an emotional reaction similar to someone who is drunk, in addition to making the person talk and socialize more. Just be careful not to overdo it, as caffeine can affect your mental and physical health.

Method 3 of 3: Understanding the Feeling of Being Drunk

Feel Drunk Without Drinking Step 11

Step 1. Change your mood

Drinking always affects mood - sometimes in a positive way; others negative. Alcohol causes chemical reactions in the brain and creates a chain effect. Therefore, it is not even necessary to get drunk to feel the effects. Among the positive changes are happiness, disorientation and excitement. On the negative side of the spectrum are loneliness and anxiety.

Feel Drunk Without Drinking Step 12

Step 2. Change your behavior

People act weird when they're drunk. When brain chemicals have new reactions, it's also normal to change your attitude, like making someone who is shy more sociable. These side effects also make anyone more relaxed and confident or reclusive and even angry.

Feel Drunk Without Drinking Step 13

Step 3. Feel the physical differences

When we feel like we're drinking, we even experience physical reactions like getting sleepy or groggy. People also get dizzy when they drink. Your vision may be blurred and you may have difficulty balancing. In general, the body becomes lethargic.

Feel Drunk Without Drinking Step 14

Step 4. Experience new sensations

People like to feel a buzz when they know something new and interesting. This is a lot of fun, as long as you're careful not to overdo it and keep abreast of your surroundings.


Call your friends to join you! It's much more fun to try new things with other people - after all, laughter also makes the human being “crazy”


  • Be careful when doing new physical activities. Know your limits well and stop if you get dizzy or disoriented or have any negative symptoms.
  • Be careful when using caffeine as a stimulant and don't try to get “dizzy” for any reason.

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