How to Make Starbucks Coffee: 12 Steps

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How to Make Starbucks Coffee: 12 Steps
How to Make Starbucks Coffee: 12 Steps

If you've ever wanted to imitate the delicious flavor of Starbucks coffee, know that all you need are ingredients you probably already have at home. Follow these simple steps and you will feel inside this famous coffee shop without having to leave your home.


Part 1 of 3: Getting Started with Starbucks Four Fundamentals

Make Starbucks Coffee Step 1

Step 1. Use the correct proportion of water and coffee

At Starbucks, they use 2 tablespoons (or 10 grams of ground coffee) for every 180 ml of water.

A Starbucks Education Team member says, "Few coffee beans make a bitter coffee. Lots of coffee beans make a drink that doesn't taste right in the mix."

Make Starbucks Coffee Step 2

Step 2. Choose a good grinding method

It is assumed here that you will be grinding your own coffee. If you want your coffee to taste the same as Starbucks, don't buy pre-ground coffee. Grind yourself just before ironing to make it as fresh as possible.

  • The beans should have a certain grammage (size after grinding) depending on the preparation method (see part 2). If you are going to put water on top of the coffee, it has to be very fine (like sugar); the traditional percolator coffee is better with medium weight (like salt) and professional coffeemakers, ask for a thicker weight.
  • Overground coffee tastes much worse than coffee that has not been ground coarsely, so when in doubt, grind less.
  • To make the coffee look like Starbucks, use the packages available for purchase at the coffee shop.
Make Starbucks Coffee Step 3

Step 3. Use quality water

This may sound cool, because water is water, right? Wrong. To make Starbucks-quality coffee, use fresh, filtered water, free of impurities. Also, heat the water until it almost boils, between 90 and 96 ºC.

Make Starbucks Coffee Step 4

Step 4. Use fresh coffee

As stated in Step 3, it is important that the coffee is fresh. That is, you should grind it at home right before making the drink (keep the whole coffee beans in an airtight pot as well).

Do not leave coffee in the fridge or freezer, even if it is in an airtight pot. Another Starbucks educator says that appliances "are not coffee friends, they are enemies." The reason is that, when it stays in the fridge, the coffee develops moisture, which spoils its flavor

Part 2 of 3: Choosing the Preparation Method

Make Starbucks Coffee Step 5

Step 1. Choose the Preparation Method that is right for you

Following Starbucks four cooking fundamentals, now is the time to choose how to cook. There are three general methods at Starbucks (technically there are four, but two of them are just a different version of the same thing). They are: Italian coffee maker, common coffee maker and strainer (which can be hot or cold).

Make Starbucks Coffee Step 6

Step 2. Use the Italian coffee maker

The Italian coffee maker is the method most used by coffee specialists, as it is believed to be the most efficient in maintaining the true flavor of the beans.

  • The Italian coffee maker calls for more coarsely ground beans, so try to make the beans the same weight as the salt.
  • Fill the coffee maker with ground coffee, then put the hot water (just before boiling) over the powder and cover it completely.
  • Put the piston back in the coffeemaker, but wait four minutes before pressing, allowing time for the coffee to pass. After pressing the piston, enjoy your coffee!
Make Starbucks Coffee Step 7

Step 3. Use a traditional strainer coffee maker

This is probably the most convenient method of making coffee. You can make several cups of coffee at once and quickly. If you grind it right, use quality beans and pure water, you can make a coffee that the Italian coffee maker would envy.

  • For flat-bottom strainers, leave the coffee at medium weight, equal to the salt, the same way you use it for the Italian coffee maker. Cone-shaped strainers are better with thin weight.
  • After grinding, measure out the coffee (2 tablespoons for every 180 ml of water); turn on the coffee maker.
  • While it's tempting to leave coffee ready for later, if you want a Starbucks-quality drink, just brew the coffee you're going to drink now. Do not use coffee again, or you will lose most of its flavor.
Make Starbucks Coffee Step 8

Step 4. Use the strainer method

Another method used by Starbucks, but which few people know, is the strainer, which can be done hot or cold. Just make one cup of coffee and make it look fabulous.

  • Boil the water, not forgetting the proportion of 2 tablespoons for every 180 ml, but add a little more water. This extra is for moistening the filter.
  • As soon as the water has been boiled and the filter has been moistened, grind the coffee very finely, in the same way as in the previous method.
  • Once the coffee is ground and inside the filter, pour in the hot water, but pause once it is halfway through. This allows the coffee to be completely and entirely taken up by the water, which develops the flavor.
  • After pausing, pour in the rest of the water making small circles to distribute it evenly. In about three minutes the coffee will be ready.
  • To make iced coffee, pour the finished coffee over ice, let it cool and serve.

Part 3 of 3: Serving the Coffee

Make Starbucks Coffee Step 9

Step 1. Change the coffee pot

Now that you've brewed coffee according to Starbucks Four Fundamentals and used one of the methods listed, pour the beverage into a cup or mug; but if you want to feel inside this famous coffee shop, put it in a paper cup with a protector and write your name wrong on the outside.

Make Starbucks Coffee Step 10

Step 2. Sweeten and give it a special touch

Add a little syrup or a natural/artificial sweetener to the coffee, depending on your preferences, and mix well. If you want it to really look like Starbucks, grab a few packets of your favorite sweetener the next time you go there and use it in your cafe at home.

Or maybe you're brave and like straight coffee. If so, you can drink now

Make Starbucks Coffee Step 11

Step 3. Add some milk or cream and stir

To know if you are putting too much, check the coffee color: the lighter it is, the more milk there is in it.

There is no “right” way to do this, as this submission is up to the drinker, whether done by a professional or by yourself

Make Starbucks Coffee Step 12

Step 4. Wait for it to cool down a bit and enjoy


  • For other more complex drinks, such as espressos, lattes, etc., you'll have to follow more procedures to make them look like Starbucks.
  • Only brew coffee for immediate consumption. Do not reclaim it.

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