How to Place an Order at Starbucks (with Pictures)

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How to Place an Order at Starbucks (with Pictures)
How to Place an Order at Starbucks (with Pictures)

Placing an order at Starbucks isn't easy for those who don't know much about coffee or for those who aren't used to frequenting the chain's stores. Nothing that a little more information about how coffee is made cannot solve. After reading this article, it will be easy to order what you want the next time you visit Starbucks.


Part 1 of 2: Customizing Your Drink

Order at Starbucks Step 1

Step 1. Let your desires speak louder

To order a drink you like, it's important to know what you want. Starbucks doesn't just offer coffee; in fact, the chain offers a huge variety of teas, shakes and chocolates, with hot and cold drinks. Do you want a drink to ward off the cold or something more refreshing? A light drink with sophisticated floral touches or one to quench the craving for ice cream and caramel?

  • When in doubt, talk to the attendants. They can make suggestions according to your preferences.
  • Do you want something warm, cold, sweeter or with a milder taste? How much caffeine do you want in your drink?
Order at Starbucks Step 2

Step 2. Choose your drink size

Starbucks is famous for having a unique nomenclature for sizes. Tall comes with 300 ml, Grande with 400 ml and Venti with 500 ml. There are stores that offer the Trenta size, which contains almost a liter of drink (900 ml).

  • Tall is made with a shot of espresso. The Grande is made with a double dose of espresso. Finally, Venti is created with a triple dose of espresso.
  • If you want more espresso than the cup you ordered contains, just order extra shots. They will be charged separately, but at least you'll be satisfied without having to keep measuring cups.
Order at Starbucks Step 3

Step 3. Add a little more flavor

It doesn't matter if you're ordering coffee, tea or another drink - you can add syrups (syrups) of different flavors to your drink. It will be charged separately, unlike sugar, which is free.

  • If you're a little lost in choosing the flavor, ask the attendant which are the most requested. There are dozens of options. Don't just stick to "sweetened" or "sugar free."
  • Some of the favorite flavors of customers are vanilla, caramel and hazelnut. All of these flavors have sugar-free versions. Therefore, you can increase the flavor of your drink without going off the diet.
  • Ask the attendant what the season tastes like. It is common to see syrups with special flavors to mark different times of the year. In summer, for example, the coconut flavor comes out a lot.
Order at Starbucks Step 4

Step 4. Choose the base of the drink

Some drinks are milk-based, while others are water-based. Make your preference clear when ordering. You can usually choose between skim milk, soy milk or a more personalized mix. There are stores that even offer almond or coconut milk.

  • You can ask to heat or freeze any drink, and many coffees are blended in a blender. If you want to change your drink, you will have to change its base as well. For example, beaten coffee has to be made with milk and not water to achieve the right consistency.
  • When milk boils, its surface is covered with a layer of foam. It's like a layer of whipped cream on top of your drink. If you are a fan of sparkling drinks, you can ask for more foam. If you don't like it, ask without.
Order at Starbucks Step 5

Step 5. See how much caffeine you want

Espresso and regular coffee come with caffeine, as do black and green tea. If you want less caffeine in your drink, order a decaffeinated or semi-decaffeinated beverage. You can also increase the doses of espresso in your drink.

Part 2 of 2: Choosing a Drink

Order at Starbucks Step 6

Step 1. Order a regular coffee

It comes in many different flavors. Most of the chain's stores grind different types of coffee during the day. Plus, it's the most affordable and easy-to-order item on the menu.

Order at Starbucks Step 7

Step 2. Try a latte

Latte is made like espresso, but with doses of frothy milk. You can add any flavor to this drink, while any type of milk can be used in making it. Lattes can be served hot or cold.

Order at Starbucks Step 8

Step 3. Try an American

It is one of the favorite drinks of coffee lovers, as the flavor of the espresso in it is very accentuated. The American is made with just water and espresso, and comes with an extra dose that other drinks don't have. You can add cream and sugar to taste, as well as any flavor you like.

Order at Starbucks Step 9

Step 4. Try a cappuccino

It's a little reminiscent of latte, as it's made only with steamed milk and espresso coffee. The difference is that most cappuccino is made with steamed milk. This means that your drink will be light and fluffy, with a different texture than liquid. When ordering one, order the cappuccino “wet” (without too much foam) or “dry” (with a lot of foam). Add any flavor you want or change the sugar content if you prefer.

Order at Starbucks Step 10

Step 5. Order a caramel macchiato

Macchiato means “marked” in Italian. In this drink, the espresso coffee is placed on top, not mixed. It is made with vanilla syrup, sparkling milk, espresso coffee and caramel.

Order at Starbucks Step 11

Step 6. Try a mocha

Mochas are like lattes (milk and espresso) with added chocolate. There are also milk chocolate and white chocolate mochas. The first one is creamier, while the second one is sweeter. Mochas are made without any foam. So, if you're a fan of foam, ask the attendant to put an extra dose on top of your mocha.

Order at Starbucks Step 12

Step 7. Try a house specialty espresso

It usually comes macchiato style with plenty of foam or cream in place of milk.

Order at Starbucks Step 13

Step 8. Order some tea

If you're not a coffee fan, you can order one of the many teas offered. There are teas made from water and others made from milk. For example, chai (cinnamon tea) and London fog (earl gray tea with vanilla). No matter which tea you choose, you can always ask to use water or milk in the preparation and whether it is to serve the drink hot or cold.

Order at Starbucks Step 14

Step 9. Try a frappuccino

Frappuccinos are drinks mixed with coffee. The network offers several types of frappuccino. It is worth asking the attendant what options the house has if they are not on the menu. There are frappucinos that don't take any coffee at all; the strawberry frapuccino with cream is one of them. They usually come with chocolate or caramel on top of the cream.

Order at Starbucks Step 15

Step 10. Try other beverages that do not include coffee in the preparation

If you're not interested in coffee or tea, no problem - there are plenty of other beverages available at Starbucks. Hot chocolate, hot milk with different flavors, etc. You can also ask to make your own smoothie (type of cold beat).

Order at Starbucks Step 16

Step 11. Order your drink

Once you've made up your mind, place your order. Start with the size of the drink, its name and then the adjustments you want. For example, "great chai latte tea with extra foam." Don't be afraid to give directions to serve you what you want!


  • Only place your order after finding what you want. Check if what you were served matches what you ordered.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help if you don't understand something.
  • To take now? They will serve your drinks in real glass cups instead of paper if you ask. Just say "To drink here" when ordering. (Only in some stores.)

  • When ordering a drink that has whipped cream by default, such as a Mocha, and ordering skimmed milk, be sure to specify whether or not you want the whipped cream.
  • Avoid using your cell phone while ordering; This is not polite.
  • Be aware that people will pick up any drinks advertised. Keep your receipt in case you need your drink refilled.
  • If you want to try something to see if it's worth it, ask if you can have a small sample of the product.
  • Starbucks sells some ready-made drinks, depending on the location. Check out the same shelves where some of the ready-made snacks are.
  • Try a menu item to accompany your drink.

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