3 Ways to Burp

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3 Ways to Burp
3 Ways to Burp

A burp, also medically known as “belching,” is the body's way of releasing small amounts of air that are swallowed during eating and drinking. Learning to conjure up monstrous massive burps at any time is a great way to amuse your friends. On the one hand, if you are attending a wedding or funeral in the future, it would be smart to master the art of silent burping. Keep reading for great burping tips!


Method 1 of 3: Very Big Burps

Burp Step 1

Step 1. Fuel the belch

Any good burp starts with a good meal. For big burping, you will need to make your stomach very active. Eat and drink your meal as quickly as possible, taking big bites - you'll be gulping more air.

  • Carbonated water, Coca-Cola, beer, and any other carbonated drink with a lot of fizz are great choices. The bubbles in these drinks release carbon dioxide. The faster you drink, the faster carbon dioxide will reach your stomach. For even better results, drink from a straw - you won't lose carbon dioxide to the air.
  • If you're up to it, "turn" the drink - that is, drink the entire contents in one gulp.
  • The gas from a large belch will contain gases from the food you eat. For truly terrifying odor combinations, experiment with different foods!
Burp Step 2

Step 2. Stand up straight

If you can't stay upright, at least stay seated. If your back is not straight, the contents in your stomach will not be guided by your gas to the top of your stomach, preventing it from being released down your throat.

Burp Step 3

Step 3. Move

Jump up and down or do some jumping jacks. This will churn the gas in your stomach. If you've had any carbonated beverage, it will make it bubble and release gas - as if you were shaking a soda can.

Be aware that exercising on a full stomach can cause nausea. Don't jump too crazy - belching is fun, but projecting vomit isn't

Burp Step 4

Step 4. When you feel a burp coming on, open your mouth and tilt your head back

Prepare your abdominal muscles - in the next step, you will use them.

Keeping your mouth open does two things. First, it makes you look more disgusting. Second, the cave-like acoustics of an open mouth will make the burp louder (see: How to Burp Loudly

Burp Step 5

Step 5. When belching, squeeze your stomach muscles

This may take some practice. The object is to contract your stomach like a bellows to force the belch out all at once. Use your diaphragm and abdominal muscles to push firmly (but not violently). If you do it correctly, you will end up emitting a loud “bark”. Practice until you feel comfortable with this Step.

For longer burps, try releasing the gas gradually, with less force. It can be difficult to strike a precise balance. Push too much and your burp will be short, Push too softly and your burp will die

Method 2 of 3: Instant Burping

Burp Step 6

Step 1. Start filling your lungs with air

You don't need to take a huge breath - just breathe normally. Instead of gulping air with food, you'll perform this technique by gulping air directly from your lungs.

Burp Step 7

Step 2. Close your mouth and pinch your nose

You want to make sure it's impossible to inhale any additional air. Don't suffocate - if you feel a desperate urge to breathe, do so. Do you really want to be remembered for being the man/woman who passed out trying to burp?

Burp Step 8

Step 3. Exhale into your mouth - then swallow the exhaled breath with saliva

This will likely take some practice. Try to swallow as if you were eating a piece of food. Feel your gulps of air traveling up your esophagus. Effectively, you are transferring air from your lungs to your stomach, which at some point can escape from your body through your throat in the form of a belch.

Burp Step 9

Step 4. Repeat the exhale-swallow step several times

As you try to swallow, place the tip of your tongue at the back of your throat. You will swallow more air. Then try to burp normally. This part can be difficult for beginners. When you are starting out, it may be necessary to “force” the burping. Practice gulping air until you master the technique. Soon, you will be able to modify its characteristics to your liking.

Burp Step 10

Step 5. When belching, squeeze your stomach muscles

This may take some practice. The object is to contract your stomach like a bellows to force the belch out all at once. Use your diaphragm and abdominal muscles to push firmly (but not violently). If you do it correctly, you will end up emitting a loud “bark”.

Method 3 of 3: The Delicate Burp Like a Flower

Burp Step 11

Step 1. Eat a delicate meal

This burping technique is used when you need to burp but want to do it as quietly as possible-vital for high-end, expensive dinners. This step is preventative - small amounts of food and drink mean less burping.

Search wikiHow on the subject to find other articles with different techniques

Burp Step 12

Step 2. When you need to burp, close your mouth

Even if you do this method incorrectly, a closed mouth will drown out the sound of what could be a loud belch.

Burp Step 13

Step 3. Allow the gas to exit through the nose

Burps that escape through the nose are almost completely silent. This is because they do not vibrate the upper esophageal sphincter, like a burping from the mouth. The sound produced will be like a normal exhalation through the nose, although the odor may remain.

Try to keep your nasal cavities clean beforehand - otherwise your burping will have nowhere to go

Burp Step 14

Step 4. Keep your hand to your nose so that the released air dissipates against it

Doing so will help your burping be as subtle as possible - unless the odor makes you pass out.

Burp Step 15

Step 5. Alternatively, try burping in your closed mouth

Covering your mouth with your hands or a clenched fist will further muffle the burping sound. When you burp, open your mouth and allow the gas to dissipate.

Faking a yawn can be a great excuse to open your mouth


  • In some countries, belching after a meal is polite – it would be a way of expressing to the chef that the meal was great. Elsewhere, this is rude. If you're traveling the world, talk to a local or seasoned traveler before burping at any expensive restaurant.
  • Burping can smell like food consumed. Experiment with different combinations to create potential new disgusting odors.
  • This may not work for everyone - however, if you don't have any gas nearby or in your throat, try yawning!
  • Don't force the belch out too much, or you'll feel more. Sometimes the belch takes a while to come - be patient.


  • People who hear your burp should be the type who doesn't find it offensive. If you're really careless, you could end up ruining a first date with a disgusting burp. Control yourself.
  • Excessive belching, especially accompanied by other symptoms, can indicate certain medical problems. If you are constantly belching while experiencing any of the following symptoms, talk to your doctor:

    • Pains.
    • Burns.
    • Weight loss.
    • Nausea.
    • Loss of appetite.

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