3 Ways to Eat Various Types of Noodles

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3 Ways to Eat Various Types of Noodles
3 Ways to Eat Various Types of Noodles

Who doesn't love pasta? The hard part is eating it the right way without making a mess. As for making noise while eating, don't worry; this is allowed in many cultures.


Method 1 of 3: Eating Noodles with Utensils

Eat Noodles Step 1

Step 1. Eat pasta like an Italian

Italians eat pasta by rolling it on a fork and creating a small nest with the dough. Different cultures have different ways of eating noodles.

  • Italians wrap the pasta on a fork to capture other ingredients mixed in the dish, such as walnuts or capers. This method works with more pasta dishes than spaghetti.
  • Traditionally, it's common to see Italians using forks and spoons to roll up pasta. While this practice is technically not wrong, the current trend is to use only the fork. Why use both?
Eat Noodles Step 2

Step 2. Roll or cut your spaghetti

Spaghetti noodles can be slippery, so what's the best way to eat them without making a mess of your plate?

  • Wrap the noodles around the tines of the fork. At the same time, rest the tip of the fork against the side or bottom of the plate. Some people rotate the fork on the spoon, while others prefer to use only the fork.
  • If using a fork and spoon, hold the spoon in your left hand and the fork in your right. Stick your fork through the noodles until you reach the spoon on the other side. Hold the spoon firmly and rotate the fork until no strings are hanging. Then bring the fork to your mouth.
  • You can also cut the noodles into small pieces using a fork or knife, which will make it easier to eat with a fork or spoon. Many people serve children's spaghetti this way.
Eat Noodles Step 3

Step 3. Use spoon and fork to eat noodle soup

In countries like Thailand and Japan, noodles are served with a fork and a tablespoon.

  • Lift the pasta with your fork and roll it or hold it against the spoon before bringing it to your mouth.
  • One utensil will serve as a guide, and the other will hold the noodle so it can be lifted.

Method 2 of 3: Eating Noodle Soup

Eat Noodles Step 4

Step 1. Eat noodle soup

It is necessary to use both hands when eating pasta in this way.

  • To eat noodle soup, hold the chopsticks in one hand and the soup spoon in the other. Fill the broth spoon and lift the noodles with the chopsticks.
  • Then place the noodles on the spoon, using it to eat the noodles and broth at the same time and using the chopsticks to guide the food to the mouth.
Make Noodles a Healthy Food Step 7

Step 2. Use chopsticks to eat noodle soup

Some Chinese eat noodle soup using chopsticks to lift the noodles to their mouths, then taking only the broth with a spoon.

  • First, separate the chopsticks. With your dominant hand, hold the thin end of the chopstick like a pencil. You should hold the chopstick in such a way that only 2.5 cm of the thickest end is protruding from the part between your index finger and thumb.
  • This is the bottom chopstick, which doesn't move while the other is manipulated between finger and thumb to secure the noodles.
  • The same process is used to eat noodles without soup. In Asian countries like China, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand, people use chopsticks to lift the noodles and place them in a large spoon, then eat the contents.
Eat Noodles Step 5

Step 3. Don't worry and make noise while eating noodle soup

Depending on the culture, this is allowed. Within some Asian cultures, making noise while eating noodle soup is not considered impolite. However, in some countries this practice is not so normal (such as in Thailand).

  • In some countries, such as Japan, drinking soup broth from the bowl itself is also considered normal.
  • Even eating noodles while making noise is practical - the air sucked in during the gesture cools the hot soup before it reaches your mouth.

Method 3 of 3: Eating ramen and ramen

Eat Noodles Step 6

Step 1. Eat noodles correctly

Noodles are an essential food for students, as it is cheap and easy to prepare, in addition to being delicious. There is also a correct way to eat it.

  • Using a pair of chopsticks, remove a small amount of noodles from the bowl. The amount must be less than what you intend to eat.
  • Lift the noodles. You must separate it from the other ingredients in the bowl. Dip it again in the broth to flavor and then bring it to your mouth, making a "beak" with your lips as if you were going to drink something hot.
  • Suck the noodles. Then eat some of the ingredients in the bowl. For example, eat some meat and drink a spoonful of broth.
Eat Noodles Step 7

Step 2. Eat the noodles quickly

The ramen and ramen should be eaten in less than five minutes, as they thicken if left in the broth for too long.

  • In some cultures, the cook may be offended if you make no noise while eating the noodles. The noise is a sign that you have enjoyed your meal.
  • You won't be able to eat and will make a mess if you get too much noodles at once. Remember that ramen noodles are lighter and thinner than other types.


Avoid leaving pasta hanging in your mouth. Try getting everything into your mouth at once. This is easier to do if the noodles are rolled


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