How to Use a Nespresso Coffee Maker (with Pictures)

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How to Use a Nespresso Coffee Maker (with Pictures)
How to Use a Nespresso Coffee Maker (with Pictures)

Nespresso coffeemakers are a convenient and quick way to make a cup of coffee. Once you buy your coffee maker, you will have to buy and insert small coffee pods for Nespresso to use to make a very hot espresso or a full mug of coffee. Using these coffeemakers simplifies life and significantly reduces the cost of coffee, but only if you know how to use them the right way. See how to fill the water tank, insert the capsules and let the machine do the rest of the work!


Method 1 of 2: Making Coffee with Nespresso

Use Nespresso Step 1

Step 1. Fill the water tank at least halfway

Even if you only need the amount of water that the capsule will use, having more water than that in the reservoir reduces the risk of burning the ground coffee. Use filtered or bottled drinking water. Using quality water makes a good base for your coffee.

Use Nespresso Step 2

Step 2. Turn on Nespresso

Depending on the model, there will be a button somewhere on the front or on top of the machine to turn it on. Give Nespresso time to preheat by waiting a few seconds until the flashing light stays on continuously. On the Pixie model, wait 25 seconds.

  • On Pixie, the power button is on the back of the top component, on Essenza it is on the front of the machine.
  • If you are having difficulty finding the button, consult your Nespresso manual. It will have a diagram showing where the most important buttons and features are.
Use Nespresso Step 3

Step 3. Place a cup of the appropriate size below the area where the coffee comes out

Different machines will have different recommended sizes. There are adjustments and buttons to change the cup size. Sizes range from a small espresso serving cup to a full mug. Decide what size you want to make and put the cup on the platform.

  • The recommended sizes for your model will be listed in your Nespresso manual.
  • If you are going to make large cups or your machine is small, you may have to lift or disconnect the platform for the cup to fit.
Use Nespresso Step 4

Step 4. Open the capsule compartment

Some machines have levers, others have a protruding head, so look for the correct spot. Consult your coffeemaker's manual if you are having difficulty finding where to put the capsule. The Pixie has a simple lever that lifts to expose the compartment.

Use Nespresso Step 5

Step 5. Place the chosen Nespresso capsule in the machine and close the lid

Machines vary in the correct placement of the capsule, but generally you should place it on its side or upright with the logo facing up. Close the lid or lower the lever to lock the capsule in place and lock the lid, if necessary.

Most Nespressos have a sharp needle-like punch to pierce the capsule, so just close the lid after removing your hand from the front to avoid hurting yourself

Use Nespresso Step 6

Step 6. Press the button to select the correct size, if there is this option

Many machines only have one button, but if yours has several, choose one that matches the size of the cup of coffee you want to make. As soon as you press the button, the coffee will start coming out as soon as the water is hot enough. The coffee button is usually in the same place as the switch, for example, behind the top surface.

  • Some machines automatically stop the flow of coffee when the desired volume is reached, others require you to count seconds or flashing lights before pressing the button again to stop the flow.
  • If the coffee takes a long time to come, you may have put the capsule in the machine before it has finished preheating.
Use Nespresso Step 7

Step 7. Eject the used capsule by lifting the lever

Even though your model may have a specific way of ejecting the capsule, most Nespressos will require you to lift the lever, press it down or turn it to take the capsule out of the used container.

If the capsule doesn't want to fall out, try emptying the used capsule compartment to make more room

Use Nespresso Step 8

Step 8. Add milk, cream or sugar to your coffee if you like

Like ordinary coffee makers, Nespressos make coffee that can be consumed as-is or mixed with other ingredients or made into beverages such as mocha, latte, cappuccino or any other coffee drink you can imagine.

You can steam milk at home using a steam nozzle or simply heating and beating the milk

Use Nespresso Step 9

Step 9. Buy more capsules before yours run out

Once you get used to the convenience of making your coffee quickly in the morning, stopping at a coffee shop on your way to work will seem like a lot of effort. Avoid this problem by buying more capsules before yours run out so you can make coffee whenever you want.

  • Buying capsules online allows you to save your favorite flavors in the right amounts so you can click “buy” without even having to choose anything.
  • Capsules usually come in sets of 10, 50 or even 300 units.

Method 2 of 2: Descaling the Machine

Use Nespresso Step 10

Step 1. Descale your Nespresso at least twice a year

You should descale your coffeemaker a few times a year. The maximum time between one decalcification and another must be six months. This process extends Nespresso's shelf life and ensures that your coffees taste as good as possible. You will remove lime buildup and other dirt from inside the machine.

Use Nespresso Step 11

Step 2. Purchase a decalcifying kit or citric acid tablets

The easiest way to descale your machine is to buy a Nespresso descaling kit and let it do the work for you. Dissolving citric acid in water will also do the trick.

The official solution has lactic acid and some phosphates that are powerful in cleaning and aimed at removing lime and foams that accumulate on metals. They can be dangerous if they come in contact with the skin, so be very careful when using them. You should refer to the descaling kit instructions to learn more about docks to protect your health and safety

Use Nespresso Step 12

Step 3. Take the capsules out of the machine

If there is any used or unused capsule inside the machine, it will affect the performance of the descaler to sanitize the machine. Remove them from the capsule compartment and capsule container before continuing.

Use Nespresso Step 13

Step 4. Fill the water tank and add the descaling solution

Use the amount indicated in the manual, as each machine will need a different amount of water to run through the entire equipment. If you made the solution at home, be careful not to overdo it or add too little.

Use Nespresso Step 14

Step 5. Place a 600 mL or larger container below the machine spout

The descaling process needs a lot of water, so it is important to place a container below the spout where the coffee normally comes out that holds all the water, descaling solution and dirt without overflowing.

Use Nespresso Step 15

Step 6. Press the necessary buttons on your Nespresso

The descaling process will have to be started with a different combination of buttons on each model. See the manual to find out which ones you need to press and how long it will take to start the process.

In Pixie, for example, you will have to press both coffee buttons at the same time to enter descaling mode

Use Nespresso Step 16

Step 7. Let the process continue for 10 minutes

This process takes a while, because the coffeemaker will be removing a fair amount of dirt and lime from the places that produce the coffee. Do not interrupt the process or take out the container below the spout unless it is overflowing.

Use Nespresso Step 17

Step 8. Repeat as necessary

Some machines, such as the Pixie and Essenza models, ask you to put the used water back into the reservoir to repeat the process. This ensures that the machine will be descaled correctly. Doing this twice allows the solution to soften the dirt and lime to remove them well the second time.

Use Nespresso Step 18

Step 9. Fill the potable water tank to run a cycle without descaling solution

This prepares your Nespresso to make coffee again, as it removes any residue of the solution that might have been inside it. Then rinse the water tank thoroughly before making coffee with the machine.

Use Nespresso Step 19

Step 10. Exit descaling mode by pressing the same buttons that activate it

Just reverse the process you did to go into descaling mode and let the machine dry for another 10 minutes before making the next fresh cup of coffee.

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