How to Light a Gas Oven: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Light a Gas Oven: 9 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Light a Gas Oven: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Many ovens, especially older models, do not have automatic lighting and you need to light it manually. In such cases, it is even more important to follow safety measures such as making sure the oven is off and the kitchen is well ventilated before igniting any flames. After checking everything, turn the oven knob and use a lighter or long match to light the fire. If you are unable to get the stove to light, call a repair technician to troubleshoot your problem as the gas pipe or outlet may be clogged.


Part 1 of 2: Following Security Measures

Light a Gas Oven Step 1

Step 1. Turn off the stove and let the knobs are in the locked position

Close all gas vents on the stove and oven so that they are in the "off" position. Also, make sure the kitchen doesn't smell like gas before lighting any flames.

In the "off" position, all buttons must be vertical, leaning as far to the right as possible. Look for signs of leakage such as gas sounds and smell

Light a Gas Oven Step 2

Step 2. Open all kitchen doors and windows

It is important to ensure that the room is well ventilated before lighting the oven so that no flammable gas accumulates in the air. This is even more crucial if you've tried lighting the oven before and it didn't work.

After ventilating the room, let the air circulate for a few minutes before trying again. This will allow the gas to disperse, reducing the risk of a fire

Light to Gas Oven Step 3

Step 3. Open the oven and look for gas outlet access

Open the door as far as possible to ensure your safety when lighting the flame, locking it in a horizontal position.

Knowing where the access is allows you to quickly light the oven after releasing the gas

Light to Gas Oven Step 4

Step 4. Look at the bottom of the oven

Look for a small hole, usually located on the front of the oven near the door or in a back corner. Some models may have a written demarcation for easy viewing.

If you don't see the hole and your oven model has a grate drawer, it's possible that the gas outlet is on the back of that drawer

Light to Gas Oven Step 5

Step 5. Clean the hole with a microfiber cloth

Remove excess grease or residue that could catch fire and use a spray or degreasing cleaner to scrub the bottom of the oven.

This is an extra precaution and it is important to leave the oven and stove clean if they have not been used in a while and are particularly dirty

Part 2 of 2: Lighting the Oven

Light to Gas Oven Step 6

Step 1. Push and turn the oven knob to the maximum flame position

Use one hand to push the button and release the gas outlet while holding it down.

Each oven is different, but in general, they all have a symbol that indicates the strength of the flame, either by a thinner bar at one end and a thicker one at the other, by flame drawings or numbers that indicate the temperature. Point the button indicator at the first mark on the left

Light to Gas Oven Step 7

Step 2. Hold a lighter or long match near the gas outlet hole

Light a match or lighter with your free hand and slowly bring it closer to the hole in the bottom of the oven.

If you only have small matches, light one and throw it into the hole to avoid getting burned. Another alternative is to set fire to a small piece of wood or paper towel and use it as a lighter

Light to Gas Oven Step 8

Step 3. Keep the button pressed for 10 seconds

Wait until the oven is heated up before releasing the knob. If you try to change the temperature or decrease the gas output too soon, the oven will go out.

If you accidentally release the button or the igniter goes out, try the process again from the beginning

Light to Gas Oven Step 9

Step 4. Close the door and set the desired temperature

So that the oven does not go out, close the door tightly and turn the knob until the indicator points to the right temperature.

If you've tried this process several times and still can't ignite, the oven may have a technical problem, such as a clogged gas outlet. Call a professional as soon as you can to assess the problem


Speak with a professional technician or supplier company if you have trouble lighting it


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