3 Ways to Unlock an Oven

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3 Ways to Unlock an Oven
3 Ways to Unlock an Oven

Most modern ovens are designed with a lock to prevent kitchen incidents. Even though the user is usually in control of this process, the oven will automatically lock during self-cleaning. There are many ways to unlock an oven without the manual; however, it is important to know that each manufacturer has a slightly different procedure.


Method 1 of 3: Unlock the Oven Control Panel

Unlock an Oven Step 1

Step 1. Find the control panel

It is usually located on top of the oven. Press the panel lock, security or control button and hold for three seconds.

Unlock an Oven Step 2

Step 2. Wait until you hear a beep indicating the panel is unlocked

Usually, the display will emit a message if it remains locked.

Unlock an Oven Step 3

Step 3. Press other button combinations if there is no exclusive button for the lock

A common combination is to press the “Cancel” and “Keep Warm” buttons simultaneously for three seconds.

Unlock an Oven Step 4

Step 4. Repeat the procedure to lock or unlock the control panel

Method 2 of 3: Unlocking After Self-Cleaning

Unlock an Oven Step 5

Step 1. Wait until the end of the self-cleaning cycle

Wait another hour or two for the oven to cool. Most self-cleaning ovens cannot be opened by the user until completely cold.

Unlock an Oven Step 6

Step 2. Check the display

If it still shows the words “Latched” and “Cooling”, then the oven is still in the middle of the cooling process. The best thing to do is wait until it's over.

Unlock an Oven Step 7

Step 3. Try pressing the “Cancel” button to stop the self-cleaning process

Be aware that the oven will still need a cool-down period before unlocking.

Method 3 of 3: Manually Unlock

Unlock an Oven Step 8

Step 1. Unplug the oven

If it does not unlock after self-cleaning, the temperature sensor may be damaged. Turning it off for a few minutes and then turning it back on can reset these controls.

Unlock an Oven Step 9

Step 2. Check that the top of the oven can be removed by unscrewing it from the outside

Some older models have screws on the front and side that secure these parts to the oven. Unscrew them and lift the top of the oven to gain access to the lock on the inside.

  • Use oven mitts if it has been used recently.
  • If you cannot find the screws on the top of the oven, it means the connection is inside and you will need to use a wire hook to unlock it.
  • Work with the oven unplugged.
Unlock an Oven Step 10

Step 3. Get a wire hanger

Unfold it and create one end with a hook. Try to slide the straight side of the hook through the oven door and around the latch inside.

  • Twist and pull the hook up to unlock the oven.
  • Work with the oven unplugged.
Unlock an Oven Step 11

Step 4. Hire a technician to unlock the oven manually if these methods do not work


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