3 Ways to Cut Tomatoes

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3 Ways to Cut Tomatoes
3 Ways to Cut Tomatoes

Tomatoes are used in a multitude of recipes, usually needing to be cut. The process of chopping tomatoes is usually quick and convenient and can be mastered by anyone with a little practice. Below, you will learn the ideal techniques for cutting common and Roma tomatoes.


Method 1 of 3: Cutting Common Tomatoes

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Step 1. Wash tomatoes

It is very important to wash fruits and vegetables before cutting them to remove as much dirt as possible. Remember to remove the stickers too.

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Step 2. Remove the center

Use a spoon to pull out the tomato kernels, just insert it into the tomato's central stem and "dig". Throw away what you take away.

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Step 3. Cut the tomato in half

Hold it with one hand and cut it with the other, using a very sharp knife. Start at the bottom and divide it into halves.

Dice Tomatoes Step 4

Step 4. Cut the halves into slices

Place the flat part of half of the tomato facing the cutting board and make a few vertical cuts, forming very thin slices. Ideally, the pieces should be uniform in size, about 1 cm wide.

Hold the tomato well while cutting to keep it in place

Dice Tomatoes Step 5

Step 5. Cut perpendicularly to chop the tomato

Rotate the tomato slices and cut vertically into small cubes. Try to keep an even space between the cuts, holding the pieces so they don't come loose and get lost. Ready!

Method 2 of 3: Cutting Roma Tomatoes

Dice Tomatoes Step 6

Step 1. Wash the tomatoes

Place the piece under running water and wash its entire surface to remove dirt. If there is any sticker stuck, remove it as well.

Dice Tomatoes Step 7

Step 2. Cut off the top of the tomato

There is usually a small stem at the tip of the Roma tomato; cut it to a flat surface.

Some people leave the rod because it's so small. If you don't mind her, you can skip this step

Dice Tomatoes Step 8

Step 3. Cut the tomato in half to length

Hold it with one hand and run the knife with the other, creating two similarly sized halves.

Dice Tomatoes Step 9

Step 4. Cut into vertical slices

Turn the two halves of the tomato on their sides to cut them to length, making thin, similarly sized slices.

Roma tomatoes are usually smaller and care must be taken to handle them without cutting your fingers. Use your fingertips and be firm so you don't get hurt, always being careful with the tip of the knife

Dice Tomatoes Step 10

Step 5. Chop the tomato

Turn the slices on their sides and make a series of perpendicular cuts to shape the tomato into small, even cubes. Ready!

Try to cut the same length so that the cubes are similar in size

Method 3 of 3: Removing Seeds Before Cutting

Dice Tomatoes Step 11

Step 1. Cut tomatoes in half

Cut a center cut into the fruit, creating two very similarly sized halves.

Dice Tomatoes Step 12

Step 2. Cut the two parts in half

Take the tomato halves and cut the center of them, dividing the fruit into four similarly sized pieces.

Dice Tomatoes Step 13

Step 3. Remove the seeds

Place the tomato parts on the cutting board, skin side down. Then pass the knife over them, removing the part of the seeds. It is important to remove all the hoopoe to remove all the seeds.

Sometimes the seeds remain in the tomato even after cutting the hoopoe. If that happens, remove the stubborn ones with your fingers

Dice Tomatoes Step 14

Step 4. Do not remove seeds from roma tomatoes

As they are small and delicate, they have fewer seeds and are more difficult to remove without damaging the fruit. It's okay to leave the seeds!

Final Tomatoes Dice

Step 5. Ready


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