3 Ways to Thaw Sausages

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3 Ways to Thaw Sausages
3 Ways to Thaw Sausages

Sausages are great for making hot dogs, they go well with pasta and other snacks. If you've frozen a packet of sausage to save for later, you may be wondering how to safely defrost them. The fastest way to defrost sausages is to heat them in the microwave using the defrost function. However, it is safer to cover them with cold water, which will thaw them within an hour. If you have time, defrost sausages in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours, which is the safest option.


Method 1 of 3: Using the microwave

Defrost Hot Dogs Step 1

Step 1. Take the sausages out of the package

The sausage packaging is most likely not microwaveable, as it will melt and spoil the meat. In addition, the water that comes inside the package may have bacteria that only die at high temperatures, and not in the defrost function. It is safer to place sausages in a dish or container.

  • Dispose of the packaging after removing the sausages from the inside, and if sausage water gets anywhere, wash it off with soap and water.
  • This method works best for someone who just wants to defrost a packet of sausages.
Defrost Hot Dogs Step 2

Step 2. Arrange the sausages on the plate or container and cover them

Leave the sausages in a single layer in the container. Then place sheets of paper towels on top to cover the meat and absorb liquids.

If you like, you can wrap the sausages in a paper towel to absorb the liquids that come out, but this is not necessary

Defrost Hot Dogs Step 3

Step 3. Choose the microwave defrost function or set it to 30% power

look at the buttons on your microwave and press the one that says “Unfreeze”. If your microwave doesn't have this knob, find the "power" knob and set it to 30%.

If you are having difficulty, look for the microwave manual or search the internet to see how this function works on your model. Each microwave works differently

Defrost Hot Dogs Step 4

Step 4. Heat the sausages for 30 seconds and then see how they are

Place the container with the sausages in the microwave and put it in for 30 seconds. After the time is up, take them out of the microwave and see if they have defrosted.

You will probably have to defrost the sausages for more than 30 seconds. In fact, a packet of sausage can take eight to 12 minutes to thaw, depending on the microwave, but you need to check them often so they don't start to cook, which can proliferate bacteria


to see if the sausages have thawed, use a finger to see if they are cold and not frozen. Also see if they have a spongy texture and slightly pliable.

Defrost Hot Dogs Step 5

Step 5. Rotate the sausages every 30 seconds if the microwave is not rotating

You can skip this step if your microwave turns the food. If it doesn't have a turntable, turn the container in a half circle (180°) every 30 seconds. Otherwise, your sausages probably won't heat up evenly, and the temperature difference can help bacteria build up.

You can also roll the sausages to help them heat up evenly

Defrost Hot Dogs Step 6

Step 6. Heat the sausages for 30 seconds at a time until they thaw

Put the sausages back in the microwave. Press the defrost button or adjust the power to 30% and set for 30 seconds. See how the sausages are every 30 seconds until they thaw.

Do not forget to defrost the microwave or set it to 30% power whenever the sausages are heated

Defrost Hot Dogs Step 7

Step 7. cook the sausages immediately after thawing them in the microwave.

When you defrost sausages in the microwave, they start to cook. This means that part of them will be at the “dangerous” temperature for the proliferation of bacteria. To maintain food safety, cook them immediately to kill bacteria.

It is safe to cook the defrosted sausages in the microwave, conventional oven, in a pot of boiling water or on the barbecue

Method 2 of 3: Covering with Cold Water

Defrost Hot Dogs Step 8

Step 1. Place the sausages in an airtight plastic bag

If the sausages are still in the box they came in, you can leave them there. If you have opened them, place them in a resealable plastic food bag. Remove all the air inside so that the cold water doesn't touch the meat.

Water must not touch meat for safety reasons. Both sausages and water can be contaminated, so this risk is best avoided

Defrost Hot Dogs Step 9

Step 2. Fill a large bowl or container with enough cold water to cover the sausages

You don't need an exact temperature, but the water should be cool to the touch. It is generally safe to use cold tap water. Pour enough water into the bowl to cover the sausages you want to defrost.

If you're defrosting multiple sausage packages, it's best to use separate containers so that they defrost more quickly


do not use warm or hot water in an attempt to speed up the defrosting process. This can make the sausages spoil and cause food poisoning.

Defrost Hot Dogs Step 10

Step 3. Soak the sausage packet in cold water for 30 minutes

Place the sausages into the bowl or container and push them down into the water. They should be covered well. Leave them on the sink counter at room temperature. Set an alarm to go off in 30 minutes so you can go back and check on them.

Sausages should be at the bottom of the bowl or container because they are heavy. However, they can float if there is air inside the plastic bag. If this happens, blow the air out of the plastic bag and put the sausages back in the water

Defrost Hot Dogs Step 11

Step 4. Check how the sausages are and change the water after 30 minutes

Pour used water into the sink. Then pick up the package to see if the sausages look thawed. If not, add more cold water to the bowl or container. Set another alarm to go off in 30 minutes.

  • The thawed sausages should be soft and somewhat flexible. Also, they should be cool, not icy.
  • Your sausages can thaw in 30 minutes, but they'll probably take an hour if you're defrosting the entire packet or multiple packets.
Defrost Hot Dogs Step 12

Step 5. Change the water every 30 minutes for up to two hours

After another 30 minutes have passed, pour the used water into the sink and see if the sausages have defrosted. When they look thawed, cook them. If they still look frozen, cover them with cold water again. Set another 30 minute alarm. You can do this safely for two hours or until the sausages thaw

Sausages usually thaw within an hour


your sausages should thaw in less than two hours. If it doesn't, put them inside the fridge to continue defrosting. This could take a few hours. If you don't, they can reach a temperature that is dangerous for consumption.

Defrost Hot Dogs Step 13

Step 6. cook your sausages immediately after thawing them in cold water.

Even though defrosting this way is safer than using the microwave, you still need to cook the meat immediately after defrosting. Cold water does not keep sausages below 4°C, which means that bacteria can start to proliferate. Cook your sausages immediately to kill bacteria.

You can grill, boil, bake or cook them in the microwave

Method 3 of 3: Thawing in Refrigerator

Defrost Hot Dogs Step 14

Step 1. Place your sausages in a shallow container

If they are still in the sealed package, place them inside the container. If they are open, arrange them in a single layer. The container will trap any liquid that the frozen meat releases so it doesn't contaminate your refrigerator or other foods.

  • For example, you can use a baking sheet or shallow bowl.
  • If unfreezing multiple packages, do not stack them. It is safer to place multiple packages in a container in one layer.
  • It is not necessary to cover the container, but you may prefer to do this if the sausages are not packaged.
Defrost Hot Dogs Step 15

Step 2. Place the sausage container inside the refrigerator

Put the container with the sausages on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator. Then leave it there without stirring while the meat defrosts.

No need to cover sausages with water. The lower refrigerator temperatures do not cause the meat to thaw

Defrost Hot Dogs Step 16

Step 3. Let the sausages defrost for at least 24 hours

A packet of sausages must thaw within 24 hours. Take a look to see if they are cool to the touch rather than icy. Also, they should be spongy and flexible.

  • It is safe to store them in the refrigerator for three to five days before cooking. However, the safest thing is to cook right after defrosting.
  • If you are defrosting several packets of sausage, you may need to defrost longer. Wait 24 hours every 450 g to 2.5 kg of meat. Maybe you don't have to worry about that if you've arranged the sausages in one layer.


Use sausages within two months of thawing


  • Defrosting sausages in the microwave usually starts their cooking process, so it's important to finish cooking immediately. Otherwise, bacteria can proliferate and cause food poisoning.
  • Sausages have bacteria that cause listeria, so it's important to prepare them carefully. Cook the thawed sausages well before consuming them and do not let the liquid that comes in the sausage packaging come into contact with other foods.

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