3 Ways to Stop Ice from Melting

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3 Ways to Stop Ice from Melting
3 Ways to Stop Ice from Melting

Storing ice for a party or event for more than a few hours can seem like an impossible task, especially if you want to chat with guests and not worry about the ice melting. In order for the guests' cocktails and drinks to remain chilled, it is necessary to set aside approximately 1 kg of ice for each one of them. Prevent cubes from being wasted and unusable with the whole party ahead by using the right method and a few simple steps.


Method 1 of 3: Using an Ice Cooler or Bucket

Keep Ice from Melting Step 1

Step 1. Use a light colored container

Look for a light colored cooler or bucket made of reflective material. Light colors absorb less heat, preventing ice from melting faster.

A nylon or Styrofoam cooler or ice bucket will keep the ice cool for at least a day. A plastic container can keep it in good condition overnight. Avoid metal coolers and buckets as they retain heat and will not prevent ice from melting

Keep Ice from Melting Step 2

Step 2. Line the cooler/bucket with aluminum foil

It is scientifically proven that aluminum's reflective surface retards ice melt more effectively than other materials. Before putting the ice for the party in one of the containers, line it with a layer of aluminum foil.

Keep Ice from Melting Step 3

Step 3. Wrap the ice bucket in a towel

If you don't have access to a container, put the ice in the bucket and wrap it in a clean towel. This way, the ice will stay cool for a longer time, preventing it from melting completely after an hour of partying.

Method 2 of 3: Making Bigger Ice Cubes

Keep Ice from Melting Step 4

Step 1. Use boiling water in place of tap water

Boil the water before placing it in the ice tray to reduce air bubbles inside. This way, the ice will last longer and will look lighter and less "foggy".

If the ice trays are plastic, allow the water to cool a little before pouring them out, or the ice trays will melt

Keep Ice from Melting Step 5

Step 2. Place boiling water in large ice trays

The bigger they are, the bigger the cubes will be. Another option is to use muffin pans to get a large piece. Pour the boiling water evenly into the pan or tin and place it in the freezer.

In fact, crushed ice or ice in small cubes melts much more quickly than cubes and large blocks, which have smaller contact surfaces relative to the mass, so they are less exposed to the surrounding hot air, minimizing the effects of melting

Keep Ice from Melting Step 6

Step 3. Place a towel in the container or bucket before placing the ice cubes

The ice will be isolated, keeping it cool. Another option is to put bubble wrap (before the towel) in the container, isolating them and fighting melting.

It's a good idea to put a lid over the bucket or container when it's filled with ice to minimize exposure to air, which speeds up melting

Method 3 of 3: Properly Storing Ice

Keep Ice from Melting Step 7

Step 1. Leave the ice in a cool room or area

Choose the coolest spot in the room, such as near a fan or air conditioner, and leave the bucket there for the duration of the party. Avoid spots that are directly in the sun, giving priority to covered or shady places, such as under a tree. Do not place the hot noodles or barbecue grill next to the cooler/bucket, as it is obvious that the ice will turn to water in minutes.

Ice will absorb heat from the surrounding atmosphere, so it is ideal to place it in a location with little or no contact with the heat

Keep Ice from Melting Step 8

Step 2. Use ice packs so it doesn't melt

The ice packs will make the container cooler, helping to combat the heat inside the ice and preventing it from melting until the end of the party.

When using a large cooler, it is also possible to use plastic bottles of water or other beverages (as long as they do not contain carbon) to act as ice packs. Place them between the bags so the cooler stays cool

Keep Ice from Melting Step 9

Step 3. Fill the ice container constantly

Thus, there will always be fresh ice in the container, which should keep the bucket/cooler very fresh and prevent the contents from melting.

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