3 Ways to Ripen an Avocado

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3 Ways to Ripen an Avocado
3 Ways to Ripen an Avocado

Did you just get a huge shipment of avocado? Are you crazy for a guacamole? A green avocado can ripen faster if you follow these simple steps.


Method 1 of 3: Ripening a Whole Avocado

Ripen an Avocado Step 1

Step 1. Place the avocado in a brown paper bag

The bag will be used to store ethylene gas, which ripens the avocado. The bag must not have holes!

The paper bag is just a container. You can use some other mechanism that traps the air in the same way! Any such container is worth it. Your grandmother might tell you to keep the fruit in the flour can, but you can leave it in the McDonald's bag, too

Ripen an Avocado Step 2

Step 2. Add a banana, apple or tomato to the brown paper bag

Bananas are best, but other fruits will do as well. If you don't have any of these but do have other avocados, put them all together in the bag.

These fruits emit more ethylene gas than others. And the more ethylene gas is produced, the faster the fruits will ripen

Ripen an Avocado Step 3

Step 3. Leave the bag closed in a place that is at room temperature

Keep it away from sunlight. 18º to 24º C is the best option. If you don't have extra fruit in your bag, this will take two to five days.

Ripen an Avocado Step 4

Step 4. Check regularly

The added fruit will speed up the ripening process considerably and should ripen within one to three days. Your avocado will be ready when it's easy to peel. Touch it to see if it's easy to peel it. It is difficult to indicate whether the fruit is ripe just by the color.

  • A green avocado will be consistent and… green. As it matures, it will gain shades of purple and black (you can use it from that point on in 2 days). When it's ready for its next meal, the fruit will be green/dark brown to the point of looking almost black.

    Once ripe, the avocado can be refrigerated for a few days, but it will lose flavor as time passes

Method 2 of 3: Ripening a Sliced ​​Avocado

Ripen an Avocado Step 5

Step 1. Sprinkle lemon or lime juice on your sliced ​​avocado

Since your avocado is open and vulnerable to the world, prevent it from getting too brown and soggy by using an acidic agent like lemon juice. You want to mature it, not spoil it.

Ripen an Avocado Step 6

Step 2. Cover in a piece of clear plastic

Bring the two halves together and wrap them in a piece of plastic. Put it in the fridge.

If you don't have plastic, use a sealed container

Ripen an Avocado Step 7

Step 3. Monitor to see if it has matured

The amount of time it takes for the fruit to ripen will change depending on how much time the avocado has spent in the process. Remove it from the fridge and skewer it – when it's soft and looks edible, taste it. If it's not ready, return it to the refrigerator.

Method 3 of 3: Saving and Using Avocado

Ripen an Avocado Step 8

Step 1. Keep whole, green avocados at room temperature

Putting them in the fridge is not a good idea. They will not mature in low temperatures. If you don't do anything (apart from putting the fruit on the counter), the avocado will take up to six days to ripen.

Ripen an Avocado Step 9

Step 2. For sliced, sliced ​​or mashed avocados, use lemon juice

Even if it's in the guacamole form, sprinkle some lemon, lime or orange juice (as long as it's fresh!) over the avocado. The acid will slow down the oxidation process, prolonging the life of the avocado.

  • If you're starting to see brown spots, it's not necessary to throw it all away. Just remove the brown parts and start using the rest before it rots.
  • If your avocado is cut in half rather than crushed or sliced, you can avoid lemon juice by using running water over the cut surface. Then just put it in the fridge. The avocado will look uglier, but only superficially: the rest will stay fresh longer. The brown shell that will run out can be easily removed to create a fresh avocado.
Ripen an Avocado Step 10

Step 3. If what was bad starts to get worse, mash the avocado (mashed) and freeze it

If your avocado is perfect for use but your schedule doesn't allow you to use it, mash it and place it in the freezer. Don't freeze it whole or the taste will disappear. You can even use avocado to make fillings and sauces, etc.

Obviously, avocado is best when it's not frozen. This should be a measure to be taken only when it cannot be eaten fresh

Ripen an Avocado Step 11

Step 4. Monitor the stages of ripening

Hopefully, you'll have a few days to watch the avocados. If you've been watching them, you'll be able to know just how ripe they are. At different stages, the tests will yield different results.

  • If the avocado is starting to ripen, it will be less heat driven. It will be possible to grill or roast it more easily.
  • If the avocado took a while to ripen but got there, it will produce slices that will go well with salads and salsas. Firm slices will look beautiful on your plates!
  • If you have a bunch of ripe avocados, make them all cream. Think about parsnips, ice cream or cheesecakes. An excuse to try!


  • It is also possible to use only brown paper. The fruit won't ripen as quickly if you just use the bag (without adding new fruit), but it's better than leaving it uncovered.
  • Filling a bag with flour can also help ripen the fruit.


  • Cooling avocados makes the stand - prevents them from ripening. The cold maintains the conditions of the avocado, but does not speed up the ripening.
  • Do not microwave avocado. You can find sources on the internet saying that it is useful to microwave the fruit (Technically, you can microwave anything). However, the process will ruin the fruit's flavor.

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