How to Open a Squeezed Bottle: 11 Steps (with Images)

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How to Open a Squeezed Bottle: 11 Steps (with Images)
How to Open a Squeezed Bottle: 11 Steps (with Images)

Is there anything worse than being hungry but not being able to open a jar of food? Fortunately, it doesn't matter the contents of the bottle - olives, mayonnaise and so on. - don't worry: you don't need to despair! There are several ways to uncapped these containers with objects that are already in your kitchen.


Method 1 of 2: Grasping the lid harder

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Step 1. Try wringing the lid off with a dry dish towel

Sometimes it is enough to use a dish towel to improve the grip of the lid. Hold the pot in your non-dominant hand and place the cloth on top of it; then turn counterclockwise.

Try opening the bottle over the sink or on a kitchen counter so it doesn't make too much of a mess and make cleaning easier (in case something falls or leaks)

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Step 2. Wear rubber gloves for more traction on your hands

Use rubber kitchen gloves-dishwasher ones-to turn the lid of the pot.

You can only put the glove on the hand that you will use to turn the lid and hold the pot with the other member

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Step 3. Place a piece of plastic wrap on the lid to grip it more tightly

Take a piece of plastic wrap from the roll and place it on top of the lid. Fasten it by the edges tightly, then rotate it normally.

The more the plastic wrap sticks to the lid, the more efficient the process will be

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Step 4. Rub the lid with a rubber band to improve the grip (if you don't have plastic wrap)

Use an eraser that fits snugly against the lid of the pot and pass it over the edge, as in the previous method. Then use your dominant hand to hold the piece and try to rotate it.

It is better to use a wider rubber, which covers a larger surface of the lid

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Step 5. Use a fabric softener to improve the grip

The fabric softening scarf also increases hand traction. Place it in the lid and try to turn it.

You can combine this method with the rubber one. Just place the rubber over the scarf to secure it better

Method 2 of 2: Breaking the Cover Seal

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Step 1. Tap the lid of the pot with a wooden spoon to break the seal

Use a heavy wooden spoon to tap the bottle cap a few times to break the seal. Then try to rotate it.

  • You may have to repeat the maneuver a few times to release the lid.
  • You can even use other kitchen utensils, but a wooden spoon is more effective.
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Step 2. Use a butter knife or the edge of a metal spoon as leverage

Insert the blunt end of the knife into the end of another flat metal utensil that fits under the rim of the lid. Then force the tools through the entire circumference of the bottle and relax the part.

You will hear the squeak of the lid loosening as you run the knife through the rim, indicating that the seal has broken

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Step 3. Slap the base of the pot with the palm of your hand if you don't have any tools

Hold the pot at a 45° downward angle with your non-dominant hand. Slap the base of the container hard with the center of the palm of your other hand and listen for the seal crack.

This method is called a "water hammer" and increases the pressure of the pot against the lid, causing it to come loose

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Step 4. Soak the lid in hot water for 30 seconds to break the seal

Fill a container with hot (but not boiling) water and place the pot in it upside down for 30 seconds. Then try to open it until you get it.

You can also soak the lid in hot water for about two minutes and try to break the seal if you don't have a container nearby

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Step 5. Use a hair dryer to heat the lid if the hot water doesn't work

Turn the dryer on full power and aim the jet at the lid for 30 seconds to expand it and release the seal. Then use a towel or other thermal barrier to rotate it.

  • This method also helps to melt jam and other foods that are preventing the lid from being removed.
  • Be very careful not to burn yourself as the lid will get quite hot.
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Step 6. Try using a lighter to heat the lid and break the seal

Bring the flame of the lighter little by little to the rim of the lid to heat it up. Then use a towel or gloves to rotate the piece.

The hotter the lid gets, the larger it will expand. Still, beware of high temperatures


You can combine different methods if the cap is too tight. Be patient and don't give up - nothing is impossible


  • Take a look at the rim of the jar to see if the glass cracked or broke while you were trying to uncap it. It could be that something has fallen into the food.
  • Be very careful when using butter knives to open a jar. They don't look sharp, but a false move can make a nasty cut.
  • Do not use the hair dryer if the lid has plastic parts as the material may melt.
  • Be careful not to burn yourself with the lighter when heating the lid of the pot.

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