4 Ways to Save Avocado

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4 Ways to Save Avocado
4 Ways to Save Avocado

Avocado is a very delicate fruit that quickly darkens after ripe, especially if cut. Proper storage ensures that it remains good for consumption and delicious for as long as possible. To store a green avocado, place it in a brown paper bag and seal it tightly. Leave it in the fruit bowl for a maximum of five days, until the fruit is edible. Store ripe or sliced ​​avocado in the refrigerator covered in plastic wrap or in a plastic bag. Once it's ripe, consume it within a day or two so it stays good and tasty.


Method 1 of 4: Storing Green Avocado

Store Avocado Step 1

Step 1. Feel the uneven rind of the fruit to see if it is ripe

You can tell if an avocado is ripe or not by the feel and appearance of the fruit. A ripe avocado has a dark green rind and an irregular texture. Green avocado has a brighter green hue and smoother skin. Examine the appearance of the fruit and feel it gently. If it's a little soft, it's already ripe. Green avocado is hard and difficult to crush.

  • Once ripe, the avocado should be consumed within a day or two.
  • Ripe avocado has the texture of a ripe orange when pressed. The texture of the fruit when it is still unripe looks more like an apple.


by squeezing the avocado, you can hurt it. If you want to reduce the risk, press it close to the stem.

Step 2. Place the avocado in a brown paper bag so it will ripen faster

Enjoy the bakery's bread bag. Place the fruit inside and fold the opening, partially closing the bag. As it matures, a chemical known as ethylene is released. The bag does not let the ethylene out, which speeds up the process.

  • The temperature indoors should be between 20°C and 25°C if you want the avocado to ripen evenly.
  • Not in a hurry and don't mind waiting a little longer? Just leave it in the fruit bowl. Avocados take two to three days to ripen in a brown paper bag. Out of the bag, it can take three to five days.
  • Some people believe that adding an apple or banana to the bag speeds up the ripening process of the avocado. However, there is no proof.

Step 3. Examine the avocado every day to see if it is ripe

After placing it in the bag, wait at least 24 hours before taking a look. When taking it out of the paper bag, check the rind, color and firmness of the fruit to see if it has ripened. Consume it within one to two days if applicable.

If you want to improve the flavor of the avocado, fill the brown bag with flour and don't add it until later. This trick makes the fruit tastier and softer

Method 2 of 4: Cooling Ripe Avocado

Step 1. Put the avocado in an airtight plastic bag

Take a plastic sandwich bag or a zip-lock freezer bag and place the whole avocado inside. Storing a ripe avocado in the refrigerator slows down the browning process. You can keep it ripe and whole in the refrigerator for three to five days before it starts to rot.

  • Maybe it will darken a little when it's cut, even if it's only in the fridge for a day.
  • Use a vacuum bag instead of a zip closure if you prefer.

' Tip: it is not necessary to put the fruit in a plastic bag, but by doing this you prevent it from absorbing the odor of other foods.

Step 2. Remove all air from the bag before closing it

Place the avocado inside the bag and close ¾ of the zipper. Then press it from the bottom to the opening to get as much air as you can. Place your palm or fingers on the sides of the bag and slowly push the air towards the zipper. After removing as much as possible, finish closing the bag.

You can wrap the avocado in plastic wrap if you don't have a plastic bag available

Store Avocado Step 6

Step 3. Place the fruit in the refrigerator for three to five days

Put the avocado in the plastic bag and store it in the vegetable bin or on an empty refrigerator shelf. Consume it in three to five days. If it's already too soft when it's put away, it might only last a day or two.

When you take the avocado out of the fridge, cut and eat the fruit right away. Don't wait for it to come to room temperature as it can get a little pasty

Method 3 of 4: Wrapping the Sliced ​​Avocado

Store Avocado Step 7

Step 1. Place the sliced ​​avocado on a cutting board or paper towel

If you've already cut the avocado and there's a piece left, keep it in the fridge. You can do this with both green and ripe avocados. If the fruit is already ripe when opened, store it in the refrigerator for two or three days. If it has not yet ripened and you feel it is best to save it for later use, wait three to four days for ripening to complete.

It is not good to leave the sliced ​​avocado out of the fridge. The fruit is soft, which does not please many people


the lump does not interfere with the taste. However, when removing it, the fruit is more exposed. Exposing a larger area of ​​the pulp to oxygen causes browning. On the other hand, the texture of the fruit is more uniform when the pulp is exposed. You decide what you think is best.

Step 2. Sprinkle lemon juice on the exposed surfaces of the fruit

Fill a small bowl with 3 to 5 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice. Take a medium cooking brush and dip it in the lemon juice, then rub it into the exposed pulp of the avocado. Grab more juice with the brush whenever necessary.

  • Lemon juice preserves the surface of the avocado and prevents it from turning brown.
  • You can also use orange juice, vinegar or tomato juice if you prefer, but these others can change the color and flavor of the fruit.
Store Avocado Step 9

Step 3. Close the avocado back if possible

Cut the avocado in half or into four pieces? Try putting the pieces together again to assemble the fruit in its original shape. Lightly squeeze the parts before wrapping them, reducing the pulp's exposure to oxygen.

If the avocado is cut into irregular pieces or if you've already eaten a part, skip this step. Wrap the slices individually to preserve them

Step 4. Wrap the avocado tightly in plastic wrap

Cut a 12-inch or 18-inch piece of plastic film and place the avocado close to the edge. Then run the plastic over the top of the fruit, turning it to stretch the plastic and wrap all surfaces securely.

You can also use a vacuum bag to store food if you prefer

Store Avocado Step 11

Step 5. Store the fruit in the refrigerator for up to three or five days

Put the avocado in an empty space in the refrigerator. The fruit and vegetable drawer is ideal for preserving it from contact with oxygen, but a common shelf will also do if the fruit drawer is occupied. Consume it within three days if it is already ripe. Examine it after this time if it is green when cut.

You can keep the avocado in the fridge for up to five days. After that, it starts to spoil. The more mature, the shorter the duration

Method 4 of 4: Freezing the Avocado

Store Avocado Step 12

Step 1. Store ripe or unripe avocados in the freezer if you are not going to eat them right away

You can freeze ripe or unripe avocados if you plan to store them for a long time, but that's not really recommended. Avocado does not have a good texture after freezing and does not freeze evenly. Prefer to preserve the fruit's flavor? So it's better to find a way to use it right away without having to resort to freezing.

It is possible to freeze ripe avocados for three to four months. After that time, they spoil. If the fruit is still unripe, store it for five to six months

Store Avocado Step 13

Step 2. Cut the avocado in half and remove the stone and skin

If you freeze a whole avocado, the stone and rind will alter the fruit's flavor and freshness. To avoid the problem, cut it in half with a kitchen knife. Then remove the stone with a spoon or with the tip of a knife and peel the fruit.


the rind of a ripe avocado is easier to peel – it comes off effortlessly. In the case of an unripe fruit, it may be necessary to use a knife or remove the pulp with a spoon.

Step 3. Cover the exposed surfaces of the avocado with lemon juice

Fill a small bowl with 2-3 teaspoons of lemon juice. Take a cooking brush, dip it in the juice and rub it into the exposed pulp. Cover these parts with lots of lemon juice to preserve them well during freezing.

Step 4. Wrap the avocado tightly in plastic wrap

Cut 2 sheets of plastic-film about 30 cm to 45 cm. Put each half of the avocado on a leaf near the edge and roll them up. Wrap and stretch the plastic-film until the fruit is closed.

If you prefer, you can store the avocado in a vacuum bag for storing food. This type of bag is very useful for freezing fruit

Store Avocado Step 16

Step 5. Leave the avocado in the freezer for three to six months

Place the wrapped fruit halves in zip-lock plastic bags and remove all air before closing them. Then put them in the freezer. You can store ripe avocado for three to four months and green avocado for five to six months.

When using the avocado, let it thaw in the sink for an hour or two before consuming it

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