How to Cut Carambola: 11 Steps (with Images)

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How to Cut Carambola: 11 Steps (with Images)
How to Cut Carambola: 11 Steps (with Images)

Carambola is one of the coolest fruits in terms of appearance as it has a distinct shape that resembles a star. This golden-yellow fruit is a great decoration, and can be cut into thin, star-shaped slices that can decorate vegetable or fruit salads.


Part 1 of 3: Preparing to cut the carambola

Cut a Starfruit Step 1

Step 1. Wash the fruit

Rinse it in cold water, rubbing it with your fingers to get rid of the dirt hidden in the creases. Washing the fruit will ensure that any chemicals or germs in it are removed and it is safe to eat.

Cut a Starfruit Step 2

Step 2. Use a cutting board

Using a cutting board is better than cutting the fruit directly on the countertop as it will prevent you from scratching the surface of the furniture. A plastic or wooden cutting board will do.

Cut a Starfruit Step 3

Step 3. Get a sharp knife

Be careful when handling the knife to avoid accidents. Clean the knife with hot soapy water before using.

Part 2 of 3: Cutting the green edges of the fruit

Cut a Starfruit Step 4

Step 1. Cut the fruit

Run the knife along the green edges of the carambola to remove only the non-orange part.

Cut a Starfruit Step 5

Step 2. Cut both ends

After removing the edges, cut off both ends of the fruit. Remove about 1.5 cm using knife. At this point, the carambola should be only orange; all green or brown parts must have been cut off.

Cut a Starfruit Step 6

Step 3. Slice from end to end

Starting from the widest side, cut the fruit into star slices about 1.5 cm thick.

Cut a Starfruit Step 7

Step 4. Remove seeds

The slices will have seeds in them, located in the center of the carambola. Use the knife to remove them.

Part 3 of 3: Cleaning and Serving Carambola

Cut a Starfruit Step 8

Step 1. Wash your hands

Carambola, like other citrus fruits, contains acids, so be careful to keep it away from your eyes and open sores. After cutting the fruit, wash your hands with hot water and soap to avoid accidents if you touch your eyes later.

Cut a Starfruit Step 9

Step 2. Place the carambola in a plate or bowl

Arrange the fruit as you like in the container, depending on the occasion. All parts of the carambola are edible, so don't waste or throw away the pieces you can eat.

Cut a Starfruit Step 10

Step 3. Clean the cutting board and workbench

Wash the cut surface so it is clean and ready for the next use. Don't forget to clean the fruit from the countertop, as they can rot and smell bad.

Make Tamarillo Chutney Step 9

Step 4. Serve your carambola

This fruit can be used in a wide range of recipes, from carambola chips to mango and orange sauce. Plan your recipe in advance so you have all the ingredients.


To sweeten the carambola or intensify its flavor, add a little salt. This will enhance the taste of the fruit


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