3 Ways to Cut Brownies

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3 Ways to Cut Brownies
3 Ways to Cut Brownies

To cut brownies, first let them cool completely, then choose a saw or plastic knife to make the cut. You can cut them into perfect squares by measuring with a ruler or dipping a saw knife in hot water. To make something different, use a brownie divider or bake them in a specific brownie tin. Baking in a traditional or special way, the dessert is sure to be easy to cut to the desired size.


Method 1 of 3: Cutting Basic Brownies

Cut Brownies Step 1

Step 1. Allow the brownie to cool for an hour or two before cutting it

The brownie keeps cooking even after you take it out of the oven, which makes it firmer and even more delicious. Leave the dessert on a cooling rack on the kitchen table until completely cool.

Avoid leaving it on the stove as the heat in the oven will affect the time it takes to cool

Cut Brownies Step 2

Step 2. Use a saw knife to cut

This knife is a good tool for cutting the brownie. You can also use a flat blade in the absence of a saw knife.

Step 3. Make a vertical cut in the middle of the brownie to divide it in half

The cut will divide the dessert into two sections, which makes it easy to cut it to the desired size.

Step 4. Divide each half again in half making another cut

After cutting the brownie into two pieces, make another vertical cut in each section.

You will now have four vertical rows

Step 5. Make one to three horizontal cuts to divide the strips in the center

After making the vertical cuts, make horizontal cuts to divide the brownie into individual portions. You can make one to three cuts, based on the size you want for dessert.

  • Cut into small sections if you prefer single bite pieces.
  • Create larger spaces in the cuts if you want to create large hand-sized brownies.

Method 2 of 3: Cutting Brownies to Perfect Size

Cut Brownies Step 6

Step 1. Use a disposable plastic knife to make crisp, clean cuts

If you want the brownies to all be the same size or if you want to make perfect, clean cuts, the best option is to use a plastic knife. With the disposable knife, you can easily cut the cold brownie like butter.

Keep some of these knives in your drawer for future use

Step 2. Cut approximately 4 to 6 mm from the edges of the brownie

When the dessert is cold, cut the edges of all four sides with the plastic knife. This way, the dish will be very smooth.

Step 3. Make notches on the edges of the brownie at 5 cm intervals

With a ruler, measure 5 cm from the edge and make a small notch in the brownie with the knife. Continue creating notches every 5 cm around the entire perimeter of the dessert.

  • You can change the size according to your preference. If you want smaller brownies, make 2cm squares. To create larger portions, make squares of 3 to 10 cm.
  • If you have a large piece left, you can cut off the excess so that the last row is also 5 cm.

Step 4. Soak the plastic knife in hot water to make smooth, even cuts

Fill a glass with hot water and place it next to the brownie. Before making each cut, immerse the plastic knife in water.

The knife should have no brownie crumbs when you remove it. Hot water helps smooth the cut between brownies

Step 5. Cut vertically on each mark you made

Press the knife all the way into the brownie with steady pressure and repeat until all pieces are cut into 2-inch strips.

If you are having difficulty making clean cuts, wipe the knife blade with a paper towel after each cut

Step 6. Cut horizontally at each notch

Just as you made the vertical cuts, slice the brownie horizontally in each notch created. Don't forget to dip the knife in hot water after every cut.

You will create equal 5 x 5 cm square brownies

Method 3 of 3: Using Special Forms

Cut Brownies Step 12

Step 1. Use a 12-compartment brownie pan to bake without having to cut

Place the dough in the greased pan and let the brownies cool when they are finished baking. Then gently remove them with clean hands. To make it easier to remove them, insert a plastic knife in one side to lift the bottom of the brownie from the pan.

Such molds come in metal or silicone. Both are good for baking brownies without cutting them, but it can be easier to remove them from the silicone ones, as the material is more flexible

Cut Brownies Step 13

Step 2. Try using a muffin pan if you don't have a brownie pan

Grease or line the pan with cupcake cups. Then place the dough directly into each compartment, filling half of each. After the brownies have cooled, take a plastic knife and cut around the edges. Then lift them gently with your hands to remove them.

Brownies can get a little bigger, but muffin pans are a great replacement for brownie pans

Cut Brownies Step 14

Step 3. Use a silicone mold to make minibrownies

Put the dough in the molds, bake and let it cool. Then place your fingers under the mold and lift it to remove the brownie. Each will easily come out of the silicone.

  • The miniature brownie molds produce 24 little ones.
  • If you are having difficulty removing them, hold the silicone at an angle and push them from underneath.
Cut Brownies Step 15

Step 4. If you want to leave the dessert already cut, use a brownie divider

Place the divider in the pan after adding the dough. After baking, allow to cool with divider still inserted and remove only when brownies have cooled. Then rest the pan on a small object, such as a cup or can, and press down to separate each.

  • A two-piece brownie set includes a pan and divider.
  • The divider will separate the brownies into 18 equal sections.
  • It may be easier to spray the pan and divider before baking.


  • Line the pan with parchment paper before baking the dessert. With paper, it will be easier to lift and separate the pieces.
  • Put the brownie in the fridge to cool it down more quickly. If you want it to be extra firm before cutting or if you want it to cool faster, refrigerate for 30 to 45 minutes. It will solidify and harden, which makes it much easier to make sharp cuts.

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