How to Make Whole Rice in an Electric Rice Cooker

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How to Make Whole Rice in an Electric Rice Cooker
How to Make Whole Rice in an Electric Rice Cooker

If you are in the habit of eating rice every week, retire your regular cooker and invest in a rice cooker. This appliance eliminates the difficulty of preparing rice the old-fashioned way - all you have to do is separate the desired amount of rice, add a little water and let the pan do the rest. However, when preparing brown rice, it is important to know the exact proportion of rice and water. The key is to use a little more moisture to ensure the rice is soft, fluffy and delicious.


Makes one to two servings.

  • Two cups of brown rice (washed);
  • Three cups of water;
  • A pinch of salt (optional)


Part 1 of 3: Measuring and Washing Rice

Make Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker Step 1

Step 1. Measure the amount of rice you want

It is usually simpler to measure rice in whole cups. For example, two people sharing a meal might only eat two or three cups of rice, while a larger meal requires six to eight cups. Using even numbers will make it easier to know the amount of water needed.

  • Use a dry measuring cup to remove the rice from the packet. No kicking measurements.
  • For best results, only prepare the amount of rice you intend to eat. Brown rice does not always look good when reheated.
Make Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker Step 2

Step 2. Wash the rice

Place the brown rice in a strainer under the faucet and circulate the utensil under running water. This rinses out most of the starch, which helps prevent the beans from sticking together when they're being cooked. Continue washing until the water comes out of the sieve clean.

  • Note that the water that comes out of the rice through the sieve has a milky appearance, which is normal.
  • Drain off as much excess water as you can.
Make Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker Step 3

Step 3. Transfer the rice to the crockpot

Place the washed rice in the bottom of the pan and spread it out well. If you are going to prepare a lot at once, spread it out well so that you can cook it evenly.

Do not add more rice than fits into the crockpot at once. If you need to prepare a very large quantity, do it in shipments

Part 2 of 3: Cooking rice

Make Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker Step 4

Step 1. Add the correct amount of water

A general rule of thumb when cooking brown rice is to increase the recommended amount of water by 50%. So if you normally use a cup of water for every cup of rice, use a cup and a half to make up for the difference in texture. Since brown rice is harder than white rice, it needs to cook longer.

  • Unlike white rice, brown rice grains have yet another natural fibrous layer. Therefore, they do not absorb water as easily and take longer to cook at the ideal temperature.
  • The amount of water is directly related to cooking time. When the water evaporates, the internal temperature of the crockpot will increase, signaling to be turned off.
  • Although not necessary, soaking brown rice for half an hour beforehand helps to cook better. If you decide to soak the rice, use only one cup of water for each cup of rice.
Make Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker Step 5

Step 2. Turn on the crockpot

Make sure it is plugged in and ready to use. Then press the button to turn it on and you're done. The pan will take care of the rest automatically!

  • Most pans only have two settings: “cook” and “warm”.
  • If the model you are using is more sophisticated, program to the proper setting before cooking rice. See the instruction manual for recommended settings.
Make Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker Step 6

Step 3. Let the rice “rest” for ten minutes

When finished cooking, let it sit for a while to get the correct consistency. Do not remove the lid from the pan immediately to allow the rice to absorb more steam and begin to cool to an edible temperature.

  • Undercooked brown rice will be slightly crunchy and not appetizing in appearance.
  • Don't skip this step. It can be tempting to stir the rice right away if you're hungry, but the full flavor and improved texture of the rice make it worth the wait.
Make Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker Step 7

Step 4. Stir the rice before serving

Stir from edges to center with a wooden spoon or spatula. Use the tip of the utensil to break up any clumps of rice you find. You now have a shipment of perfectly cooked rice, ready to be paired with a tasty vegetable mix or a piece of fresh fish.

  • Never use metal utensils to stir or serve rice. Doing so leaves permanent scratches on the inside of the pan.
  • Shamoji is very useful for those who make rice regularly. The more modern version of this traditional Japanese utensil is plastic and is specifically made for mixing and serving rice.

Part 3 of 3: Cleaning the Pot

Make Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker Step 8

Step 1. Leave the lid off the pan

This will reduce the internal temperature of the device and make cleaning easier. The heat will continue to escape and the rice residue inside the pan will begin to dry out.

  • Do not handle the crockpot while it is still hot. Allow it to cool completely before trying to clean it.
  • When you finish eating, the pan will have cooled down.
Make Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker Step 9

Step 2. Scrape dry rice particles

Run a spatula (or your fingers) on the walls and bottom of the pan to peel off the rice residues. Throw them directly into the trash. Remove as much as you can with your hands - after that, all you have to do is wipe the pan with a cloth.

  • Rice cookers are usually coated with a smooth, non-stick finish that makes cleaning a lot easier.
  • Do not use any sharp or aggressive instruments for cleaning. The effectiveness of these items is not worth it due to the risk of damage they can cause.
Make Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker Step 10

Step 3. Clean the inside of the pan with a damp cloth

Soak a cloth with warm water to help dissolve the stuck starch. Any loose layers or particles will come out of the pan. Let the inside dry naturally, put the lid back on and save the pan for the next time you use it.

  • If you need a heavier solution to clean a bigger mess, scrub the inside of the pan with a soft dish brush or the green part of the kitchen sponge.
  • For added safety, unplug the pan from the outlet before pouring water into or anywhere near the pan.
Make Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker Final

Step 4. Ready


  • Look for rice cooker models with a specific setup for cooking brown rice.
  • To make rice softer, add a pinch of kosher or sea salt before heating.
  • Leave the lid on the pan during the meal to prevent the remaining rice from drying out.
  • Clean the pan completely inside and out after using it a few times.


  • If you don't wash the rice properly, it can end up sticking and having a gummy texture.
  • Consuming rice left at room temperature or reheated several times can cause food poisoning.

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