3 Ways to Prepare Peas with Pods (Snow Peas or Pie Peas)

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3 Ways to Prepare Peas with Pods (Snow Peas or Pie Peas)
3 Ways to Prepare Peas with Pods (Snow Peas or Pie Peas)

There are some species of peas that can be prepared and eaten with the pod. In the US, a famous variety of this type is the Snow Pea. In Brazil, it is common to consume the "Torted Pea". These peas can be served as a side dish or alone in a stir-fry. These are excellent options for a busy chef, as they take two to five minutes to get ready.


Method 1 of 3: Preparing the Peas

Cook Snow Peas Step 1

Step 1. Pour the pods into a colander

Put the pea pods in a colander and immerse it in a large bowl of cold water. Stir them so that the water washes them off completely.

Cook Snow Peas Step 2

Step 2. Wash and dry the peas again

Cook Snow Peas Step 3

Step 3. Break one side of the pea

Pull the fiber connecting the ends to the outer edge of the pod. So, break the other end.

  • You will notice whether or not the pod has a fibrous layer.
  • Some less mature pods may have this softer layer and can be eaten with it.
  • You can also use a vegetable peeling knife to cut the ends.
Cook Snow Peas Step 4

Step 4. Blanch the peas to preserve them

If you do not intend to use the pods for the next two days, fill a pot with boiling water. Toss in the peas for a minute, remove them and place in a bowl of ice.

  • Dry the beans and store for five to seven days.

    Cook Snow Peas Step 4Bullet1

Method 2 of 3: Sauteing the Peas

Cook Snow Peas Step 5

Step 1. Heat a tablespoon of butter in a skillet

Leave the heat on medium-high. You can also use a tablespoon of olive oil, or a mixture of both.

  • For an Asian touch, try using a little sesame oil instead of olive oil.
  • Use garlic in place of shallots.
  • Opt for pine nuts over almonds.
Cook Snow Peas Step 6

Step 2. Add 25 g of sliced ​​pine nuts

Stir and toast them in the skillet.

Cook Snow Peas Step 7

Step 3. Slice a medium shallot

Add the shallot pieces with 250 g of pod peas.

Cook Snow Peas Step 8

Step 4. Stir with a wooden spoon for 2 minutes

The pea should be dark green and crispy when removed from the heat.

Cook Snow Peas Step 9

Step 5. Squeeze half a lemon over the ingredients

Add salt and pepper.

Method 3 of 3: Steaming Peas

Cook Snow Peas Step 10

Step 1. Place a large pot with a few inches of water on the fire while preparing the peas for cooking

Pour some salt into the water and cover the pan.

Cook Snow Peas Step 11

Step 2. Uncap when it starts to boil

Place a steaming basket over the pan.

Cook Snow Peas Step 12

Step 3. Place the pods in the basket

  • Cover the pan.

    Cook Snow Peas Step 12Bullet1
Cook Snow Peas Step 13

Step 4. Wait three minutes

Remove the lid and the basket with the pods.

Cook Snow Peas Step 14

Step 5. Season them with salt and pepper

Serve immediately.


  • Some peas can also be eaten raw with the pod.
  • When preparing a stew with peas, leave them ready for preparation, but only add them in the last two minutes of cooking.

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