3 Ways to Eat Conde Fruit

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3 Ways to Eat Conde Fruit
3 Ways to Eat Conde Fruit

Conde fruits, also known as pine cones, pine cones or custard apples, are native to subtropical regions and have a sweet and creamy pulp that pleases many palates. The easiest way to taste a custard apple is to cut it in half and remove the white pulp with a spoon. You can also exchange apples for this fruit in your favorite recipes.


Method 1 of 3: Tasting the pure custard apple

Eat Custard Apples Step 1

Step 1. Cut the custard apple in half

Cut the fruit parallel to its length, going from the handle to the round bottom. Separate the halves. Inside them, you will find a creamy white pulp, characteristic of the custard apples.

  • To avoid crushing the soft pulp, use a very sharp knife.
  • If the custard apple is ripe enough, you might be able to stick your fingers through the middle of it and separate the halves with your hands anyway.
Eat Custard Apples Step 2

Step 2. Scoop out the white pulp

Run the edge of a spoon around the bottom of the skin to loosen the edible pulp. It should come out in large chunks that you can eat as is or cut before adding to your favorite recipes.

  • The pulp that is closest to the skin tends to be a little more bitter than the rest, so avoid going too deep with the spoon if you prefer the taste of the sweeter part of the fruit.
  • Unlike other fruits, custard apples should only be eaten without the skin.
Eat Custard Apples Step 3

Step 3. Take the seeds you find

In the middle of the custard apple, there will be a cluster of small, dark seeds. Use a fork to pull out these seeds or do this with your fingers. Once you take them out, you can already eat the fruit!

Take care to remove all the seeds before biting into the pulp. The seeds are hard and easy to lose sight of, but biting into them is definitely not a good feeling

Method 2 of 3: Using Conduit Fruits in Your Favorite Recipes

Eat Custard Apples Step 4

Step 1. Use applesauce to replace apples

Next time you're making a fruit salad, baking a homemade apple pie, or baking a cake, make it with berries instead of some variety of apples. They offer the same mouth-watering sweet taste, but with a sour touch and a creamier consistency.

  • Conde fruits also look great in simple recipes like fruit purees and fruit preserves.
  • You can also chop the pulp and place it on top of sweet pancakes, paves or oatmeal.
Eat Custard Apples Step 5

Step 2. Make a smoothie with custard apple

Place a few pieces of ripe custard in a blender along with other fresh fruits and vegetables, a few spoonfuls of yogurt, crushed ice, and some juice or milk. The soft sour touch that the fruit gives will be delicious and will let the flavor of the other ingredients come through at the same time.

  • Since custard apples are known to leave a strong flavor after eating them, they are great with very sweet fruits such as bananas, peaches, mangoes and strawberries.
  • Making smoothies with custard apples is a great way to take advantage of the large amounts of vitamin C, potassium and fiber they have if you're not a big fan of pure fruit.
Eat Custard Apples Step 6

Step 3. Place custard apples on savory dishes

Try putting a cup of chopped custard in a stew, a bowl of chicken salad, or a spicy vegetable curry. The mixture of their sweet flavor gives a nice contrast with salty, well-seasoned or spicy ingredients.

Try using custard apples in savory recipes that call for apples, such as pork chops with baked apples or chicken sausages with apples

Method 3 of 3: Picking and Saving Conde Fruits

Eat Custard Apples Step 7

Step 1. Pinch the custard apple to see if it is ripe

A quick touch test is the most reliable method of knowing if a custard apple is ready for consumption. Pinch your fingers gently, right in the middle of the fruit. It should be steady, but sag a little, something like an avocado.

When perfectly ripe, the rind of the custard apple usually has a light green or yellowish hue. However, some remain dark green even after ripening

Eat Custard Apples Step 8

Step 2. Ripen unripe custard apples using a paper bag

To be able to enjoy fruits that are still unripe faster, place them inside a paper bag and wrap the open end of the bag tightly. The gases that naturally escape during the ripening process will be trapped inside the bag, making the custard apple ripen faster.

  • If you want to speed it up even more, place a banana in the paper bag along with the berries to increase the amount of ripening gases.
  • Don't let the custard apples overripe, as this can spoil their flavor and texture.
Eat Custard Apples Step 9

Step 3. Store ripe custard apples in the refrigerator for up to 3 days

Transfer whole or sliced ​​fruits to an airtight pot and leave them in the vegetable drawer or one of the top shelves. When properly stored, they should stay good for at least a few days. However, it is best to consume immediately, if possible.

  • Keeping custard apples in a lidded jar or plastic bag prevents them from turning brown quickly.
  • Throw away the custard apples when the skin starts to turn black or sticky.


  • There are some varieties of custard apple, such as red, seedless (which is smaller) and common green and seeded.
  • Save overcooked berries to make sauces, jams and purees, as in these recipes it doesn't matter if the fruit is softer than usual.
  • You can also add custard apple pulp to homemade skin or hair cosmetics to further nourish them.

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