3 Ways to Eat Soursop

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3 Ways to Eat Soursop
3 Ways to Eat Soursop

Soursop is a greenish fruit with small spines found in many Latin American countries. Also known as guanabana, araticum and jackfruit from Pará, among many other names, it tastes similar to pineapple. To taste a soursop, start by peeling the fruit and removing the toxic seeds. Then use the pulp to make smoothies, milkshakes and shakes. You can also chop the fruit and eat it raw or roasted.


Method 1 of 3: Peeling the Fruit

Eat Soursop Step 1

Step 1. Choose a soursop with a greenish-yellow skin

Before they are ripe, soursops have a dark green skin and can take even more than a week to be ripe. After the fruit ripens, the skin changes tone, becoming more yellowish. Also check if the soursop is soft and slightly soft to see if you can already eat it.

  • The soursop will continue to ripen once placed in the refrigerator, but the process may take a little longer.
  • Green soursop has a bitter taste and a hard, floury pulp.
Eat Soursop Step 2

Step 2. Wash the fruit with warm water

Before starting to eat soursop, wash the fruit in warm running water for two to three minutes. Rub the bark with your hands to get rid of dirt and other debris. To make the soursop even cleaner, wash it with a fruit and vegetable cleaner, easy to find in any supermarket.

Eat Soursop Step 3

Step 3. Peel off the shell

The outside of the soursop is inedible. Therefore, you need to remove it. Make an X at one end of the fruit. The cut must be deep enough to reach the pulp. Then loosen the skin with your fingers, pulling it down, one side at a time, to separate it from the pulp.

  • Peel the soursop as if it were a banana and use a knife to clean the hardest-to-release areas.
  • The soursop's rind is covered with small thorns that aren't usually hard enough to skewer the skin of the person holding the fruit.
Eat Soursop Step 4

Step 4. Cut the fruit vertically

Take a sharp knife and place the soursop on a cutting board. Hold it tightly and cut it in half vertically. As long as the fruit is ripe, you shouldn't face any resistance. To reach the seeds more easily, cut the fruit into four parts.

Eat Soursop Step 5

Step 5. Remove the seeds

After cutting the soursop, you will see the cream-colored pulp and several long, smooth, black lumps. With a spoon, dig the pulp to dislodge the seeds. Some people prefer to do this with their fingers. The important thing is not to leave any seeds behind, as soursop seeds are rich in neurotoxins.

  • Each long lump contains dozens of smaller lumps.
  • Be very careful when disposing of the seeds so that they are not eaten by any other person or animal.
Eat Soursop Step 6

Step 6. Store leftovers in a container with a lid

Place the soursop pieces in a plastic or glass container with a tight lid. Close the jar tightly and store the fruit in the refrigerator for approximately a week.

Method 2 of 3: Eating soursop

Eat Soursop Step 7

Step 1. Eat the fruit raw

Spoon into the pulp or cut the soursop with a sharp knife and eat it into small pieces. Another option is to beat the pulp and eat it creamy with a spoon.

Soursop tastes similar to pineapple. Like many other tropical fruits, it is both sweet and sour

Eat Soursop Step 8

Step 2. Refrigerate the pulp to make it sweeter

If raw soursop irritates your mouth or makes you numb, wait a few days before trying to eat the fruit again. To do this, refrigerate the pulp in a container with a lid. After a while, the fruit will be much sweeter.

Eat Soursop Step 9

Step 3. Bake the soursop

You can also prepare ripe soursop as if it were a vegetable. Cut the fruit in half or into pieces and put it in the oven at 180 °C. Bake it for 20 to 30 minutes, or until it is very soft. To add an extra layer of flavor, season it with cinnamon or nutmeg before putting it in the oven.

Another option is to grill the soursop as if it were a pineapple. To leave the fruit with a special taste, sprinkle a little honey over the slices

Eat Soursop Step 10

Step 4. Prepare homemade ice cream

In a manual or electric ice cream maker, place 3/4 cup (180 ml) of creamy soursop pulp, one cup (240 ml) of milk, 3/4 cup (150 g) of sugar and two cups (475 ml) of whipped cream. Follow the machine instructions to process the ice cream and, when ready, take it out of the bowl with a spoon.

If you don't have an ice cream maker, freeze the mixture in ice cube trays

Eat Soursop Step 11

Step 5. Make a soursop pie

In a large bowl, beat half a cup (120 ml) of egg yolk and 3/4 cup (75 g) of refined sugar. Then add a cup (240 ml) of heavy cream. In a small saucepan, heat one cup (240 ml) of soursop cream and 28 g of powdered gelatin. Add 250ml of white chocolate syrup and a cup (240ml) of fresh black sapodilla and mix well. Pour the cream into the pan and mix. Finally, turn the mixture into a pie tin and let it cool for two hours or until the cream is firm.

Eat Soursop Step 12

Step 6. Take care when using soursop for medicinal purposes

Although some people say that soursop works to fight cancer, this information has no medical support. Even some experts warn against the excessive consumption of the fruit due to the high content of neurotoxins.

Method 3 of 3: Making Soursop Drinks

Eat Soursop Step 13

Step 1. Make a soursop smoothie

Use your creativity when preparing drinks with soursops and other fruits. Place the chopped fruit in a blender along with pieces of banana, kiwi, strawberry and blueberry. Fill the rest of the jar with ice and beat until the mixture is creamy and easy to drink. Serve some of the smoothie in a glass and save the rest for later.

Eat Soursop Step 14

Step 2. Make a milkshake

Place the pulp of a ripe soursop, a ripe banana, half a cup (120 ml) of coconut water and half a cup (120 ml) of almond milk in a blender. To add a little more flavor to the shake, add a dash of cinnamon and vanilla. Beat until mixture is very creamy. Serve the shake in a glass and garnish it with ground cinnamon.

Eat Soursop Step 15

Step 3. Make a soursop beat

In a blender, place the pulp of a ripe soursop and two cups (475 ml) of water and blend until the mixture is creamy. Then add another cup (240 ml) of water, a can of condensed milk, two tablespoons (30 ml) of fresh lemon juice, a tablespoon (15 ml) of vanilla extract and a spoon of soup (5 ml) of grated nutmeg. Beat until the mixture is creamy, serve it and enjoy!

  • The drink can be served chilled or on ice.
  • If you don't like condensed milk, try sweetening the drink with honey.
Eat Soursop Step 16

Step 4. Make soursop tea

Put two or three soursop leaves in a cup of tea. Turn boiling water over the leaves and wait between five and ten minutes. Then remove the leaves from the cup with a spoon and sweeten the tea with honey. Soursop tea can be served chilled or hot. No need to wait to taste it.

Each soursop has between four and six oval and green leaves in the cabin. You can buy the fruit with the leaves or buy the dried leaves at a spice store

Eat Soursop Step 17

Step 5. Make some juice

In an electric or manual juicer, place several small pieces of husk and seedless soursop. Place a glass at the outlet of the machine to catch the juice and discard the rest of the pulp. You can drink the juice straight away or add it to a bowl of ice cream or yogurt.


Wash your hands before picking up soursop and using it in recipes


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