How to Cut American Lettuce: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Cut American Lettuce: 8 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Cut American Lettuce: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

If you're not a chef, cutting a head of iceberg lettuce might seem difficult. However, it is not necessary to undergo professional training to perform this task. It is possible to cut whole lettuce into crispy pieces or very thin strips using a sharp knife and the most suitable cutting techniques.


Method 1 of 2: Cutting Pieces

Step 1. Remove the stalk

Lay the lettuce head on its side with the stalk facing you. Pay a sharp knife and cut about 2 cm from the base of the stalk upwards. Discard that part.

If you prefer, you can tap the stalk on the edge of the sink so that it breaks from the inside and is easier to remove by hand. However, this can leave the sheets with marks

Step 2. Take out the outer sheets

Discard the first layer of lettuce leaves (or the first two). They are often shriveled or damaged from handling.

If the first few layers have very few ugly parts and you want to save them, just remove the ugly with your hands

Step 3. Cut the head of lettuce in half

Hold the lettuce with one hand facing forward so that the outside of your thumb is facing the knife. Doing it that way makes it harder to cut yourself by accident.

Step 4. Place the halves face down and cut them in half

This will yield four large pieces of lettuce. If you want them to get smaller, cut the pieces in half again to make eight.

Method 2 of 2: Chopping Lettuce into Thin Strips

Cut Iceberg Lettuce Step 5

Step 1. Take the stalk and cut the lettuce into equal pieces

Cut 2 cm from the lettuce stalk upwards. Remove shriveled or damaged outer leaves. Cut the remaining lettuce in half and then cut the halves in half again. Leaving the lettuce in pieces ensures thinner strips.

If the head of lettuce is large, cut it only in half instead of four. Don't try to chop the lettuce without cutting it in half first, because its round shape makes it harder to hold it securely

Step 2. Hold and cut thin strips of lettuce pieces vertically if you want the strips to come out long

Place the piece on the board with the cut part facing down. Move your hand away from the edge and the knife while chopping the lettuce, until you reach the other end.

Step 3. Cut the strips horizontally if you want them to be shorter

Leave the piece of lettuce cut side down and cut the strips as thick as you like. Bring your hand away from the tip and blade of the knife as you cut.

Step 4. Separate the straps with your hands

Gently drop the lettuce. You can shake it with your hands or with salad tongs to loosen the strips well.


  • Use a clean board so you don't damage your sink or counter when cutting and chopping food.
  • Decrease waste by putting discarded lettuce pieces in your compost pile.


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