3 Ways to Cut a Pitaia

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3 Ways to Cut a Pitaia
3 Ways to Cut a Pitaia

The pitaya is an exotic looking fruit, but super easy to eat. Just find a ripe fruit and cut it in half or quarters. The rind comes out easily in the hand, but you can also eat the pulp of the pitaya with a spoon. It is not necessary to wash the fruit or take any other precautions. The pitaya is similar to kiwi fruit, only crispier and less sweet, and you can enjoy it raw, chilled or in the form of a vitamin.


Method 1 of 3: Cutting the oatmeal in half

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Step 1. Cut the pitaya in half

Place the fruit on a cutting board and, with a sharp knife, cut it vertically. Keep the shell intact. A simple cut from the cabin is enough to divide the fruit into two parts and expose the edible white pulp.

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Step 2. Separate the pulp from the skin with a spoon

Pass the spoon between the pink skin and the white flesh. Lift it to release the edible part of the fruit. This is no work at all: the pulp of the pitaya is super easy to remove.

There is also a type of pitaya with a red pulp instead of a white one. Fruit is also edible, but it's much harder to find

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Step 3. Cut the pitaya into cubes

Place the two halves of the fruit on the cutting board and discard the skin. The seeds are perfectly edible. No need to worry about removing them. Just chop the fruit coarsely into pieces that are easy to put in your mouth and enjoy.

You can eat the pitaya raw or add it to a smoothie or fruit salad to make it even more delicious

Method 2 of 3: Cutting the Fruit into Quarters

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Step 1. Peel the pitaya

Turn the fruit cabinet part over. This is where you will start to open the shell. To peel the pitayas, grasp each portion of the skin with your fingers and pull them apart as if you were opening a banana to expose the white, edible pulp.

You can also cut the fruit before peeling it. Which method you choose won't make any difference

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Step 2. Cut the fruit into four parts

Place the fruit on the cutting board and, with a knife, cut it in half vertically. Lay the two halves on the cutting board and split them horizontally, separating the pitaya into four parts.

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Step 3. Break the pitaya into small pieces

Cut each of the quarters of the fruit into small pieces. The ideal is to cut it into cubes. The pieces don't have to be uniform, but the cubes look nice and are easy to eat with a fork or to put in a blender.

Method 3 of 3: Seeing if the fruit is ripe

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Step 1. Check if the shell is pink

A strong pink bark is the main sign that a pitaya is ripe. On the tips, it is possible that the fruit still has some greenish marks. The important thing, however, is that it doesn't have many black spots. There's nothing wrong with a slightly bruised porridge, but avoid eating excessively stained fruit.

  • If you find a pitaya with black spots and you don't know if it looks good, press it. She'll still be on point if she's not too soft.
  • Some types of pitaya have a yellow bark instead of a pink one.
  • If the pitaya is greenish, it means that it has not yet matured. Wait a little longer before cutting it.
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Step 2. Squeeze the fruit to see if it is ripe

The handle of a mature pitaya bends without breaking. When pressed, the fruit should have a spongy, kiwi-like consistency. Too soft an oak tree will taste as disgusting as the texture itself.

If the pitaya is too hard, it means it is still green

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Step 3. Leave the pitaya to ripen on the kitchen table for a few days

In addition to the greenish color, the green pitaya also has a very hard consistency. However, the fruit is also at less risk of spoiling. Leave it on the kitchen table until it ripens and squeeze it daily to see if the skin is soft and spongy.


  • As pitaya bark is inedible, you don't have to worry about washing it.
  • The pitaya seeds are edible and do not need to be removed.
  • Due to its color, the pitta bark is often used as a bowl. Just put the cut pieces inside it and eat the raw fruit.

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