How to Remove Fat from Whole Milk: 12 Steps

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How to Remove Fat from Whole Milk: 12 Steps
How to Remove Fat from Whole Milk: 12 Steps

Skim milk is high in protein and carbohydrates, but low in fat. The low-fat products sold in markets are often waiting or filled with additives, which leads many people to remove the cream at home. For this, you will need unhomogenized whole milk, straight from the cow. Separate the fat by boiling the liquid or letting it settle for 24 hours in the refrigerator. Come on?


Method 1 of 2: Letting the milk settle

Skim Fat from Whole Milk Step 1

Step 1. Check that the milk is not homogenized

Homogenized milk has its fat molecules broken down before it is available for sale, so check the packaging to see what processes the drink has gone through. If the milk went straight from the cow to your kitchen, you can be sure it wasn't homogenized.

Non-homogenized milk can be found in stores dedicated to natural products


You can buy pasteurized whole milk, too. Pasteurization kills bacteria but does not remove milk fat.

Skim Fat from Whole Milk Step 2

Step 2. Transfer the milk to a clean, transparent container with a lid

Glass jars and plastic pots are good options, but paper-covered cups will do. Transfer the desired amount of milk into the container.

  • If you intend to skim milk in large quantities, buy several glass jars with lids from wholesale stores.
  • Use a clear container to make it easy to identify the line between milk and fat.
Skim Fat from Whole Milk Step 3

Step 3. Let the milk sit in the fridge for 24 hours

Over time, the fat will rise to the top of the container as long as you don't stir the milk at all.

Cold milk takes longer to settle, but leaving it at room temperature would spoil it

Skim Fat from Whole Milk Step 4

Step 4. Try to identify the "cream line" in your milk

When the fat separates from the milk, you will be able to visualize a layer of cream floating on top of the chosen container.

When you can see the cream line, you'll know which parts of the milk to remove from the container

Skim Fat from Whole Milk Step 5

Step 5. Open the container and scrape off the cream with a spoon

Take great care to remove the fat from the pot so that you don't end up mixing it back into the milk. Save the cream for a recipe or discard it, whatever.

Skim Fat from Whole Milk Step 6

Step 6. Store the milk in the fridge and use it for the next seven days

It's okay to leave the milk in the container you used, but you can also transfer it to another pot. The most important thing is to keep it in the fridge.

Use skim milk in your recipes as it is a healthier alternative to whole milk

Method 2 of 2: Boiling Milk

Skim Fat from Whole Milk Step 7

Step 1. Boil unmixed whole milk in a saucepan for six minutes

Transfer the desired amount of milk to a saucepan and turn on medium heat. Boil it for six minutes, stirring gently so it doesn't burn.

This process works best with relatively warm raw milk, straight from the cow


If you smell a burning smell, remove the milk from the fire immediately.

Skim Fat from Whole Milk Step 8

Step 2. Turn off the heat and let the milk cool for two minutes

You will see the cream forming and starting to float in the milk. After extinguishing the heat, do not stir in the milk any more so as not to mix the fat again.

Skim Fat from Whole Milk Step 9

Step 3. "Catch" the fat with a spoon

Carefully scrape the top of the pan with a large spoon. You can use the cream in a recipe or simply discard it: just be careful not to mix it again with the milk.

If you want to keep the cream, put it in a container with a lid and refrigerate. Use it within a maximum of five days

Skim Fat from Whole Milk Step 10

Step 4. Cover the pan with a lid and refrigerate the milk for eight hours

As it cools, it will separate even more from the fat, which will float. Cover the pan tightly and place it in a corner of the refrigerator where it will sit still.

Skim Fat from Whole Milk Step 11

Step 5. Remove the remaining cream with a spoon

When the milk has cooled, a thick layer of cream will form in the pan. Use a spoon to remove it, being very careful not to mix it with the rest of the liquid.

The cream will now be thicker than the previous step

Skim Fat from Whole Milk Step 12

Step 6. Store the skim milk in the refrigerator and use it for the next seven days

Transfer it to a small glass bottle with a lid and use it next week. After that period, it is better to discard it.


  • If you have enough cream, you can whip it into homemade butter.
  • In a commercial environment, a separator centrifuge is used for this process. As this is expensive machinery, you can follow our tips to get similar results at home.

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