4 Ways to Cook Smoked Haddock

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4 Ways to Cook Smoked Haddock
4 Ways to Cook Smoked Haddock

Fish are tasty and healthy foods, which makes them great for any diet. Haddock is an easy fish to find and is found fresh or smoked. The smoked version can be yellowish (dyed) or undyed, depending on your preference. There are several ways to prepare it. Each person will eat a 170 to 225 g serving of fish; have the fishmonger clean and cut the haddock into fillets to avoid any nasty surprises.

  • Preparation time: 5-10 minutes
  • Cooking time: 10 minutes
  • Total time: 15-20 minutes


Method 1 of 4: Blanching Smoked Haddock

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 1

Step 1. Fill a pot with milk

The size of the pan and the amount of milk depend on how many grams of fish you want to cook at once. The pan should be big enough to accommodate all the fillets and still have room for the spatula; the milk has to be enough to cover them.

  • Alternatively, use heavy cream mixed with water.
  • Don't just use water; it will steal the flavor of the fish.
Cook Smoked Haddock Step 2

Step 2. Season with a little pepper

Grind fresh black pepper directly into the milk to enhance the haddock flavor. This is a good time to add other spices if desired. Add bay leaves, onion, garlic, parsley or even dill.

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 3

Step 3. Heat the milk

Do not boil it, but heat it until it almost boils. If it starts to boil, remove from heat immediately until it stops. Once it is hot, reduce the heat to avoid boiling.

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 4

Step 4. Load the haddock

Put the fish in the milk that is almost boiling, arranging the fillets in the pan so that they are covered with milk.

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 5

Step 5. Cook the haddock

Let the fish simmer in milk for about 10 minutes over medium heat. Alternatively, very small or thin fillets can be cooked in hot milk over the heat. To do this, take the pan off the heat and cover it after putting the fish inside.

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 6

Step 6. Look at the haddock

The fish will be ready when it is completely opaque, with the flesh flaked and coming off easily. If it is transparent or if you can't release a piece with a slight tug, cook some more.

Look at the meatiest part of the biggest steak to see if it's done. The ends of the smaller fillets are ready faster than the other parts

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 7

Step 7. Serve the fish while it's still hot

Poached smoked haddock, a typically British dish, is often served with freshly baked bread and butter. The milk is used to make a sauce, and the bread sucks up excess sauce from the dish.

Haddock can also be shredded and used in other recipes such as fish pie or risottos

Method 2 of 4: Roasting Smoked Haddock

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 8

Step 1. Preheat the oven

Adjust to 180°C.

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 9

Step 2. Place the fish on a piece of aluminum foil or parchment paper

You can use a large sheet to put all the fillets or small pieces for each fillet. The aluminum or wax paper should be twice the size of the fillets that will be covered.

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 10

Step 3. Season the haddock

Place a flat spoon of butter over each fillet and add your favorite spices on top. Add pepper, lemon juice, parsley, bay leaves, dill or chili powder. Smoked haddock is already salty, so don't add salt.

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 11

Step 4. Fold the aluminum or baking paper over the fish

After covering, roll up the ends of the paper to form a small packet of fish. It must be sealed inside.

If you like, put vegetables inside the package for more flavor, but be aware that many vegetables take longer to cook than fish, so they won't be cooked if they're not cooked well before putting them in the package

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 12

Step 5. Put the fish in the oven

You can place aluminum foil directly on the oven racks or line a baking sheet with it. Parchment paper is usually softer and needs to be placed on a baking sheet first.

If you made a package with all the fish fillets, place it on a baking sheet for easier handling

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 13

Step 6. Bake the fish until it is done

Leave the packages in the oven for 15-20 minutes, or until cooked through. When cooked, the fish will be completely opaque and the meat should be shredded easily. If it is transparent or it is not easy to pull out a piece by pulling it lightly, cook more.

When you see if it's good, try the biggest fillet and the thickest part of it. The ends of the smaller fillets will be ready before the others

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 14

Step 7. Serve the haddock with side dishes

Serve it with at least two vegetables or one vegetable and one carbohydrate so the meal is balanced and healthy. For a British touch, serve with slices of black pudding.

Method 3 of 4: Frying Smoked Haddock

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 15

Step 1. Heat the skillet

Heat a large skillet over medium to high heat, then turn it down to medium to avoid burning.

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 16

Step 2. Put oil in the skillet

Any oil (or butter) you have can be used, but olive oil is one of the best for cooking fish. No need to measure: just play a little and let it heat up.

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 17

Step 3. Prepare the haddock

While the pan heats up, prepare the fish for frying. There are two ways to prepare it: marinated in oil or spread in flour. Add spices such as pepper, lemon juice, parsley, bay leaves, dill or curry powder, whichever way you choose.

  • Marinate the fish in oil by pouring olive oil on both sides of the fillet and sprinkling seasoning on top. Rub both sides of the fish to cover it completely with the seasoning mixture; leave it like that for a while to get the flavor.
  • Bread the fish with flour mixed with seasoning, then shake the fillet to remove excess flour.
Cook Smoked Haddock Step 18

Step 4. Place the haddock in the skillet

If he has skin on one side, start by leaving the skin up. Let it cook for eight minutes, until it is crispy and golden. Be careful not to burn the fish. Cooking over medium heat instead of medium high avoids this problem.

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 19

Step 5. Flip the haddock over

Let the other side of the filet cook for a few minutes, until it is crispy and golden. If the pan gets dry, add more butter or oil when turning the fish.

The filet probably won't have to cook as long as the other side (without skin), so be careful

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 20

Step 6. See if you are ready

When the fish is ready, it will be completely opaque and the meat should be shredded easily. If it is transparent or if you can't loosen pieces by pulling slowly, let it cook longer.

To check the stitch, look at the largest fillet in the thickest part. The ends of the smaller fillets will be ready faster than the rest

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 21

Step 7. Serve the haddock hot

Consume immediately, before it gets cold. Toss in some lemon juice or lemon sauce with capers. Serve it with at least two vegetables or a vegetable and a carbohydrate so that the meal is balanced and healthy.

Method 4 of 4: Making Smoked Haddock with Mustard Sauce

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 22

Step 1. Prepare some potatoes

Cut red potatoes (or whatever you like) into medium pieces and cook in water, steam or bake until just right. Divide potatoes into several dishes.

If you are going to use potatoes of the small variety, you will not need to cut them

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 23

Step 2. Blanch the smoked haddock

See the “Blanking Smoked Haddock” section above for more detailed instructions. After the fish has cooked, take it out of the milk and place a fillet on top of each plate of potatoes.

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 24

Step 3. Remove the scalding milk from the pan

Set it aside, but pass it through a sieve to remove pieces of seasoning or fish.

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 25

Step 4. Melt two tablespoons of butter

In the same pan that cooked the fish, melt the butter over medium to high heat. Then add some flour (about the same amount of butter) and mix well, letting the butter and flour cook for two to four minutes.

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 26

Step 5. Pour the milk into the mixture

Place the strained milk from the scald in the pan with butter and flour, stirring as you pour. Continue adding milk until the sauce has the desired consistency.

It is possible to adjust the consistency of the sauce by adding more milk to thin or more flour to thicken. The sauce will also thicken a little when it cools, so keep this in mind

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 27

Step 6. Add the mustard

Put about a tablespoon of mustard in the sauce, and mix well to mix. If you like, add other spices now too, like fresh tarragon.

Cook Smoked Haddock Step 28

Step 7. Pour the sauce over the haddock and potatoes

The sauce has to be very hot to reheat both potatoes and fish. After putting the sauce on top, the dish is ready and should be served immediately.

  • If the potatoes or fish have cooled, place them in the pan along with the sauce on the fire, but be careful not to melt the steaks (they will still be delicious, but the aesthetics will not be so good if they fall apart in the pan).
  • Put some parsley on top for a special touch.
Cook Smoked Haddock Step 29

Step 8. Make changes

Add other vegetables to the recipe. Put some spinach between the potatoes and fish, or make a base of peas instead of potatoes.

It is also common to place a poached egg on top of each filet before putting the sauce on top


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