How to Cover a Cake with Americana Pasta: 14 Steps

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How to Cover a Cake with Americana Pasta: 14 Steps
How to Cover a Cake with Americana Pasta: 14 Steps

Do you want a cake with American paste, but find it too difficult? The process may seem complicated, but it really isn't. With a little practice and skill, you'll be able to cover the cake with American paste and make a spectacular finish.


  • butter cream
  • American folder
  • icing sugar
  • Cake


Method 1 of 2: Getting Started

Fondant a Cake Step 1

Step 1. Prepare the butter cream and set it aside

Then measure the top and sides of the cake using string. Place a large piece of string over the cake and fold the ends over the sides. Cut excess string from the sides. Take the string off the cake and keep it close. You will use it to measure the size of the American folder.

  • If you are making a cake with more than one floor, measure each one separately.
  • For any other cake, measure the farthest distance from the top (ie, diagonally across in square or rectangular cakes) and then multiply the height by two.
Fondant to Cake Step 2

Step 2. Cover the cake with a thin layer of butter cream using a butter spatula

The butter cream makes the American paste stick to the cake, so spread the frosting all the way through. Make the layer smooth as any elevation will be visible. If there are gaps or holes in the cake, fill them with the butter cream and make these parts also smooth.

  • Use a turntable for cake decorating to make the process easier and faster.
  • You can also use dark or white chocolate ganache or apricot jam instead of butter cream.
Fondant to Cake Step 3

Step 3. Place the cake in the refrigerator for 30 minutes

The butter cream will have enough time to set. If it is too soft, the paste will slip.

Fondant to Cake Step 4

Step 4. Empty and clean a large, smooth surface to sprinkle the icing sugar

The surface needs to be smooth as any imperfections will be imprinted on the paste. Sprinkle a little icing sugar to prevent the paste from sticking.

If the area where you live is humid, use a mixture of one part cornstarch and one part icing sugar. If the region is too dry, use a thin layer of vegetable shortening

Fondant to Cake Step 5

Step 5. Allow the American paste to come to room temperature

This makes handling easier. Knead it for five minutes to make it softer and easier to work with; but don't let it get too soft and sticky.

Add a gel or paste dye. You can also add some artificial flavor. Do not use liquid dye

Method 2 of 2: Opening and Using American Folder

Step 1. Use your hands to flatten the paste until it looks like a pancake

Don't make it too thin yet. If covering a square or rectangular cake, make the paste into a square or a flat rectangle.

Step 2. Open the American paste until the thickness is between 60 to 95 millimeters

Turn it around while rolling it open. Doing so will keep it circular and uniform. Do not lift and turn the folder as this may break it.

Step 3. Measure the paste with the piece of string

Take the string you cut earlier and place it on top of the folder. It needs to be the same length as the string or slightly larger; it is always possible to cut a little later.

Step 4. Place the American paste on the roll

Place the roller on the end of the paste and rotate to the opposite end, holding it while doing so. This helps to pass the paste to the cake and decreases the chances of breaking it.

Put some powdered icing sugar on the rolling pin before doing this

Step 5. Unroll the paste on the cake

Place the roll on top of the cake, near one end, and roll to the other end, releasing the paste.

Step 6. Smooth the American paste onto the cake using your fingers

Start at the top and then head to the sides. Do not leave creases, wrinkles or air bubbles. Cut off excess paste. Use a knife or pizza cutter. Try to cut as close as possible to the edge of the cake.

Step 7. Finish smoothing the folder

Give it a smooth, professional finish by "swiping" the surface of the paste with a flat glass or an American paste spatula.

Spray a little cooking oil and smooth it out again to add shine

Step 8. Finish decorating the cake

You can leave it that way, or you can add decorations using butter cream, such as letters, swirls, or flowers. You can also use american paste gel shapes to leave you with imprinted shapes.

Fondant a Cake Step 14

Step 9. Ready


  • Keep the paste covered while you're not using it so it doesn't dry out.
  • For small cakes, use a batch of marshmallow paste. For larger cakes or cakes with more than one floor or layers, make two or more batches. It is better to have more than not, as long as there is no waste.

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