How to Make Korean Ramen: 8 Steps

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How to Make Korean Ramen: 8 Steps
How to Make Korean Ramen: 8 Steps

If you want to try a new variety of instant noodles or just want to enjoy good Korean ramen, read on to find out how to make a simple, inexpensive meal that will indulge you.


Make Korean Style Ramen Step 1

Step 1. Get your favorite type of instant noodles

Use Samyang, Nong Shim or any other Korean brand for more authenticity. Thinner and cheaper noodles, which undergo a process of drying in boiling oil, are not recommended.

Make Korean Style Ramen Step 2

Step 2. Boil about 2 cups of water

You can boil a larger or smaller amount if you want your ramen with more or less broth.

Make Korean Style Ramen Step 3

Step 3. Optional:

add a pinch of garlic powder or pepper to the water.

Make Korean Style Ramen Step 4

Step 4. Cut the instant noodles in half and add it to the water

This makes it easier to stir and faster to cook.

Make Korean Style Ramen Step 5

Step 5. Add the seasoning and vegetables that come in the noodle package

Make Korean Style Ramen Step 6

Step 6. Stir frequently

You don't want the flavor to clump in one place or the noodles to cling to the bottom of the pan.

Make Korean Style Ramen Step 7

Step 7. Add any ingredient that you think goes well with the ramen

Favorites are: ham, chopped sausages, dried seaweed and eggs. You can also squeeze a little lemon, just to slightly accentuate the flavor of the broth. Don't forget to add chives; it gives a fresh taste to ramen.

Make Korean Style Ramen Step 8

Step 8. Transfer to a bowl, serve with cheot-garaks and enjoy with your favorite kimchi or banchan


  • To add an egg, follow these Steps: break the egg into a cup or small bowl and stir, then before you transfer the ramen to a bowl, pour the egg into the noodles and mix (if you don't mix, the egg will grab the pan).
  • Add things like sausage and ham a little early. They need to absorb heat from the boiling water, otherwise you'll have to eat cold meat.
  • Stir constantly. Otherwise the ramen won't look as good and some ingredients might fail if you don't stir it.
  • For extra flair, add a slice of cheese (of any type) just before eating, while it's still hot. Do not try to stir it, otherwise the soup will be unpleasant. Just savor the cheese in your first bites.
  • You can substitute half of the soup for Dashi (Asian seaweed broth) for a lighter, fresher version.
  • If you like, you can add a touch of sesame oil to add great flavor to your ramen.


  • Do not use too much or too little water. Two cups are recommended. Too much water will destroy the taste; basically, you're going to eat noodles in water. Too little water will just build up all the flavor in one area or even let the noodles burn in the pan.
  • When you're cooking more than one ramen at a time, don't double the amount of water. Use a little less.

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