How to Prepare Pizza at the Barbecue (with Pictures)

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How to Prepare Pizza at the Barbecue (with Pictures)
How to Prepare Pizza at the Barbecue (with Pictures)

Making pizza on the barbecue is almost an art. You might need a little practice, but generally speaking, all you have to do is arrange the grill, assemble the dough and put it to bake! If you want, you can even enjoy the fire and serve other appetizers.


  • 500 g of pizza dough;
  • 200 ml of tomato sauce;
  • Grated or chopped cheese (can be mozzarella, side dish, cheddar, etc.);
  • Other sauce (optional);
  • Seasonings and additional ingredients (well cut);
  • Olive oil.


Part 1 of 3: Fixing the grid

Cook Pizza on a Barbecue Step 1

Step 1. If you haven't already, provide a thermostat and grill cover

You can find these items in supermarkets or home appliance stores. They will be important to maintain the correct temperature (around 220°C), which browns and cooks the food in the right spot; if the heat is below that, the pizza will be raw.

  • If the appliance does not have a lid, you can improvise with an upside-down baking sheet.
  • Preferably, use a very large plate instead of an ordinary grill; the result doesn't change, but the holes take a lot of trouble to clean later.
  • In the case of charcoal grills and fires, it is necessary to assemble a base with bricks before lighting, in addition to filling the appropriate compartment with the ember.

Step 2. If the equipment does not have a lid, cover the barbecue with an upside-down roasting pan

First, make three little walls with two bricks each, as if you were building a cube. Leave the front and top open. The idea is to create a base to place the barbecue, so that it is very firm.

  • The process is the same as for meat: with the fire on, just position the grill or plate on it, and place the covered pizza with the mold to concentrate the heat.
  • Very important: be careful not to burn yourself.
  • After a while, remove the lid and see how it's done. If the dough is browning too fast, it's better to leave it uncovered.
Cook Pizza on a Barbecue Step 3

Step 3. To better regulate the temperature, place more bricks around the appliance

If you want, you can climb the little walls before starting to bake your dishes, and thus simulate a real oven. Warming will take longer, however, it will be more stable and better distributed.

For your safety, use clean bricks and wrap them in aluminum foil

Step 4. preheat the grill at 300°C.

Before anything else, wash the plate with soap, and let it heat up for about 10 or 15 minutes; this is important for sterilization. It is also essential that all equipment is clean, or food scraps will create smoke and compromise the final flavor of the pizza.

If you're baking on a hollow grill, it's best to use a base to place the pizza, which can be a cast iron skillet, a special stone, or other heat-resistant cooking utensil

Part 2 of 3: Assembling the Dough

Step 1. Place 500 g of dough on a floured surface

Just sprinkle a little flour over the place, which can be a baking sheet, cutting board or oven shovel.

You can buy ready-made dough or make your own. If you want to take a risk in production, it is good to remember: whole grain or corn flours are rich in protein, and give a very consistent result. On the other hand, they also take longer to bake

Step 2. Roll out the dough and make a circle approximately 30 cm in diameter

Go through the roller in reciprocating movements, until you get a thickness of about half an inch. From time to time, rotate the dough and level the height.

  • Try to make the edge very thin, and prefer to use ready-made ingredients; this facilitates the bottom-up cooking process.
  • Once you learn to control the temperature of the equipment well, you can play around with various thicknesses and shapes of dough, and see what works best.
  • A tip is to pre-bake the dough on the grill and freeze it for ready to use. It's a food that lasts a long time, so you can even prepare a good amount and leave everything ready when you need it.
Cook Pizza on a Barbecue Step 7

Step 3. Chop the ingredients to roughly the same size

The ideal is to use three items at most, but as Brazilians are usually creative in this part, go for it! The most common fillings include peppers, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms, but there are also more exotic ones such as spinach and artichokes. If you want a meat option, invest in pepperoni, artisan sausages and chicken.

If you prefer something simpler, do it like flatbread: quickly brown both sides of the dough, spread a little garlic sauce, complement it with meat or other ingredients, and just eat

Step 4. Cook the stuffing before putting it in the dough

If an item cannot be eaten raw (such as seafood and chicken), it is important to prepare it in advance; otherwise, the pizza may be underdone. Another tip is to place meat or more solid items close to the edges to facilitate the heat action.

Do not store pre-cooked meat for too long. If there is anything left, place it in a clean, closed container, and place it on the cooler shelf in the refrigerator (from 5°C and below). Do not mix ready-to-eat foods with raw ones

Step 5. Place all items in a tray

Include the stuffing (sliced, sliced ​​or shredded), sauce, olive oil, a kitchen brush, a spoon and a large spatula.

A catcher would help too, but it's okay if you don't

Part 3 of 3: Baking the pizza

Cook Pizza on a Barbecue Step 10

Step 1. Place the pizza in the oven paddle

You can also improvise with a wooden board, mold or other large utensil; the important thing is to transfer the dough safely to the barbecue.

If you choose to make homemade dough, don't let it sit too long before baking, or it will become too aerated and crack easily

Step 2. Put a little oil on the base

Dip the kitchen brush in the oil and spread it all over the dough. Ideally, create a thin oily layer.

Step 3. On the grill, turn the greased side down, cover and heat for a minute or two

Just put the dough on the plate and let it brown a little. If you prefer to cook without a lid, increase the cooking time to three minutes.

With the help of the tong, check the base of the pizza every 30 seconds. It should start to brown, but not yet crispy

Step 4. Use the spatula to turn the base

Pass it under the dough as far as you can; then, hold the top with a utensil or hand, and gently turn the pizza over to bake the other side.

  • The base must not break or crack during this process; if it looks fragile, wait another 30 seconds and try again.
  • If you notice that the pizza is not browning evenly, turn it a little with a spatula or tongs, and let it bake for another minute.

Step 5. Apply another layer of oil and ladle the sauce

Brush the oil over the entire surface of the dough already browned. Then, distribute a little sauce, matching with the base of the shell.

If you want to add a little more sauce, that's fine. Just be careful not to overdo it, or the pizza will get soggy

Step 6. Add the filling and cheese

Keep adding items across the surface. Finish with plenty of cheese and meat, if using. Don't weigh your hand on the ingredients, especially the most striking ones, or the final flavor can be compromised.

  • The cheese browns and melts very easily, and in large quantities it can even leak and mess up the filling. Know how to dose!
  • Also, excess cheese can catch on fire. Nobody deserves charcoal barbecue, right?

Step 7. Let the dish cook for three to five minutes

After adding the ingredients, put the lid on and wait to cook. Here, it is important to check the mass from time to time. If you smell burning, unplug or move the pizza to a less powerful area of ​​the appliance.

If the dough continues to burn, lower the temperature to 270°C

Step 8. Close the grill air vent for two or three minutes

If your equipment has a built-in cover, close all vents for a while. When the cheese has melted and the base has baked, remove the pizza with a spatula or paddle from the oven, and let it cool a little before serving.

Generally, when the cheese turns golden and melted, it is a sign that the dish is ready

Cook Pizza on a Barbecue Step 18

Step 9. Cut the pizza into pieces

The number depends on the size of the dough; the larger it is, the more slices it will yield. Start with a vertical cut across the entire diameter, then make another horizontally, and spread more if you feel necessary; the important thing is that the pieces stay the same.

  • In Brazil, we always cut into eight pieces, but for a medium-sized pizza, the ideal portion is four slices.
  • If you're cooking with friends, share the chores so everyone can eat and have fun.


  • Barbecue pizza takes more practice and more work than oven pizza, but once you learn the technique, it's worth it!
  • Before anything else, make sure you have space at home to turn on the barbecue, as the smoke can bother the neighbors. Sometimes it's more worthwhile simply going to a steakhouse and enjoying it without stress (and without enemies!).


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